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100% Polyester
modern fashion patterns
Solide color or With patterns
Hand Tufted
As per your request
Place of Origin:
Tianjin China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
150D shaggy carpets
150D korean polyester silk

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Roll in bale in the seperated polybag or as per your request
Delivery Detail:25-45days after deposit received


150D polyester shaggy carpets with pattern design
Material:100% polyester
Good quality &compeititve price

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Q:Carpet how much????????????????????
A rough estimate is approximately $1500.00. There are however many different brands of carpet. Whatever brand you choose, you'll want a good quality carpet padding. Also you did not state if you are going to need old carpet removed. If you do, this is an added cost. Are you installing the carpet yourself. Not recommended if you have not done this before. This is also an added cost if you'll need it installed. The best of luck to you! It's fun to redecorate, if only it weren't so darn expensive!!!
Q:Carpet Fresh?
He might be allergic to it! Change it to a different one.
Q:Accidentally bleached rug...?
oops! IF the rug is cotton or similar plant fiber. If your rug is poly fibers, toss it... no amount of dying will stay.
Q:How do I remove Hair Dye stains from carpeting ???
If the carpet cleaners couldn't get it out, you may be out of luck. One thing you can try is shampoo. Try just a tiny, tiny little bit on a washcloth, and try to get down into the fibers. Work on a small stain first to see if this method is successful. The shampoo will lather up, so you'll need to remove the suds afterwards. If you have one of those hand-held spot cleaners for carpets, try that. These handy little machines can either scrub a spot, or suck the water and cleaning product from the carpet. I spilled some liquid make-up on my light colored carpet, and I tried everything I knew to do - to no avail. Out of desperation, I tried shampoo, and it worked. Another idea is to call a company that makes hair color, like Clairol or Revlon, Garnier, one of those. They usually have a customer help service, and they may know something we don't. I'm sure there's a 1 800 number on the box, or you could Google Clairol Customer Service, maybe. Good luck.
Q:Is carpet cleaning a good business?
Well, I don't have a carpet cleaning business, but my dad has his own business, I manage the office at a business, and I am studying business. Carpet cleaning services is a competitive business. While you have competition, you must provide better quality work at cheaper/same costs. Licensing/insurance for the business may go off of the amount of profits you obtain. It may (equal) about another $70 a month (give or take a little). I think carpet cleaning would be a great business to get into! Most households/businesses have carpet that needs cleaned. You'll encounter customers that can't clean their carpets or just don't want to; thus, they'll hire someone to do it. I would take into account that you may encounter some nasty scenarios: i.e. flea-infested carpets, carpets with feces/urine, or other dirty circumstances. If they wouldn't bother you, go for it! Good luck!
Q:Which side of non-slip rug pad goes over wall-to-wall carpet?
opt for browns tans. Your first step is to colour tournament the carpet. you need to tournament the carpet so that you aren't getting browns that conflict with it. as an instance-some colors have a yellow base even as others have a blue base or a red base. in case your carpet is a yellow depending blue, like maximum denims, and also you placed it with a blue depending brown or tan you'd be very uncomfortable (we can't even imagine about the white partitions or your coloring the following because the carpeting is, i'm assuming, untouchable). Take the carpet colour (you need to attempt to get a reliable sized piece like a a million/4 backyard of fabric on your carpet colour tournament yet something can help-even a paint chip) with you once you save for furnature and accesories. fortuitously, till you're colour blind, you'll like the combination of colour, even if it truly is sweet, once you look at it in both keep lighting fixtures and sunlight (deliver it ot the window-heavily) attempt to get some upload-ons interior the same colour because the carpet so it feels like you planned the carpet. opt for easy colour or huge stripes for the better masculine look and step faraway from the football blanket!
Q:How much would it cost for 12X12 carpet?
There; their products have an attached cushion (save money on pad), are definately do-it-yourself (save money on labor) and come together seamlessly. No one will ever know the difference.
Q:where can i find some good rugs for my room?
I (looked at tons of sites/stores for a couple hrs, overstock didn't have any either)
Q:How to buy a little bit of carpet?
Home Depot and Lowe's sell carpet by the would have to by a 1 or 2 x 12 ft piece. Your best bet would be to check with the carpet stores and ask if you could get a ''scrap'' from a installer, they ''dump'' them after a job in a dumpster that's for carpet only. It will be new and clean.
Q:Carpet Burn?
Yes there is a solution~Buy an area rug and cover it! Or if your really brave and have some extra carpet left over, take a utility knife and cut the area of material out that was burned. Use the area of carpet you cut out as your 'template to cut the new piece of rug out. Hot glue the new piece in place. Purchase a good quality glue stick at your local hardware store (not the craft quality glue sticks). Also check with your carpet installer, they will also do the repair by removing the spot and bond it in place.

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