Cart Type Fire Extinguisher Dry Powder Wheeled Fire Extinguishers

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$45.00 - 156.00 / unit
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50 unit
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5000 unit/month

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Fire extinguisher cart is divided into two kinds: one, ABC dry powder fire extinguishers, dry powder fire extinguisher with ammonium phosphate dry powder and nitrogen, used to extinguish combustible solid, flammable liquid, flammable gas and electric equipment at the beginning of a fire.

Widely used in factories, warehouses, ships, petrol stations, substations, station and other places.Second, the foam extinguisher, foam fire extinguisher is a kind of fire extinguisher, apply to the general class B fire, products such as oil, grease and other fire.

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Q:How can I get the fire extinguisher inspection?
Fire extinguishers can be checked directly to find a dedicated fire extinguisher maintenance center, the price is probably at 5 yuan /kg to 10 yuan, /kg ranging. The fire brigade is only responsible for the supervision and inspection of fire extinguishers. They usually do not do the inspection, and they do not have the equipment condition.
Q:Years of fire extinguisher
It depends on the specific circumstances. You can take a look at the fire extinguisher on the scale, if the arrow pointing to the red, that can not use fire to yellow indicates insufficient air pressure; pressure is too high, should not be used in the green area; you can use said. But it is also necessary to check and replace the fire equipment regularly.
Q:When the civil gas tank is on fire, seek the best way to extinguish the fire
The gas tank on fire is not to shut the valve! Can be used when dots. Put out to shut the valve. Otherwise easily lead to explosion!!! On the application of water cooling, the fire quickly extinguished, and then close the valve. This is my safety class to fire the instructor said, have seen the pipeline leakage fire rescue, really, was very puzzled, why not put the valve off first, after that you pay attention to ah!!!
Q:What are the methods of use and range of use of dry powder extinguishers?
When using an external portable fire extinguisher, one hand holds the nozzle and the other hand raises the lifting ring, and the dry powder can be ejected
Q:What are the four basic methods of fire extinguishers?
Chemical inhibition extinguishing method: chemical extinguishing chemical reaction agent is sprayed into the combustion zone to participate in combustion, so that combustion stop. Fire extinguishing agent used by the fire extinguishing method has lapras licensing efficient fire extinguisher.
Q:What is the installation height of 8 kg suspension ABC dry powder fire extinguisher?
It is necessary to set up a fire extinguisher in this article. This is because if a fire extinguisher is not firmly placed, it is possible for a portable fire extinguisher to fall or a cart type fire extinguisher to slide, which may cause a fire extinguisher not to work properly or even to cause an injury. American standards and Australian standards also have similar regulations.
Q:How much is the MT2 extinguisher?
Look at your model should be 2Kg carbon dioxide, the well-known manufacturers on the market now about 120, in addition, the material is more expensive alloy steel, probably around 150.
Q:How do you think the fire extinguisher is expired?
The third section of yellow area indicates that the dry powder in the fire extinguisher is too pressure and can spray dry powder. But there is danger of explosion and explosion. Such a state of the fire extinguisher, it is best to get regular fire equipment stores, re filling dry powder. Yellow box area is inflatable danger zone factory to fire extinguisher production or maintenance of household to, under normal circumstances, the regular manufacturers will charge in the Green Zone, if the pointer in the Yellow grid region said the pressure is too large, as stated above, there is some risk, but it does not mean that the use of no effect.
Q:What does the dry powder extinguisher light look like? How is that normal?
The pressure is too low, can not be ejected, expired pointer represents in the Red areas need to be replaced or filling (should to fire equipment store regular re filling powder); normal said in the green area, can be used normally;
Q:What is a water fire extinguisher?
Main features of water fire extinguisher: 1. The product remains in dilute solution, and its storage period is more than 3 years. 2, high grade and fire extinguishing function, can destroy the A, B, C fire (especially power fire), in fighting fires, oil and air separation, has the functions of adhesion, penetration, insulation and flame retardant, and showing the characteristics of AFFF, its originality is put out in polar solvent the fire (such as ethanol fire).

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