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Medium Temperature



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China (Mainland)

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ball check valve:

cast iron ball check valve

DIN3202 ball check valve:

DI ball check valve

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DIN 3202 F6 ductile iron ball check valve
high quanlity DIN ball check valve with lower price, body material : ductile iron and DIN 3202 F6 ductile iron ball check valve


ball check valves
2.certificate:ISO9001 CE


available medium:x-water T-water,steam,W-petroleum products

working temperature:X-≤50 T-≤200oC W-≤100oC.

flange dimensions:DIN2533

face to face dimensions:DIN3202F6


1.Technical Date:

Size: DN40-DN600

Nominal Pressure: PN10/PN16

Operation Temperature: -10°C~425°C

Suitable Medium: Water.


1) the valve is suitable for use in medium for water, oil, steam piping, as to prevent the medium counter-current, H44H type can also be used in the corrosive gas and liquid medium in pipeline;

2) the valve flange connection, connection size according to the provisions of the JB78-59 structure length according to the provisions of the JB96-75;

3) the valves on the pressure of the inlet medium effect, the valve opens, media through; When the inlet pressure drop or disappear, the disc due to gravity and the role of the outlet pressure of medium, since the valve closed, preventing medium counter-current;

4) product model: H44T - 10. Technical parameters Nominal pressure PN (MPa)1.0 working temperature (℃) <  200

Performance description: applicable to medium for water, oil, steam piping, as to prevent the medium counter-current, H44H type can also be used in the corrosive gas and liquid medium in pipeline.


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Q:Assembling process of clip type check valve
Among them, the stainless steel clip check valve belongs to this type of valve, which includes swing check valve and lift check valve. The swing check valve has a hinge mechanism and a gate like valve free against the inclined seat surface. In order to ensure that the valve can reach the appropriate position of the seat surface at any time, the disc is designed in the hinge mechanism so that the disc has enough swing space to make the disc real and comprehensive contact with the valve seat. The disc can be made of either metal or leather, rubber, or synthetic coverage, depending on performance requirements.
Q:Check valve can not stop water, how to solve?
Valve is broken, change one, my family is like this
Q:Check valves - check valves - what's the difference between one-way valves?
3, swing type: liquid in the valve straight through, relying on the pressure to open the side of the rotating valve flap, after the loss of pressure, the valve depends on the weight back, the reverse of the liquid pressure closed valve. Other one-way valves (check valves), such as the sewage check valve, air defense explosion-proof valve and liquid use of the principle of the check valve is very similar
Q:Is there a check valve with a relief valve above?
You can be sure to answer, no such installationThe fire check valve is not the same as the relief valve.
Q:Why is the intelligent water meter equipped with a check valve, still can not prevent the water meter idling?
4. conclusionMany reasons for water rotation, but on the whole can be divided into two: one is the subjective factors, namely subjective causes, such as construction acceptance, human responsibility caused by Water Leakage, original gas gathering, which can strengthen the construction management, improve the staff's work and to improve the level of responsibility. The two is the objective factors, the main characteristics of the water itself, by the characteristics of pipeline and the level of technology development in the external objective factors, on the one hand to work in the future continue to explore the improvement will be improved.
Q:Is the check valve installed at the inlet or outlet of the pump? Why?
Is the check valve installed at the inlet or outlet of the pump? Mainly to see whether the water pump suction or press in? There are other factors, such as pressing first class. Generally both sides will be installed, each has its own role, but to look at the type of your pump and other parameters, you describe the situation is too simple to point out in detail, such as specific is that a few, or all? Also, how high the pump needs to be played, and the pressure is often determined. The check valve is installed on the water outlet side of the pump. I simple analysis may be the following reasons, need to have a simple to complex one by one investigation, 1, electrical specifications are matching? 2 、 the pump has air intake or air not discharged 3, piping layout is reasonable? 4, check valve installed counter, or check valve did not open, stuck,? This situation is rare, the general novices easily made 5, you missed the judgment? ------------------- most likely the breath, or simply not enough water, the check valve can be judged according to the type of installation position.
Q:What type of check valve should be installed before the suction pump?
Swing, turn, or automatic (note, anyway) can be.
Q:What is the air pipe check valve?
The air pipe check valve is installed in the ventilation or air conditioning duct. When the fan is running, the valve is opened and the air flow is passed smoothly. When the fan stops, the valve is closed to prevent the air from reversing.
Q:Can the exhaust air outside the wall be fitted without a check valve?
The backflow valve of the exhaust fan is usually installed. It is a method to prevent the air flow from returning to the fan when it is stoppedIf your fan is just outside the wall, you can't install it,But if it is a blast of contaminated air or a dilution of dangerous air flow, it is better to have it installedCheck valve refers to rely on the flow of the media itself and automatically open and close the valve flap, used to prevent media backflow valve, also known as check valve, one-way valve, counter flow valve, and back pressure valve.
Q:Problems with the check valve of the circulating water pipe
Greater than DN600, you can use HBH747H hydraulic butterfly butterfly valve closed, less than DN600 with HD43X slow butterfly butterfly check valveThis is the usual selection, not necessary, there is no provision, but this choice is not wrong. There are, of course, other types of check valves.The hydraulic check valve is hydraulic, and the Baidu library contains instructions for the HB series and the HD series hydraulic check valves

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