Carburant for grey iron casting and steel casting

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Product Description:

Specifications of Carburant:


- Size: 0-1mm, 0.5-1.5mm, 1-3mm, 0-5mm, 1-5mm, 3-5mm, 3-8mm 
- Application: grey iron casting and steel cas

Carburant for grey iron casting and steel casting:

- Carburant: this product is exclusively used in grey iron casting and steel casting.

- Features: Pure chemical composition; high carbon, low sulfur and micro nitrogen, less impurity.

- Physique: Clean appearance without impurities, fast absorption rate and high absorptivity.

- Micro morphology: good crystal quality and improve the performance and specification of casting

- Stable property: stable carburetion effect, good absorption effect and Increase melt temperature distinctly without back slag.

Data Sheet:


Fixed Carbon






























Size and packing:

- Size:

Grade A: 0-1mm,0.5-1.5mm etc.

Grade B: 1-3mm,0-5mm,1-5mm,3-5mm,3-8mm etc.

- Applications

Due to different melting technology and equipment, grade A is applicable to iron liquid carburetion with flow before the furnace and later supplementary carbon in the furnace. grade B is applicable to carburant in the Induction Furnace .grade c is only applicable to converter steelmaking.

- The grain size can be made according to the requirement of the customers.

- packaging

25kg/bag Waterproof woven bag

25kg/bag double paper bags

50kg/bag woven bag

1000kg/bag ton bag

If you have special instruction please contact with us.


Please keep the storage clean and dry, prevent moisture and dirty.

Quality guarantee and technical support

- Provide the quality certificate with the goods including: company name, address, product name, date of manufacture type and model, result of test.

- Ensure to offer on-site technical service and support.

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Q:What is the density of carbon steel and alloy steel?
Material name density g/cm3Grey cast iron 7.7.7Malleable iron 7.7.4Cast steel 7.8Industrial pure iron 7.87Plain carbon steel 7.85Quality carbon steel 7.85Carbon tool steel 7.85Free cutting steel 7.85
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