Casino Carpet for Hotel with All Kinds of Material

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50 kg
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100000 kg/month

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Product Description:

Advantages of rug

l  Super soft surface and fashion pattern but cheap price meets you needs.

l  Anti-slip rubber backing in case of pepole slip on the floor.

l  Good water absorption keeps water out of your building.

l  Using super environmental protection material.

l  Easy to clean and store,machine washable. 

l    Ideal for promotion gift and home decoration. 

l  Stock for supply,ready to use.


Packaging & Delivery


Packaging Detail:

Office Area Carpet Tile Heavy Traffic is in Standard export carton, 20pcs per cartons.

Delivery Detail:

25-30 days, please confirm it again when ordering.



Technical Specifications   

Office Area Carpet Tile Heavy Traffic Specifications:



1.Yarn :

100% PP


4  colors as picture showed  . 

3.Pile weight:


4.Pile height:



PP woven




300SQM if it has stock, if not ,2000SQM

7.Samples Time:

(1)7-10days-If you want to customize pattern and material

(2)1day-For our existing samples for reference.

8.Use palce

low price PP carpet in rolls,wall to wall low price loop pile carpet for hotel flooring

9.Certification available:


10.Packing Details:

4m wide ,25-27 long /roll ,roll size : around  diameter (50-1500px )*4.1m ,a cylinder

11. Loading

2500SQM/20FT ,4000-5000SQM/40FT ,6000SQM/40HQ



Casino Carpet for Hotel with All Kinds of Material

Casino Carpet for Hotel with All Kinds of Material



We do custom make over dyed and patchwork rugs in any colour and any size you request . If you wish to have a patchwork or over dyed rug in different colour and different size, you can directly contact us to let us know the colour and the design just after you purchase the size you need.


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Q:How can I get Sudacream (nappy cream) out my carpet?!?
Carpet cleaner and then add boiling water. After this, make sure you scrub really really hard and make certain that the carpet is completely dry, use a hair drier if you have to, because you don't want mold under the carpet. This should remove it, it removes most carpet spills except things like ink.
Q:Carpet laying method
Q:how do you make a rug stay in place when its on carpet?
This Site Might Help You. RE: how do you make a rug stay in place when its on carpet? my carpet ripples up and i cannot make the rug straight unless i pick up the furniture and pull on it. I'm getting tired of doing this! HELP!
Q:Burnsville Carpet Cleaning?
Q:where can i find a rug like this?
Target $2.95 shipping on any order (and no tax)! I've been really pleased with them. They have thousands of rugs, so I'm sure you can find one similar on there. Not sure if it will be cheaper, though. Price is really determined by fiber content.
Q:Should i take his rug off?
If you put a waterproof rug over the top of a wet rug- you're asking for some problems. 1. Its uncomfortable for a horse. You know the feeling of having wet clothes on- it's not nice! 2. The water can't evaporate- this can cause skin infections and a build up of bacteria. Rain scald is a big problem! If it's not that cold- and you can't put on the waterproof on without the other rug- just let the horse go without a rug until you've dried the under coat. Well, that's what I would do anyway!
Q:Computers - Placing them on rugs, floors etc.?
show your boss the air filter on the link below, and tell him that it would be a good move to fit something like that, to keep the dust from entering the PC casing and reducing overall reliability - top benefit - it only takes seconds with a hoover hose to clean the filter, without even powering off the PC. Without it, you will need to take down and hoover internally about once a year as an absolute minimum.
Q:Carpet stain!!! HELP?!?
Uh oh now you've done it.... you made a clean spot. Go rent a commercial rinse and vac and go over the rest of the carpet. When you get it close to the same color... stop. Then RINSE the whole carpet with clear water. (you want to remove any soap.. which attracts dirt) Then set up some fans and let the room dry without being molested by traffic.
Q:How to Eliminate Cat Urine Odors in carpet?
Eliminate the cat. That's what. There are several ways of achieving this. Here are a few suggestions. 1. Wrap it in bubblewrap, put it in a jiffy-bag, and post it to Nova Scotia. 2. Tie it down in an armchair and make it watch endless repeats of Golf tournaments. It'll die of boredom. 3. Put it in a small basket, and attach the basket to a helium balloon. Release it from your back garden and watch it float in the general direction of Moscow. 4. Seal it inside a large Tupperware box and place said box in the freezer. 5. Wrap the cat up in the urine soaked carpet and give it a taste of its' own medicine. 6. Buy a Tasmanian Devil, and lock them both in the toilet for an hour. There. Simple isn't it?
Q:Carpeting and Built-In Bookshelves?
If this a book shelf that will be moved in the future then put a couple of ceder boards underneath it and secure the shelf to the wall. If it going to be permanent then remove the carpet underneath and still put some ceder or oak boards under it for the height of the carpet. This will keep a flush look on the floor and not something motley looking.

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