Carpets Machine Weaved Colorful in Fashion

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200 m²
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50000 m²/month

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Carpets Machine Weaved Colorful in Fashion

FOB Price:

US $ 11 - 20 / Square Meter


200 Square Meter/Square Meters

Supply Ability:

50000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Month



Payment Terms:

L/C,T/T, Western Union

Quick Details of Carpets Machine Weaved Colorful in Fashion

  • Material: 100% Polyester

  • Style: shaggy carpets

  • Pattern: shaggy

  • Design: Modern

  • Techniques: woven

  • Use: Bathroom, Bedroom, Commercial, Decorative, Home, Hotel, Prayer, Toilet, Floor

  • Size: any size

  • Model Number: SUN0854 shaggy rugs

  • Type: Carpets Machine Weaved Colorful in Fashion

  • Material: 100% Polyester

  • Color: any color

  • Design: Modern design

  • Pile weight: 2300-3600g/sqm

  • Pile height: 2.5-175px

  • Back: canvas back

  • OEM: acceptable

Packaging & Delivery of Carpets Machine Weaved Colorful in Fashion

Packaging Details:

roll up and put into the poly bag

Delivery Detail:

35-40 DAYS


Description of Carpets Machine Weaved Colorful in Fashion


Carpets Machine Weaved Colorful in Fashion

Style No.



