Cartoon mini electric rice cooker

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Cartoon mini electric rice cooker


1. 300W/220-240V/50-60Hz
2. VDE/BS plug,3*0.5mm²*1.2m
3. Housing:PP
4. Inner pot:Non-stick;0,9mm of thickness
5. CE&CB certificate

Accessories: 1pc * measuring cup ; 1pc* Rice scoop


G.B  Size(mm):198x198x245 mm

Carton Size(mm):610x405x505mm

N.W/CTN (KG): 16

G.W/CTN (KG): 18


20'GP  (piece)/40'GP (piece)/40'HQ (piece):2688PCS/5376PCS/6528PCS

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Q:How can I open the maintenance model cFXB50-51?
Instructions for the use of new rice cookers. The newly bought rice cooker should be soaked in warm salt water for a day, so that the poisonous substances in the inner container of the rice cooker can be wiped out. Power saving technique for rice cooker.
Q:I'd like to buy an electric cooker without nonstick coating. Please tell me the model and brand! Thank you
I later bought a new HD4775, there are 30 recipes of super large intelligent electric cooker, if not many people at home, a family of three words like our home, electric cooker this capacity of 4L is very suitable for LZ.
Q:What kind of rice cooker is good?
The first brand, the rice cooker is the best in Japan's Matsushita Tiger printed the best is also expensive, mainly domestic SUPOR beauty Joyoung Ilett good quality. In terms of cost performance, the same quality and configuration in the pot is much cheaper than in japan.Rice cooker rice cooker and then divided the types of intelligent machinery, electric rice cooker machine faster, but Steamed Rice no intelligent fragrant and delicious, nutrient release is not enough, but also easy to overflow the pot porridge; intelligent rice cooker has a reservation function more convenient, there is rice cooker with WIFI, mobile phone can remote control, more multiple menu function, so the intelligent electric cooker more good.
Q:It's better to cook rice in a rice cooker than water meters
If you want to make the meal cooked a little hard, water stop cover finger on it. Conversely, want to soft point, water covered with the back of the hand. Since the size of the hand, it is recommended to try once to know how much water.Another: to cook the meal more delicious, you can drop a few drops of sesame oil and edible oil in the water.
Q:The most common kind of rice cooker, why do not have the power switch?
The tongue of the rice cooker in the traditional rice cooker is actually a physical switch. If not pressed, it is physically broken. The electric kettle doesn't have access to the pot without putting it on the base, and the temperature sensitive switch is also a physical switch.
Q:Rice, electric pressure cooker or rice cooker?
Must use electric cooker cooking, pressure cooker cooking is not good, this is true, believe me, Joyoung and SUPOR almost, basically have high low-end products, I love Joyoung, but Chinese best rice cooker or beautiful, specially selected, Joyoung Soybean Milk machine, Ii Nabemi! I used to be like this in the mall, and there's another one, and the rice cooker is good! Sincere answer!
Q:Why use the rice cooker to get the cake and jump to the heat?
Press the rice button and you'll jump in a few minutes. After the jump, you let it stuffy, stuffy for about ten minutes, and then press the cooking key, and then jump..... I make cakes three times. It depends on what you do. I use six inches of cake material. As for taste, if you want it delicious, you have to add material. You can buy a large chunk of dark chocolate and add it to the taste!
Q:How about the rice cooker?
In any case, the price of a sub - goods, the same brand, expensive models, processes or materials will be relatively better.
Q:How can I get rid of the musty smell in the rice cooker?
The way to prevent the mildew of the rice cooker is to clean the pot with the detergent inside and outside, then take the outdoor exposure, disinfect it directly with the sun, and then use the hair dryer to bake it, then get the outdoor exposure, and disinfect it with the sun directly.
Q:The rice cooker is in the water. Do you want to continue cooking?
It depends on where the water has gone. It can be done outside. It may not be used. It can be repaired

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