Car lift-Automotive service equipment-lift

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Two Post hydraulic  is a Hydraulic Lift/Car Lift/Two Post Lift, max lifting weight 4500 kgs, height 2000mm.

It's perfect choice for those customers who demand the most lifting capacity at the lowest possible price.

 auto lifts are designed with the features you need to be productive, no matter what type of shop you have


Main Features
1. Dual hydraulic cylindets, chain drive.
2. Mechanical safety latch in two carriages' back.
3.Single-point manual lock release.
4. Two-section manual lock release.
5. 360° teeth arm locking debive ensures steady
locking in any position.
6. Automatic stop in the highest position.
7.Overhead safety shut-off bar to prevent damage
caused by liftingvehicle too high.
8. Parachute valve under each cylinder in case of high
pressuire hose fracutre
9. Synchronization cable and high intensity chain.
10. Relief valve protect against overloading
11. 24V low-voltage safe control keeps customers
away from unexpected injury.
12. "UP" "DOWN" "EMERGENCY" button on control
panel, simply operation.
13. CE Certificated.



Item No.


Lifting capacity


Lifting height


Minimum height


Overall height


Overall width


Length of long arm


Length of short arm


Width between columns


Lifting time


Lowering time



220V/380V 50Hz/60Hz 1Ph/3Ph

 Car lift-Automotive service equipment-lift

Car lift-Automotive service equipment-lift

Car lift-Automotive service equipment-lift


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Q:what is the easiest and fastest way to remove a old underground hydrolic single post car lift?
I have removed only one. We unbolted the bolts to the cylinder base and used a backhoe to lift it up. Not bad toke about two hours to remove the cruddy bolts. A large fork lift should work as well i think. Be careful , That thing is HEAVY.
Q:Using a jack to lift a car?
The work done in both cases is the same and will be equal to the change in potential energy the car has gained by being lifted. Work = Force x Distance If you lift the car directly you will apply a LARGE force over a SHORT distance. I you lift the car with a jack, you will be applying a Small force over a LONG distance (distance being the product of how many times you pump the handle and the travel distance each time) Bottom line. Force x Distance is the same ... and so is the work.
Q:lift kits for cars? HELP?
it would have to be custom idk you have to research on the lifts for this cars
Q:How do you fix my car hoods hydraulic lift?
uhmm there just those little air things if im thinking rite like they have on just go to your local scrapyard or lordco or shucks and pick a couple up
Q:Classification of car lifts
Scissor lift part of the implementation of the use of shear-type pole, electric drive mechanical transmission structure, is currently widely used in large vehicle maintenance. Scissor lift is moderate and does not occupy the position of the car pit, for some models are relatively fixed, the intensity of work (such as in the bus) repair area is undoubtedly the best choice. And because the structure is simple, good synchronization, commonly used as a four-wheel locator platform.
Q:do the wheels need to be suspended for shock replacement if you have a car lift?
If it is the rear, the wheels can be sitting on the lift. It's easier that way with the wheels contacting the ground or lift in this case. Makes it a lot eaiser to do!!!
Q:Lift brand which is good
With the increase in sales of the country, the lift as an important tool for vehicle maintenance, demand is also greatly increased.
Q:Now second-hand car maintenance with the lift how much money ah?
You can go to OKorder check the price
Q:How to put the car down the main shaft of the small lift lift?
Oil leakage more than 90% because of oil seal corrosion caused by aging. Especially for more than three years. Because the rubber seal for a long time by the cold and warm changes in the temperature will affect the loss of plasticizer, the result is the seal shrink hardening loss of elasticity, serious or even broken (this level is far less than the words, when the maintenance of oil Will find), oil spill problems are inevitable.
Q:Does anyone make an unpowered car lift that you just drive up on?
Why do you need the whole car off the ground? just jack it up with a floor jack, and support it with jack stands. One side at a time.

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