Canon Ef 24-105mm F/4L Is Usm

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Product Description:

Angle of View (diagonal)

84o - 23o20'

Lens Construction

18 elements in 13 groups

No. of Diaphragm Blades

8 (Circular Aperture)

Minimum Aperture


Closest Focusing Distance (m)


Maximum Magnification (x)


AF Actuator

Ring USM

Filter Diameter (mm)


Length x Diameter (mm)

107 x 83.5mm

Weight (g)




Magnification with 
Extension Tube EF 12 II

0.60x - 0.12x

Magnification with 
Extension Tube EF 25 II

0.61x - 0.27x

Lens Hood


Lens Cap




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Q:SLR full lens and half of the difference between the lens?
Canon lens points EF series (full frame), EF-S series (APS-C is the so-called half-frame) two series. The two series of lenses used in the APS-C frame camera, because the size of the photosensitive components, to multiply the 1.6 coefficient is equal to the full-frame camera perspective.
Q:Do professional studio photo, what is the type of camera and lens?
It is also necessary to configure a wide angle and telephoto on the lens! If the money telephoto on the last 80-200 or 70-200 of the original, if the money is less, do not recommend using the deputy plant, you can buy a factory 85 can solve! I was so dry! Wide angle Well, the original factory a little expensive! I have no money, so buy a deputy factory, but if your business is good, it suggested that the original factory, because the deputy factory wide angle in the frequent role are easy to run coke! Do studio this line, what color ah, distortion ah, purple side ah are not important, after all, our photos have PS, the most important is the clarity! There is no clarity, the guests want to enlarge, then how to do! Cry on a word! Ha ha
Q:Vivoxplay why the camera failure, can not connect the camera lens
4. Try to clear the exception data via "Settings - More Settings - Restore Factory Settings - Empty All Data". Note: This will lose all the data stored on the phone, including the phone book, SMS, third-party application software, the relevant account information, the data stored on the T card will not be lost.
Q:What is the picture quality of the camera lens? Is the clarity of detail?
3, in some more metamorphosis of the environment when shooting, such as rainy days, cloudy, backlighting shooting, high-end lens than the entry lens is good, not a little better.
Q:Can the camera lens be mounted on the camera for a long time?
Camera lens as part of the camera, especially the one machine, the lens can be installed on the camera for a long time.
Q:Camera lens function and how to distinguish
Oh, 18-135 cheaper than about 18-200 about 1500 or so. 18-200 focal lengths compared to a wider, for some do not want to change the lens and some of the effect of the people is more appropriate, I use the 7D, there is a 18-200, the imaging results are good. Caliber 72mm, lens sturdy, and 50D and other large fuselage is very match; can be equipped with IS, you can get white IS and white contrast, the price difference of 4K; EF-S, for APS-C frame covers a wide angle, very practical.
Q:Card camera lens has been open, can not be closed?
Then you can go to the camera shop repair may be a card
Q:How the camera lens size is divided
   Each focal length of the lens how to use it? Wide angle lens wide viewing angle, so suitable for shooting scenery, especially ultra wide-angle lens, wide field of vision, shooting out of the scenery is particularly imposing. The angle of the standard lens is close to the angle of view of the human eye and hence the name. Standard lens application is very extensive, landscape, portrait can be competent, but also very difficult to control. Ordinary people with standard lenses to take out the photos may be stereotyped, but experienced photographers can use the standard lens with the human eye perspective similar to this feature, shooting a lot of photos with a sense of the scene. 85mm ~ 135mm in the telephoto lens is generally used to shoot half-length portrait, the use of this lens is easy to shoot out the background of the photo, looks more artistic sense. More than 200mm telephoto lens is usually used to shoot insects, ecology, stage and sports. Because the focal length is long, you can put the object far away to the eyes of the photographer, so do not have to be close to the subject can shoot out a clear picture. In the shooting of insects, ecology, stage and sports time, obviously need such a capacity.
Q:What is the camera lens rubbing convenience?
n addition to the lens pen, with other things to deal with the best before the gently wipe the place to breathe (because the nail prints or other things will have grease and other content, dry rub easy), pay attention to the lips do not touch the lens and the Saliva get on top.
Q:NIKON D90 camera how to take the lens
Hold down the lens next to the lens to unlock the key, a twist down. There is a white side of the lens side, and the lens mount next to the white point of alignment, the lens itself down. On the lens when the first point of the white point, the lens down to a turn, hear a click on the line.

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