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100% Polyester
modern fashion patterns
Solide color or With patterns
Hand Tufted
As per your request
Place of Origin:
Tianjin China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
150D shaggy carpets
150D korean polyester silk

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Roll in bale in the seperated polybag or as per your request
Delivery Detail:25-45days after deposit received


150D polyester shaggy carpets with pattern design
Material:100% polyester
Good quality &compeititve price

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Q:Caring for oriental and area rugs?
You Need: Vacuum A hair brush An old T Shirt Hair conditioner Scotch-guard Before you say “who is this freak”, just hear me out… Give the rug a good vacuum. Put some hair conditioner in a bowl and add warm water. Take the T Shirt and soak it in the bowl. Squeeze T Shirt and then wrap it around the hair brush. Brush the rug until it is damp BUT NOT WET. This will keep the fibers soft. Once you have done this, use the hair brush again, this time without the T shirt. You want to fluff the fibers up. Once done, it then needs a final vacuum. NOTE: The number of times you will need to do this will depend on how much traffic the rug gets. If traffic is high, then do this every two months. If not, then maybe every 4-5 months. Lastly, your rug is less likely to absorb stains if you scotch- guard it after cleaning.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of carpet laying at home?
Carpet laying simple, modeling, patterns, installation time is short, can create an atmosphere inside the room, a vigorous atmosphere.The carpet is a kind of flexible pavement materials, good skid resistance and softness can make people not easy to slip and knock on it. Therefore, if the children's house carpet, it can give children a safe line of defense.Carpet water absorption, usually careless cup of water spilled on the ground, does not matter.Carpet because of its close ventilated structure, can absorb and isolate sound wave, have good sound absorption and sound insulation effect. Not only can maintain their own room quiet, but also to prevent noise is too noisy and disturb the downstairs tenants.Carpet insulation effect is good, in winter, warm effect is reflected, the first visual warmth, and then the texture.
Q:how can i get dry poop stain out of my carpets?
try using some oxy clean and water. of course you will have to scrub a bit. STeam cleaners work well too.
Q:how to get soy sauce out of carpet?
soak the damage parts in lukewarm water. scrub lightly with laundry soap, leave the soaps and suds on and put the carpet under the sun leave it for like 2-3hours. soak it again on water, rinse the carpet. *soaking and drying while soapy makes stains evaporate with hot air.
Q:why does my cat deficate and urinate on throw rugs?
Some cats just have certain things they like to go potty on. My cat is very good about using the litter box and won't potty on anything else-UNLESS it's a plastic bag. One time I left a new pillow still in the plastic on the top shelf of my closet-he got up there and peed on it. It's just his thing. Don't have throw rugs, or maybe spray the rugs with one of those anti-cat sprays and see if he starts to hate it. Also, once a cat pees on something, that smell is there forever and he will continue to pee in that same spot unless you clean it really really really well.
Q:Can CLR take out carpet stains?
Not sure what CLR is, however I would like to tell you what not to use. Never use any products made for doing laundry as some can damage the dyes in nylon carpet. One drop of white or clear dish washing soap in a glass of water will remove most spots without adding to much soap to the carpet. Soap still in the carpet becomes sticky and a dirt magnet. Some dish soaps dyed various colors can dye the carpet. Food grade dyes such as those found in Kool Aid cannot be successfully removed without specialty products available to hot water extraction carpet/upholstery cleaners. These specialty cleaners for removing food dyes require extraction after they're used.
Q:Alternatives to carpet?
That flooring for garages, called garage flooring tile, from Lowe's or Home Depot would be good for a basement. I think it's plastic; not sure though. If the floor is concrete, painting it would be a cheap option, and just add some inexpensive area rugs.
Q:Will long-term use of carpet mites grow?
Usually to prevent mites, it is necessary to frequently wash, frequently change furniture supplies, and then exposure in the sun, indoor ventilation often, to maintain indoor sanitation and pay attention to personal hygiene. There are specialized institutions for the governance of mite mites of the family to do service, the foreign institutions, China should also have, they can all love living mites in the indoor location system for the whole process of killing, no pollution, can get good effect in a very short period of time, including their usual not clean the mattress, also can use professional techniques effective in addition to mites, and also on the indoor environment in other bacteria and viruses play a role in the killing, in some European countries is recognized by many families.
Q:How can I get nail polish out of the carpet?!?
I use barbersole shaving cream. It also takes out red wine. It has been my life savor!
Q:Advice on cleaning my carpet?
in case you have already contacted a criminal expert for this, i might stick to his advice. once you go away a condo, ask the corporate to do a stroll via on the time you go away. Take photos of the home finding great to back up your tale.

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