100% polyester

Pile height

From 2.5 to 175px

Pile weight

From 2300g to 3600g/sqm


Any size


Any color 


Solid color or simple design

Rug back

Canvas latex back

Back colors

White or grey


thick yarn, thin yarn, thick yarn & thin yarn mixed available




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Q:How do i hide my carpet?
Well, you can get lots of area rugs...or just a couple big ones for the center of the rooms. Sometimes Wally World has them for about $25-30 each. Of course, they aren't high quality, but they'll do. I say center of the rooms, b/c that's most likely where most of the wear/dirt is. But I would try cleaning the carpet really well first. Rent a Rug Doctor and clean it, vacumming with a regular vac REALLY well first. You can save on the carpet shampoo if you use liquid Gain (it's low foam enough, use the same amt. of it the machine requires of the reg. stuff). I have off white carpet, and I've even used bleach in my steam cleaner before. Not something I'd do often, but I was desperate to get it clean and didn't care if it got messed up. It stung my eyes before it was all said and done, but it looked really nice afterwards (I used Gain at the same time also). It didn't bleach the cream color out of my carpet at all, and that's using about 1/8-1/4cup per clean water change. But if you're worried, dilute some bleach with water and test in somewhere hidden first. But if you think your carpet is ugly anyways, I don't know that you'd care if it were lightened up a bit.
Q:how to cut a piece of carpet?
Start with any thing from cardboard ,construction paper to just plain newspaper and cut your shape you want and for a nice shape and cut to fit around the stool. Mark the top and bottom with a marker. Turn your carpet pc over and set you template cut out over this remembering to turn that over too. Cut carpet from the back side, cutting just through the carpet backing. Best to use a regular carpet knife but the next best is a utility knife or sometimes called a Stanley knife. These work better than a box cutter but a box cutter will work. Careful not to cut to deep and cut the flooring or surface below.. Old pc of plywood works well since then you can cut through harder. Trim fibers with scissors but don t use scissors to try and cut the backing. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL
Q:What color is good for the bedroom carpet?
As for the dark bedding, put some outdoor leaves or pick up a stone, then light the candle up, use floorlamp or bedside lamp, weaven carpet is great: Colorful candle is an indispensable decoration in bedroom the color of the bedroom doesn't need to be too strong. You can avoid monotony. enough light, when you get out of bed, you won't feel cold, it is key point in bedroom convertion, mitght as well find an unused tray. If your sheets are bright colors, you can make use of combination by two sheets of collocation; if you love dark tonality, you can match with colorful rag carpet. Bed blanket which plays the role of keeping warm is suitable for matching with fur bed carpet that is full of warmth, and not only can it be used to create the feeling of the season. If you love bright colors, you can use beige. Another focus is the bedside carpet. DIY, in addition to making the bedroom look warm. Ceiling lamp should be used as few as possible in bedroom. It had better use gentle light beddings, creating a sense of layer
Q:How Do I Install Carpet?
If you want it done properly you should hire someone to do it because they do have the right tools for the job. If you just want to fly at it and try on your own, then there are a few things you should probably know. Make sure you've installed the wood tacking boards correctly as they will be of no use to you if you put them in the wrong direction I'm sure. when you install your carpet make sure that there is a little space between the edge of your carpet and the wall (you can trim later) because over time your carpet is going to stretch and you'll get ripples in it if it's jammed right against the wall. The space will be covered by base boards anyway. If you don't have any seams to worry about, that's better. If you do you may have to contact someone who knows what they are doing. There is like a sticky/glue tape that will go on the underside of the carpet to join them together and then you have to use a hot iron in order to activate the glue...I wouldn't recommend trying this on your own. Think of it this way...worst case scenario is that you install it and have to later get someone to come in and do it correctly. I'm sure it will look great and kudos to you for attempting your own renovations. It's apparent that you looked into how to lay carpet as most people have no idea about the wooden strips you use to keep the carpet in place....or they will skip the underlay and just throw new carpet on top of old. --- Oh and by the way there is a special tool used to stretch your carpet ...I imagine it's called a carpet stretcher lol, but I'm not sure and that too looks like a job for professionals. When my mom installed her bedroom carpet she did so without the tools, and it turned out perfect, not a single flaw.
Q:What is a Sisal Rug?
Sisal is a type of yarn from the middle east.
Q:Conference room carpet, static electricity is particularly serious, how to remove? How can I get the equipment grounded? What are the specific requirements?
The equipment grounding and grounding equipment, the principle is the same, but the function, the purpose is not the same, specifically: 1, equipment grounding for safety, prevent leakage caused harm to the human body, such as appliances, equipment and electrostatic grounding to equipment because of its various reasons to produce static charge accumulation (such as object friction) release, does not constitute a component jihuai.
Q:how do i keep rugs from creeping and moving? My rugs are on carpet.?
There are 2 types of mats that are used under rugs to stop them from bunching and walking. One looks like a rubber that you use for lining shelves , but don t use that stuff. The other looks like felt but isn t .. Both have a tacky feel to them but leave no residue like double sided tape will ( and leave a dirt spot when dirt collects on the residue). Both of these are of a washable material ,so when they collect dirt , and loose their tackiness you wash them and their good as new. Know your rug size , since they ll come in various sizes and you trim to size w/ scissors if needed. Get only the kind made for rugs over carpet or soft surface. They also make a special breathable type for rugs over wood and vinyl.. Any flooring questions you can e mail me through my avatar... GL
Q:do you wash your rugs?
My lightweight Amigo rugs fit in my washing mashine. Use a 30C wash and Nikwak rug wash. I then like to add an extra rinse cycle before washing in Nikwax rug proofer on a 30C wash. ( no need to dry between treaments) I hang them over a rotary airer to dry. The specialist wash liquids cost about £7 per rug whereas local rug cleaners charge £18 to wash and reproof and you do have to reproof turnout rugs. If the rugs are really filthy I do a prewash with non bio wash liquid and then give an extra rinse cycle.
Q:Rug question! please answer ?
Rugs are normally synthetic so don't need the same daily care as leather tack. They are also not expected to last as long. If taken care of well leather tack can out last your horse, so it's well worth caring for them properly. You want to keep the rugs clean and dry for the health and comfort of your horse, but how this is done varies form owner to owner. In my case: My horse wears a sheet (or fleece cooler when it gets colder) next to her skin and I wash it regularly in the washing machine so she has a clean layer. Over the top she wears her turnout rug. When I groom her I first brush over the rug with a dandy (if it's dry) and spot clean if necessary. Then I remove it and put it over a fence or stable door and bang it against it. I can remove the sheet and shake it more forcibly (the turnout is too heavy for that). If the sheet or cooler is wet at all I hang them to dry and replace it with my spare (I have two of each). If the turnout is soaked through I'll replace it with a stable rug and pay a fee to use a heater to dry the turnout quickly (if I didn't the rug would probably still be wet that night when my horse is turned out out again). It's usually fine though and I use the turn out as a stable rug too, it fits better then the stable rug, and modern rugs can be breathable and waterproof. In spring both the turnout and stable rugs are either washed by hand or sent away for cleaning (my washing machine isn't big enough to take them) and the turnout is reproofed. It's also important to remove and replace the rugs at least once a day even if you don't ride. The horse must be groomed as sweat and grease can built up under the rug and the horse will also enjoy a good scratch with the brushes as they can't do that for themselves when they are rugged.
Q:how to get a white carpet clean?
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