Carpet/Rug Wool and Nylon for Hotel High Quality Colourful

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100000 kg
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100000 kg/month

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Product Description:

Advantages of rug

l  Super soft surface and fashion pattern but cheap price meets you needs.

l  Anti-slip rubber backing in case of pepole slip on the floor.

l  Good water absorption keeps water out of your building.

l  Using super environmental protection material.

l  Easy to clean and store,machine washable. 

l    Ideal for promotion gift and home decoration. 

l  Stock for supply,ready to use.


Packaging & Delivery


Packaging Detail:

Office Area Carpet Tile Heavy Traffic is in Standard export carton, 20pcs per cartons.

Delivery Detail:

25-30 days, please confirm it again when ordering.



Technical Specifications   

Office Area Carpet Tile Heavy Traffic Specifications:



1.Yarn :

100% PP


4  colors as picture showed  . 

3.Pile weight:


4.Pile height:



PP woven




300SQM if it has stock, if not ,2000SQM

7.Samples Time:

(1)7-10days-If you want to customize pattern and material

(2)1day-For our existing samples for reference.

8.Use palce

low price PP carpet in rolls,wall to wall low price loop pile carpet for hotel flooring

9.Certification available:


10.Packing Details:

4m wide ,25-27 long /roll ,roll size : around  diameter (50-1500px )*4.1m ,a cylinder

11. Loading

2500SQM/20FT ,4000-5000SQM/40FT ,6000SQM/40HQ



We do custom make over dyed and patchwork rugs in any colour and any size you request . If you wish to have a patchwork or over dyed rug in different colour and different size, you can directly contact us to let us know the colour and the design just after you purchase the size you need.


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Q:Bright Pink Nail Varnish On Cream Carpet!?
If there's a lot then you may struggle. Use nail polish remover and have plenty of clean white cloths. An old white sheet, cut up, is ideal. Don't use coloured cloth or you could end up transferring dyes. Put enough remover on the affected are to soften the varnish then rub from the outside edge of the stain towards the middle. (If you rub from the centre outwards you will simply enlarge the stained area.) Repeat this again and again, using a clean piece of cloth each time. Don't use brushes or scrub the area hard - if you damage the pile you can't put it right.
Q:Computers - Placing them on rugs, floors etc.?
show your boss the air filter on the link below, and tell him that it would be a good move to fit something like that, to keep the dust from entering the PC casing and reducing overall reliability - top benefit - it only takes seconds with a hoover hose to clean the filter, without even powering off the PC. Without it, you will need to take down and hoover internally about once a year as an absolute minimum.
Q:cleaning the carpet?
Depends on the type of glue and where and how much there is...
Q:POLL: Wood Floor or Carpet?
Re-carpet. The covering helps keep the floor warmer lowering your electric, gas or propane bill. I hsf carpet at my lst home, dirty and old. We put throw rugs on top of it to cover the stains. My grandmother (mema) has wooden floors in each room except the bedrooms. They are old and stained, even after being cleaned. It is time for new carpet in those rooms. .
Q:Hand made scrap rug?
Hmmm. Not a seamstress, nor do I care to be, but I have one that I enjoy, and has lasted for 3 years, but it was machine made, and as a Rag Rug, was stitched, not knotted. Actually a pretty decent project though, for using scrap fabric, much like a braided oval/round rug. Perhaps you might find in a fabric retailer, a Mesh type, stiff material/substance, similar to that used in small yarn craft kits, but in a larger size? Just my two sense
Q:What color carpet can match with fushia sofa
Rose red carpet,
Q:Cat wee on my rug?
wash it a few times, if the smell remains its probably just because its wet or it may be your sence of smell or perhaps its not just in the rug. wool tends to smell after it has been wet, it smells like urine. there are wool wash stuff, perhaps wash it in that. also dont let the cat near it unattended. cats are well know for urinating on our new and expencive items, its there way of getting attention, even if its only bad attention.
Q:Installing New Baseboards and Carpet?
Carpet first then baseboards so they can be put in at the correct height. Depending on your needs and budget baseboards can be made of real wood or vinyl that looks like wood but can be painted.
Q:How do you clean an old wool area rug?
I am a pro carpet cleaner and have been in the business for 10 years, do not take your wool rug to the laundry mat and do not use your steam cleaner on it. Wool is a very delicate fiber and can therefore be easily damaged. I would definitly see if there is any professional carpet cleaners that will come and pick it up from your house. If your area rug is not to expencive however you may be able to get away with just using the steam cleaner with no beater bar and just water, but if it is expencive the the only way to go it to have a pro do it.
Q:how much does repti carpet cost?
DON'T USE SAND until they are a certain age or size. they eat the sand and can get sick. Reptile carpet is good for if they are sick, but look at the bark or the jungle bedding. Those will do better if it is small or young. Typically they are about 7.99 - 14.99 depending on how much you get.

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