car vacuum cleaner cordless handheld car

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Product Description:

1) Material: ABS

2) Input: DC 12V, power: 150W

3) Max vacuum degree: 4Kpa

4) Cord length: 4m

5) Cyclone function: dust still rotated on the top of vacuum cover, don't easy block up your machine

6) Color: different colors are availble

7) With different cleaning accessories (180 degree swing brush head, extension pipe, crevice suction tool, 360 degree round brush, bed brush)





1pc/color box, 6pcs/ctn, 45*32.5*46.5vm


2502PCS/20FT, 5100PCS/40FT, 6000PCS/40HQ


CE, ROHS approvals



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Q:Are Dyson Vacuum Cleaners good compared to other models?
Funny you should ask, because I have seen more Dysons being thrown out than any other vacuum cleaner, when the local dustmen collect. I have a 10 year old Electolux Mondo which still works fine. I have heard that Dysons have expensive accessories like filters that need changing regularly.
Q:Which Vacuum cleaner should we buy?
Dyson - the best vacuum cleaner! If you're going to pay that much, make it worth it. Plus I'd suggest you take a look at the 'steam mop' (which can be used on carpet stains). I've NEVER ever taken to infomercials, but it looks really cool! I think it would be great for your playgroup because the kids won't be rolling around in chemicals. Anyway, make sure to check the warranties on all the vacuum cleaners and possibly ask for a trial in-store if they allow you.
Q:Has anyone heard of Patriot Vacuum cleaners?
Have not heard of this brand. I have a commercial cleaning service and the most that I have spent for a commercial strength, dual motor, extra wide vacuum is barely over $700. The only way that I would spend $3000 for a vacuum is if it included someone to also do the vacuuming for me Higher price doesnt necessarily mean better quality
Q:Should I dole out $400 for a vacuum cleaner.?
I personally don't have a cool vacuum because I simply cannot afford one, but I do have a husky (a notoriously hairy breed) and talk to other husky people, and they SWEAR by Dyson. From what I have heard, though, is that it is not that worth it to get the model specifically for pets, that one of the regular models should suffice. They have some cheaper models available at Target now, so check them out there.
Q:Were Hoover vacuum cleaners ever sold door to door?
yes, and my grandma had a salesman come and tried to sell her one, he kept insisting , so she let him do his thing, he put dirt on the floor, while giving his speech, telling how great it did, then he asked where he could plug it in at ? she told him they didn't have electricity, .she made him clean it up, shot his sale lol and no we didn,t have electricity back then,
Q:how did they clean carpets before there were vacuum cleaners?
Beat the sh*t out of them!
Q:Why are vacuums so loud?
Vacuums are silent. Vacuum cleaners are loud because an electric motor is spinning at thousands of revolutions per minute driving an air pump and forcing air to be pushed into a restrictive area, a filter bag often, and if you have a beater bar, there is a motor driving that also and there is friction there too,... in both places.
Q:Is your baby scared of the vacuum cleaner?
YEAP! She never was in the beginning. In fact she used to sleep through me vacuuming... But now she cries/cries like its a monster or something. So I don't do it unless the hubby or i can keep her occupied during it, in a separate room. Before I don't think she paid it much mind, now shes SO aware of whats going on around her... I imagine the vacuum cleaner is a little scary.
Q:What is a good, inexpensive hand-held vacuum cleaner?
Here's I would also advise a gift of the swiffer wet mop. Those are fabulous. I sure wish Swiffer would have been around when I was in college. *I see now that you're looking in the $20 price bracket....I don't know if I'd buy anything that cheap....probably wouldn't clean much if anything!
Q:What's the best way to make a vacuum stronger?
Don't waste your time on it. With both the small size and design of that BI fan you are not going to get a vacuum of more than a couple inches of water. It is designed more for volume than for suction. In comparison, none of the hand- held so called vacuum cleaners are much better and they usually have better impellers.

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