Carbon Steel Welding Electrodes AWS E6011

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Carbon Steel Welding Electrodes AWS E6011

Specifications for Carbon Steel Welding Electrodes

1) Specially for Vertical-down welding 
2) Perfect welding performance.

3)Operating current: 2.5MM:30-50,32.MM:70-100,4.0MM:90-140, 5.0MM: 150-200


5)Material:Carbon Steel


7)Delivery Time: 15-30 days after receiving L/C or pre-paid

8)Detail Package:All products will be standard export package, will be wooden boxes or bundled by steel strips, or as per customer's requirement


Advantages for Carbon Steel Welding Electrodes


E6011 is a high cellulose potassium type welding rod for mild steel.

It is suitable for vertical -down welding and lap welding for sheet structures.

Such as smoke pipes, wind pipes ,oil tanks of teansformer, outside cover of vehicles.



Chemical Composition of Deposited Metal(%)




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Q:Will the annealed stainless steel become soft?
[stainless steel wire annealing will become soft] the main purpose of annealing is to reduce hardness, stainless steel wire annealing will become soft. There are many kinds of stainless steel wire, generally divided into two kinds of hard silk and soft silk.
Q:Is it necessary to make barbecue with argon arc welding wire (stainless steel)?
Stainless steel (Stainless Steel) is referred to as the stainless steel, the resistance of air, steam, water and other weak corrosive medium or with stainless steel known as stainless steel; while the resistance to chemical corrosion (acid, alkali and salt chemical etching) corrosion of steel called acid resistant steel. Because of the difference in the chemical composition of the two, and make their corrosion resistance is different, ordinary stainless steel is generally not resistant to chemical medium corrosion, and acid resistant steel are generally stainless steel.
Q:Which kind of stainless steel welding wire is good? Is there any special regulation?
When welding ultra low carbon stainless steel, the corresponding ultra low carbon welding wire should be adopted, such as HOOCr19Ni9, etc. the flux can be melted or sintered. The oxidation of the flux is required to reduce the burning loss of the alloy elements.
Q:Cut off the diameter of 1mm stainless steel wire. What material is good for cutting tools?
I don't know if your accuracy is high or not. You can use a cutting machine. You can also buy that kind of blade specially made of stainless steel.
Q:The manual work with stainless steel wire to die of
If the manual method is not good, then you can clamp the stainless steel wire on the lathe, with a lathe to cover the wire, it should be relatively good set of silk.
Q:What are the specifications of stainless steel wire?
In general, according to austenite, ferrite, two-way stainless steel and martensitic stainless steel, mainly divided into 2 lines, 3 series, 4 series, 5 series and 6 series stainless steel.
Q:M5 stainless steel screws are broken in the hole. They can not be drilled and punched by guns. How can I remove them?
Screw: screw (foreign name: Screw), is the use of object slope, circular rotation and friction of physics and mathematical principles, step by step to tighten the tool parts of the tool. A screw is a general term for fasteners. Screws are indispensable to daily necessities: tiny screws used in cameras, glasses, clocks, electronics, etc.;
Q:TIG welding of stainless steel weld why blue
TIG welding of stainless steel weld bluing reason is current is too large.
Q:How to weld stainless steel wire
Low temperature, ultra low temperature WE88C welding wire with WE88C-F welding flux, this time according to the structure of materials to be welded and the welding requirements to choose the appropriate welding tools, such as no special requirements, stick on the line you can use the soldering iron, if welding structure has a little strength can be heated by the flame way of heating tool with WE53 special porous liquefied gas gun, burning liquefied gas burning alone
Q:How to use the soldering welding of stainless steel wire
Can not use the soldering welding of stainless steel wire. Belong to the soft soldering brazing, stainless steel wire is not suitable for.

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