Case Packer Machine for Packaging Industry

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Product Description:

Case Packer Machine for Packaging Industry

1. Product Description:

Automatic machine for packing product into cartons with a gravity system with moving supports fitted on the in feeding lines.The vertical up-down movement of the cartons which takes place on the loading conveyor is synchronized with the introduction of the bottles and powered by belts. It is a special ideal for plastic products.

2. Product Features:  

 Faster return on investment.
 High-quality and advanced device configuration, use the international generic accessories.
 Reliable main drive gear and synchronous bottle blocking, bottle grabbing and bottle guiding system.
 Reliable bottle input, bottle counseling, synchronous bottle transporting, sub-bottle system.
 Expand production, reduce material waste and improve yield.
 Equipment with flexible application and easy to operate.

  3. Product Parameters:



Capacity(CPM )

15 CPM


water, milk, seasoning etc.

Bottle material

PET, metal

Bottle shape

around, square, oval

Bottle size(mm)


Equipment dimension

1400×860×1870  (L x W x H, mm)

Power consumption


compressed air 

(a)pressure: 0.6MPa 
(b)consumption: 50NL/min

Main Power supply

3P AC380V 50/60Hz

Auxiliary power supply

AC220V; DC24V

Equipment weight


Equipment noise level

≤85 dB(A)

4. FAQ:

Q1: What is your delivery time?

A:  Generally, the delivery time is 45-60 days after receive the deposit, big production line may take more time.

Q2: What is the payment term?

A: We accept both T/T and L/C. Most customers pay by T/T.

Q3: What kind of after-sevices do you provide?

A: If it is not big problem, we can solve it by emails, phone etc. If it can’t work, our engineers can go to overseas to install and adjust the machine and solve the problems.

5. Product Pictures:


Case Packer Machine for Packaging Industry


Case Packer Machine for Packaging Industry

Case Packer Machine for Packaging Industry


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