Car FM Transmitter allkit all in one bracket iphone5 transmitter FM transmitter

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Product Description:

: Apple iphone Car hair

1. Plug the transmitter into the car cigarette lighter seat, and mp3 player headphones plug into the headphone output jack, and adjust the volume to a moderate position. If IPOD, IPOD adapter connected directly with the player can be.


2. Turn on the car radio and set to the frequency emitted by the product, or to let the radio frequency signal to automatically search for acceptance of the product launch, and then adjust the volume appropriately.


Product Type: A07


Product Description: 1), the product scope: USA, UK, Europe, Japan, Russia (can be customized according to customer requirements)


2), the product packaging: blister packaging or boxed


3), the product is valid: Permanent


4) Description:


A high-fidelity, stereo, using DIGITAL. PLL lock-in technology


2 with LCD screen display. More intuitive tuning frequency


3 aircraft shot blue-backlight design center


4 has a power-off storage time frequency point function, can save more than 10 years


5 cigarette lighter power supply


6 is suitable for portable IPHONE, IPHONE 3G, CD, MD, MP3, MP4, PDA, PC, IPOD, DVD, mobile phones and any other player


7 with IPOD and 3.5 audio plug


8 with a USB charging function (available to MP3, IPOD, cell phones and other players directly or rechargeable power supply)


5), the product features:


* Unique high-end designs


* Color DIGITAL. PLL lock-in technology, the launch of a more stable frequency point, and never drift


* Full-frequency design, can effectively avoid interference with radio conflict


6), the technical parameters:


* Frequency characteristics: 20Hz-20KHz

* Separation: ≥60dB


* Operating Current: 38mA + 10mA


* SNR: ≥60dB


* Audio distortion:<2% (. Mod = 75KHZ F = 1KHZ)


* Clutter and harmonic: <- 35db

* Operating voltage: 9 ~ 24V (cigarette lighter power supply)






Service: product quality assurance, product sales within three months after the replacement, one year warranty, if any quality after-sales questions please feel free to contact us and we will make every effort to collude!!

Division I professional production of FM transmitter facility; ensure that all car FM transmitter can support iphone3g, iphone3gs, iphone4, iphone4gs, ipod, touch, nano and other apple apple player. Supports iphone hands-free calls.


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