cantilever traveler for main concrete beam and box beam of approach bridge

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cantilever traveler for main concrete beam and box beam of approach bridge 。for main concrete beam and box beam of approach bridge。

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Q:Tensioning sequence of hanging basket
And then, at the top of the tension plate, the steel strand of the web, and then the residual steel beam of the beam, and finally the vertical finishing steel.
Q:Hanging basket dry steel, steel hinge line, how much money a ton
580 or so, including: equipment installation, removal, transportation, raw materials distribution, loading and unloading vehicles, on-site storage and storage;
Q:Seven techniques of hanging basket
Concrete pouring management should pay attention to seven technical measures10, 1 square hole. When pouring the concrete at the bottom of the roof, the roof plate can be opened on the two 50x 50 cm square hole, the concrete poured into the hole, to be completed after the completion of the concrete pouring floor sealing hole;10.2. is not overweight. When hanging basket construction concrete pouring V type pier, the difference between the pouring weight of the cross box girder and the cross shore box girder can not exceed 15 tons;10.3. symmetry. When pouring concrete in the same box girder section, it is necessary to carry out the operation of the left and right symmetry, so as to avoid the lateral displacement of the guide beam and cause the displacement of the front plane of the beam;
Q:Can you list all the characters form The Time Traveler's Wife?
Henry DeTamble Clare Abshire Gomez Charisse Annette DeTamble Richard DeTamble Mrs. Kim (Kimy) Dr David Kendrick Alba DeTamble Lucille Abshire Phillip Abshire Mark Abshire Sharon Alicia Abshire Ingrid Celia Attley Ben Etta Nell
Q:What are the characteristics of the suspension bridge
The bridge structure stress is divided into: the suspension system (such as cable-stayed bridge and suspension bridge); arch system (such as: deck arch bridge, arch bridge, arch bridge); beam system (such as: simply supported girder bridges, continuous girder bridges, continuous rigid frame bridge)
Q:The post tensioned prestressed anchorage of suspension bridge can be reused?
Obviously not, after a method is used to anchor the pre-stressed anchorage prestressed reinforcement
Q:Construction of hanging basket hanging blue construction
4, a hanging basket of the main truss of the back of a total of 4 finished steel rebar, a hanging basket after the anchor needs a total of 8 finished rebar rebar anchor, hanging blue in place to anchor in time;5, lifting jack hanging basket, lift the hanging basket to ensure the integrity of the crane, is strictly prohibited overload;6, the front of the top of the 4 straps to be uniform, in the adjustment of elevation, the top of the sling to be adjusted, can not be adjusted after the first 2 in the absence of the instrument to monitor the situation in addition to the other 2 root 4;7, hanging blue walk, to ensure that the sling, templates and so on and the separation of blue, and sent to observe whether the normal walk. Hang blue, template and box beam or other items are friction, care, and found that the abnormal walking should immediately stop, identify the reasons for treatment and then began to walk;8, the hanging basket to be symmetrical, before walking to the longitudinal axis, in the track to draw the control line, walking on both sides of the journey to be consistent, the right axis;
Q:There are several construction methods of bridge hanging
The front fulcrum hanging basket is commonly used in the cantilever construction of the concrete cable-stayed bridge, the main bridge company has its own design of the patent before the fulcrum hanging basket. The construction of the specific process for stitching the hanging basket, hanging cable, the first half of the cable tension, pouring concrete, second tension cable, half of the rest of the concrete pouring, third tension cable, then demoulding version of push hanging basket, the construction of the next section, repeat.
Q:The effect of hanging basket
Hanging basket construction technology, although it is the first time, but was successful
Q:What is the function of the rain - water hanging basket device in the rainwater collection system
The initial rainfall will carry a large amount of garbage, such as leaves, sediment and other garbage into the storm sewer system will cause congestion

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