Campinglight CR-1073C Campinglight CR-1073C

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$40.00 - 60.00 / g
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Payment Terms:
TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
1000 g
Supply Capability:
200000 g/month

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Product Description:

◆Portable LED Penlight
◆chosen rechargeable battery or dry battery

Campinglight CR-1073C  Campinglight CR-1073C







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Q:What's the function of explosion proof lamp?
For use in fire, explosion, gas, dust, liquid, solid and other places.
Q:The existing 6V 4ah battery a, want to do led camping lamp, who can give a circuit touchais.
Led lights originally very simple, do a constant flow source on the line, to the electronic engineering design website, check, casually download.Here, I want to upload it for you. It's very troublesome. Little still doesn't know how to upload pictures. So many people browse, answer fewer people.
Q:What are the codes for various types of explosion proof lamps?
Manufacturers are not the same, the model is not the same. There are about BCD -200 flameproof explosion-proof lamp, BGL-200 is increased safety type explosion-proof lamp, FGL-200 increased safety type explosion-proof anti-corrosion lamp, FGL-G stainless steel explosion-proof lamp, BXL-100 explosion-proof ceiling lamp and so on,.......... And the explosion-proof light. Explosion proof sight lamp. Explosion proof lamp, explosion proof platform lamp, much better
Q:What about hiking lights, camping lights, no headlights?
Headlights are necessary, but mountaineering or camping is dangerous. Safety first, rope, knife, lighters, small box, anti mosquito water, the necessary water and canned food, lighting, rain, compression tools are necessary.
Q:About camping problems (Chongqing area)
medical kits: bandages, cotton, gauze, bandages, iodine, tourniquet, triangle, thermometer, painkillers, cold medicine, motion sickness medicine, gastrointestinal medicine, anti-inflammatory drugs, trauma medicine, insectifuge, Sheyao, cash; credit card, ID card.I hope you can help, camping lamps lighting games.
Q:LED rechargeable camping lamp batteries are out of order
As long as the volume, the voltage, and the capacity are the same, it can be replaced.
Q:Ready to go camping. Where are the camping lights that buy those bright lights?
Taobao mall there is ~ ~ ~ you want to store or online?
Q:What does "explosion proof lamp" mean? Why "explosion prevention"?
It is a kind of lighting lamp with explosion proof performance. The main flameproof explosion-proof lamp, explosion-proof lamps, safety explosion-proof lamps and other mobile dangerous places exist for combustible gas and dust, to prevent the lamp may produce arc, spark ignition and high temperature surroundings of combustible gas and dust, so as to achieve the requirements of explosion-proof lamps.Mainly flameproof explosion-proof lamps, safety explosion-proof lamps, mobile explosion-proof lamps and so on. BC9300 explosion-proof platform lamp produced by bright electric appliance is suitable for lighting and other flammable and explosive places, such as petrochemical equipment, oil platform, gas station, oil pump room and transfer station.
Q:What brand is better for camping lights? Cost-effective.
Upstairs said that not heard; camping words must be bright enough, life will take a long time to ~ last West Bay camping is to explore the customer of the flashlight, was also quite good ~ with a soft mask is just like a lamp.
Q:I want to go camping with my friends, barbecue, and buy some lights.
OPPO mobile phone, charging 5 minutes, loaded forced two hours.

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