cantilever traveler for main concrete beam and box beam of approach bridge

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cantilever traveler for main concrete beam and box beam of approach bridge 。for main concrete beam and box beam of approach bridge。

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Q:Hanging basket type PCB turnover vehicles generally have many dimensions, how many baskets can be hung
. The number of hanging baskets up to 16, ranging from 24. Hanging basket size: 415 * 285 * 205MM, slot width 2MM, slot depth 4.5MM, slot spacing 7MM, hanging basket type PCB turnover car use lightweight, convenient, can be used for all kinds of warehouse, production site and other occasions
Q:Hanging basket construction which test items
Motor, electric box, and limit are generally provided by manufacturers.
Q:Tensioning sequence of hanging basket
The general situation is to pull the first part of the prestressed steel strand
Q:How does the prestressed tensioning in the construction of the bridge hanging basket?
The post tensioned prestressed precast box girder is prefabricated by a prefabricated field or a prefabricated factory, and then transported to the site erection; (2) the post tensioned prestressed cast-in-place box girder is directly poured into the box girder and the prestressed tension on the bridge. Cast in situ prestressed box girder, according to the support structure is different, the full frame pouring box beam and hanging basket construction pouring box beam. The hanging basket construction is the use of suspension facilities, segmental mold hanging and binding steel corrugated pipe, installation, concrete pouring, wearing steel strand, stretching and grouting, the completion of a segmental box girder, a segmental box girder, until the completion of the entire construction segment.
Q:I would like to ask you how to sort the hanging basket? What is the front fulcrum hanging basket
According to the structure can be divided into the form of truss type (parallel chord, rhombic hanging basket, bowstring), cable-stayed type, type and mixed type steel four.
Q:Unit price analysis of hanging basket service
First, you need to determine what you need, I can help you analyze!
Q:Construction process of hanging basket
In summary, the construction process of the hanging basket construction management, said the following simple way: the hanging basket can be moved forward in place to install the bottom mold and the mold to install the bottom plate and the side rib reinforced pipe, and reserved installed within the mold to install roof reinforcement and pipe, concrete pouring and curing the reserved to wear pre stress steel beam and tension anchor a pipe grouting.
Q:Technical requirements for hanging baskets
The design of a hanging basket shall conform to the following requirements in addition to the requirements of strength, rigidity and stability:1 the total weight of the hanging basket shall not exceed 10% of the design weight.2 the safety factor and the safety factor of the self anchored system should not be less than 2 when the concrete is poured into the concrete section.3 protective measures should be taken when using the finishing thread reinforcing steel bar as suspender.
Q:Is it necessary to measure the strain value after prestressing?
Simple introduction of hanging basket construction:1 steel cable-stayed bridge construction, most of the factory welding, transported to the site, with the crane as a whole lifting, or block lifting, in place after the formation of high-strength bolts.
Q:The definition of hanging basket construction, historical background
Construction craft: 1 hanging basket hanging void, at this point the anti force downward force to the hanging beam hanging basket, hanging basket and the longitudinal beams under negative bending moment. 2 hanging basket forward, hanging basket still bear negative moment, a single arm state. 3 hanging basket beam lifting, after anchorage anchorage, the hanging basket is in place, after the anti point elevation roughly leveling, set preraised height. The 4 cable is connected with the hanging basket, and the first cable tension is carried out, and the front pivot point of the hanging basket is stressed. 5 to the 1/2 beam section for the second cable tension. When the concrete beam of the 6 section is completely cross section, the elasticity of the end of the basket is less than the specified value. 7 detect the beam elevation, the concrete strength to reach the tension of prestressed beam. 8 hanging basket to be moved forward.

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