Car Lift Automotive Service Equipment/Car lift

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 Four Post hydraulic  is a Hydraulic Lift/Car Lift/Four Post Lift, max lifting weight 4500 kgs, height 2000mm.

It's perfect choice for those customers who demand the most lifting capacity at the lowest possible price.

 auto lifts are designed with the features you need to be productive, no matter what type of shop you have




model: QL40

lifting capacity(ton): 4 (9000 Pound)

lifting height(mm): 1800

Overall length(mm): 2826

Overall width(mm): 3420

Drive thru width(mm): 2400

Drive thru height(mm): 3436

Elbow arm size(mm): 712-1051

Straight arm size(mm): 992-1462

Pad height(mm): 125-240

Width between posts(mm): 2790

lifting time(s): 45

Power unit type: 220 /380 /415V

Packing size (cm/pcs): 2836*520*695

Packing size (cm/3pcs): 2836*520*2155

Net weight (Kgs/pcs): 567

Gross weight (Kgs/pcs): 585

 Lock release type: One /Two point lock release


Low ceilings are no problem for this Lift with a lifting capacity of 9,000 lbs. This is a floor plate model symmetric lift. This lift has the heavy-duty leaf chain, steel pulleys, and the high-strength cable equalization system. The Dual Cylinders with large chain makes this Lift much safer than a Floor Jack.



9,000 lifting capacity

Symmetric design

Dual cylinders with low friction chain rollers

Low profile automatic arm restraints

Stackable drop-in height adapters

Triplicate safety locks

Powder-coated paint finish

Car Lift Automotive Service Equipment/Car lift

Car Lift Automotive Service Equipment/Car lift

Car Lift Automotive Service Equipment/Car lift

Car Lift Automotive Service Equipment/Car lift


1. Why should I choose CNBM 2 post car lift?

There are several reasons you should strongly consider purchasing a CNBM Lift:

Top raw materials from only the finest plants
Only professional cost-effective equipment
Low prices with high quality revenue producing products
Increase productivity for your customers( Your customers gain more, they will enjoy buying from you.)
The best customer service. Quick reply within 24 hours and more.
Great Warranty

2. How safe are your 2 post car lift?

Our 2&4 post lifts have been tested and CE certified for safety . They also meet the American
and Australian Standard.

3. Should I keep repair and replacement parts in stock?

Yes, most all commonly required repair and replacement parts should always keep in stock.

4. What type of fluid is required for my 2 post car lift?

We recommend use of a SAE10 hydraulic fluid that meets an ISO 32 specification, approximately 3 gallons / 12L are required.

5. Are CNBM 2 post car lift designed for commercial use?

All of our lifts can be used in commercial applications without any problems.

6. Do you offer any custom designs?

Yes,CNBM Lift provide OEM/ODM services to top range partners.Produce a superior product for you by your designs.


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Q:how much dose it cost to get a car lifted?
there is no specific kit it will be may cost between 500- 1000
Q:Lifting machine maintenance
Vancouver is the first car care equipment in China after-sales service online trading platform, lift maintenance, lift maintenance, four-wheel positioning device installation, paint room installation, paint repair and other cargo maintenance equipment installation problems can be Carbure to find a professional car repair staff to provide you with services
Q:Why do we use piston in a hydraulic car lift ?can we use something else instead?
It is the simplest and most effective solution. It gives a powerful, directed force. You could use a membrane or a bag that you pump full of water. These are often used in the open where a portable lift is needed, say at accidents, but are not as stable or as powerful as a hydraulic piston and barrel, because they cannot take the same level of pressure.
Q:Why does the front end of a reer wheel drive muscle cars lift off the ground?
Hi for every action there is an opposite reaction so the rear wheels rotate into the ground when moving forward and if this force is strong enough it will have the action of lifting the front wheels off the ground. some drag racing cars fuel-led with nitrous oxide have been known to flip right over and killing the driver and spectators as a result.
Q:Lifting a car with out a lift?
Jack stands will support much more than your Silverado. No problem. But don't buy cheap garbage.
Q:It is always going to trip the lift pump station
Line no problem Check the electrical insulation, check the switch is overload damage malfunction.
Q:Gas shock absorber on the lift need to pay attention to what
The pressure is relatively low price, to slow down slowly, in order to better protect the gas by reducing, but also consider the car off the shelf to the need to set the gas reduction reset, such as the need to reset the decoder to find a professional repair shop.
Q:What's the difference - cable car vs gondola / gondola lift?
You ask what is the difference between a cable car (on an aerial lift) and a gondola on a gondola lift? A gondola lift is a type of aerial lift, often called a cable car, which consists of a loop of steel cable that is strung between two stations, sometimes over intermediate supporting towers. The cable is driven by a bullwheel in the terminal, which is connected to an engine or electric motor. Gondola lifts should not be confused with aerial tramways (where a cabin is suspended from a fixed cable and is pulled by another cable), which are also sometimes known as 'cable cars'. An aerial lift is a means of transport in which gondolas or open chairs are hauled above the ground by means of a cable. Types of aerial lifts include: Aerial tramway, with fixed cable for suspending the gondola and another cable to pull the gondola along the cable. Funitel, with two moving loops of cable which support gondolas (gondolas attach to two cables each). Gondola lift, a moving loop of cable with gondolas attached to the cable. Funifor, two fixed cables for suspending the gondola, with another cable to pull the gondola along the cables. (The above are often referred to as cable cars). Other types may include: Chairlift, with a moving loop of cable with chairs permanently attached to the cable. Detachable chairlift, a loop of cable moving at high speed, with chairs that can be clipped onto the cable at either station.
Q:How to adjust the lift
Column lift in the middle of the column pull the two ends of the adjustment, the left is to adjust the right and left, the right is to adjust the left and right. The general will be adjusted to the two lines to the same intensity is almost the same.
Q:do i have to get my car lifted to get bigger rims and tires?
it depend what kind of car you got.. Because on some car it can fit up to 20 in rims+ but it can rub on the side wall of your tire when you turn

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