Capable Tool For Human To Create Fresh Air - Air Cleaning Equipment

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Product Description:

Brand   name:GSMOON
Item no.:GS460S01
Size:L282 X W196 X H830   (mm)
Air Flow:460m³/hr
Applicable   Area:45m2
Functions:Remove   PM2.5, formaldehyde, harmful gas; UV-photocatalyst sterilization; Sterilize   germs, virus; Release anions
Packaging:carton package
Carton Size:L352 X W27 2X H988   (mm)
Payment Terms:T/T, L/C at sight
Delivery time:40days after received   deposit
Place of   Origin:Zhejiang, China   (Mainland)

            air cleaning equipment          

  • remove formaldehyde    

                photocatalyst, RCD filter or active carbon

  •  air optimization    


  •  remove PM    

                electrostatic adsorbing device remove PM diameter between 0.3-10µm

  •  600 million anion    

                Refresh purified air, more comfortable

  •  Safety    

                Electromagnetism shield to protect family

  •  Healthy air    

                Remove dust, smoke, sterilize germs, virus

  •  Double sensors    

                Sensor for PM, sensor for harmful gas

  •  5 fan-speed shifts    

                achieve purify fastest during a few time, automate to work when air pollution overproof

  •  silent work in asleep    

                on 1st or 2nd fan-speed, working noise lower.

  •  saving energy    

                the lowest consumption only 11W, save cost

  •  no replacement of core filter    

                electrostatic filter not need to be replaced, just washing by water is ok.



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Q:How to clean the oil storage box of the range hood?
Ensure that plastic film or plastic bag completely cover the inner surface of the box, "pocket" adsorption of waste oil, then, from a period of time pumping replacement, oil storage tank is basically clean.
Q:What is the use of waxing machine?
The liquid wax ring like smear on the wax disc, each with 0.5 m2 area well, until the whole car finished
Q:What is the structure of the range hood?
Centrifugal wind wheel is adopted. Its diameter is 220mm/240mm. Silicon alloy aluminum stamping, durable, constant type, good dynamic balance performance.
Q:What is the difference between the sealing machine and waxing machine?
The seal body paint can achieve even more than the original paint, so old, the new update is brighter, and at the same time with high temperature resistance, sealing, anti-oxidation, lightening, washable, corrosion resistance and other characteristics
Q:What are the types of range hoods?
Mainly divided into old style shallow deep suction hoods, especially the suction as the main object of elimination. That is, ordinary exhaust fan, smoke is directly discharged to the outdoor. The main problem of the deep suction type cigarette stand is to occupy space, noise, easy to meet, dripping oil and soot, not clean, short service life, inconvenient cleaning, and great environmental pollution
Q:What are the features of a mixing washing machine?
Suitable for washing clothes: except for special laundry,Widespread use in North America
Q:What are the installation requirements for the exhaust pipe of the hood?
The distance from the exhaust air outlet to the airframe should not be too long. The turning radius should be as large as possible and less turning, otherwise it will affect the smoke exhaust effect
Q:What is the mean of Cleaning appliance?
An appliance for cleaning articles and indoor conditions. The utility model relates to a washing machine for washing articles, a vacuum cleaner, a waxing machine, a window cleaner used for cleaning the environment, a lampblack removing machine for kitchen deoiling and smoke exhaust, etc.
Q:What's the difference between a semi-automatic washing machine and an automatic washing machine?
Semi automatic, two barrels, simple and durable, while washing, dehydration, 750W horsepower, in the laundry, there are some can not be washed machine clothes can be used single dehydration
Q:What are the descaling items of washing machines?
After the operation of the machine, the inlet valve will be opened and the drain pipe will be restored to its original position. Re select the washing program, so that the washing machine to run again, until the program is running, again cleaning the filter screen. So far, the descaling is done

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