Carbon welding electrode /Titanium welding rods

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1)Pure aluminum -99% min 
2)Excellent corrosion resistance. 
3)High thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity. 

Class: ER1100

AWS: A5.10

Conforms to Certification: AWS A5.10                 ASME SFA A5.10

Weld Process: Tig (GTAW)

AWS Chemical Composition Requirements
Cu = 0.05 – 0.20Al = 99.0 min
Mn = 0.05 maxSi + Fe = 0.95 max
Zn = 0.10 maxBe = 0.0003 max
Other = 0.05 each – 0.15 total

Available Sizes:
Upon Request, call for more information

Type ER1100 can be used to weld base materials types 1060, 1070, 1080, and 3003.

  • Welding Filler Wire

  • Heat Exchangers

  • Food Handling Equipment

  • Rivets

The proper choice of aluminum filler metal mainly depends on the base metal properties to be achieved and welding technique. Post weld cracking, corrosion resistance and behavior under elevated temperature also need to be taken into consideration. Cracking usually can be minimized by choosing a filler metal alloy of higher alloy content then the base metal.

Deposited Chemical Composition % (Typical)
Deposited chemistry is influenced by many factors so no typical analysis can be reported.

Deposited All Weld Metal Properties %

Deposited all weld metal properties are influenced by many factors such as weld process used, so no typical weld metal properties can be reported.

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Q:Will stainless steel of hair rust?
You buy water americameile stainless steel will not rust
Q:How to distinguish 301 stainless steel wire, soft silk, hard silk?
Soft and hard testing is usually surface hardness tester or material extension test can be detected!
Q:Can the 8.8 screw be replaced by A2-70 stainless steel screw?
Stainless steel products, the tensile strength of the A2-70 -, specified non proportional elongation stress (ensure the load): -;
Q:How to weld stainless steel wire
The WE46 can replace the special solder high silver wire welding, used to replace the high silver wire to solve welding, Monel, copper, carbon steel, stainless steel, and the metal of the dissimilar weld strength is very high, but the melting point is relatively high, the general use of welding such as stainless steel pipe and stainless steel pipe the welding of stainless steel and brass, stainless steel and carbon steel pipe welded pipe, such as refrigeration compressor, pipeline, vacuum tube, stainless steel and carbon steel structure when the stress part of the big is more suitable for WE46 welding, such as bicycle frame, with the high cost of silver bear load device and so on this case, and comprehensive the tensile and shear strength of silver solder is relatively poor, but you can use WE46.
Q:What type of welding machine is needed for 0.3 mm thick stainless steel welding? Hand welding. Do you need a wire feeder?
Manual tungsten arc welding, manual wire feeding, no wire feeder.Of course, different argon arc welding wire. Automatic argon tungsten arc welding. Large scale production can be considered.
Q:304 what's the difference between stainless steel and 316?
316 contains Mo, 304 does not contain. The function of Mo is to prevent embrittlement of steel by the agent of carbonation.316 and 304 chromium, like nickel, higher than 304, better corrosion resistance. General 316 for the Navy steel, used in the sea more.
Q:How to make clothes hanger for 4 mm 304 stainless steel wire
In practical application, the steel which is often corroded by weak corrosive medium is called stainless steel, and the steel which is resistant to chemical medium is called acid resisting steel. Because of the difference in the chemical composition of the two,The former is not necessarily resistant to chemical media corrosion, while the latter are generally stainless. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel depends on the alloying elements contained in the steel
Q:TIG welding of stainless steel weld why blue
Argon arc welding technology is based on the principle of arc welding on using argon protection for metal welding, the welding material in high current to be welded on the substrate is melted into liquid form of molten pool, the metal to be welded and welding welding technology to achieve a metallurgical combination, due to the high temperature melting on argon welding continuous feeding in the welding material can not contact with oxygen in the air, thereby preventing the material oxidation, therefore can welding stainless steel, iron metal hardware.
Q:Why does the stainless steel hydrogen return wire rust?
Stainless steel hydrogen withdrawal silk surface adhesion contains acid, alkali, salt substances (such as decoration wall caustic soda, lime water splash), cause some corruption.
Q:Which is better, grade 12.9 screw and stainless steel screw?
Stainless steel is usually divided into matrix tissue:1 ferritic stainless steel. Chromium 12% ~ 30%. Its corrosion resistance, toughness and weldability increase with the increase of chromium content, and the resistance to chloride stress corrosion is better than other kinds of stainless steel.2 austenitic stainless steel. Chromium more than 18%, but also contains about 8% of nickel and a small amount of molybdenum, titanium, nitrogen and other elements. Good comprehensive performance, corrosion resistant variety of media.3 austenite ferrite duplex stainless steel. It has the advantage of austenite and ferritic stainless steel and has superplasticity.4 martensitic stainless steel. High strength, but poor plasticity and weldability.5 、 precipitation hardening stainless steel. With excellent formability and good weldability, it can be used as an ultra high strength material in the nuclear industry, aviation and aerospace industry.

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