Canon Ef 50mm F1.8 Ii

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Canon EF 50mm f1.8 II


Focal length : 50mm
Aperture : F1.8 - F22
Filter size : 52mm
Dimensions : 41x 68.2mm
Weight : 130g

Bundled Accessories
Front and Rear Caps


Shipping Weight: 0.8kg

30 Units in Stock

Manufactured by: CANON

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Q:Canon camera lens marked red circle, green circle, white circle, what is the difference?
White ring: designed for the APS body design of the lens, full frame did not want to follow the cheap (can not use), but the lens "do" is indeed very "cheap", do not consider the price, then only EF-s17 ~ 55mmF2.8IS this One is really. No circle: focal lengths have a repeat of the lowest file, such as 50mmF1.8, above the red circle 50mmF1.2L, 50mmF1.4 in the middle. Although it is the whole body of the body, but came up with no lap. The main feeling or let the cost of trouble, or rushed to the head of the sales volume is also enough to draw a purple circle powder bar
Q:SLR camera lens when the picture is blurred how is the matter
Two questions: First, do not know what you use the lens, I am also Nikon series of machines, if you use the manual lens, zoom closer, you also need to manually adjust the focus ring. Second, if it is an automatic lens, you are not careful to set the lens focus to M (ie manual), then the zoom is not estimated after the auto focus Third, if the fuselage you set to MF, then do not return to auto focus; Fourth, the above situation is not, then you have to check your lens contact, there may be a problem with the lens.
Q:Yaxika mechanical camera lens, if the use of Y / C conversion bayonet switch to the digital camera, what brand should buy digital camera
2.NIKON digital camera, you can also transfer Y / C lens, but because NIKON digital camera F bayonet caliber smaller, it may not be able to transfer all the Y / C port lens.
Q:Is it possible to wipe the camera with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol?
The lens is actually the most afraid of hard dust, like sand, metal particles ,,, in the studio we generally use blowing, blowing better than anything else, brush is also very good, as long as the first dust off, hurt. Rare use of alcohol is also harmless, the lens coating in general, after hundreds of scrub will not fall, (thousands of times do not know). We are dirty when the location, there are fingerprints, mouth watermark, under the urgency of the mouth with a blow, grab the underwear can also rub. Instead, I do not like to call paper, not easy to use, easy to break, but also to create pollution, can not be reused. Really want to rub the words ,,,, personal recommended high-quality glasses cloth, suede, tissue paper. Alcohol in your really difficult to clean up the stains and then, but please remember the key, be sure to determine no hard dust and then wipe, or wipe it is a heartache marks ,,, Finally suggested that you buy A UV protection mirror, but also to block the UV, but also to protect, even if really wiped out, and then for a like, say, the lens has a few marks before, really do not change
Q:Can the camera lens be mounted on the camera for a long time?
SLR camera as a interchangeable lens camera can also be a long time on the camera on the camera, to promote the lens as far as possible, non-change the lens can not be advocated as far as possible in the room but not in the room rather than noisy room for the head,
Q:SLR camera in addition to the lens outside the need to support things
5, external flash, for professionals or high demand for people, the external flash is still necessary to be equipped.
Q:Canon camera lens error
Second, the treatment: 1, unplug the SD card again. Reload the battery 2, for a new battery or charge. 3, gently tapping the lens or to force, do not be too hard, the lens inside a small card astringent foreign body can be eliminated. 4, the above can not be resolved that is a permanent fault such as transmission gear, track and other jam had to repair the.
Q:Can the camera's lens be generic?
Civilian level of the lens, the same interface can be said that basically ... ... For the usual auto zoom function of the lens, the Canon camera is the EF bayonet, Nikon camera is Nikon AF bayonet, Sigma camera Sigma AF bayonet, Sony Minolta is Minolta AF bayonet, Pentax is Pentax AF Bayonet. Probably this is the case.
Q:Do not unload the SLR camera lens
Reverse twist can be. If it was too tight on the tragedy ...
Q:Can the old SLR camera lens be used on a digital SLR camera?
The lens time is long focus on these properties will decline, the optical quality is generally the same, but the coating off more common. Unless there is an old lens and then do not want to spend more money, or I think really no need to use the old lens.

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