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Business: a variety of outdoor supplies wholesale, single person tent, double tent, three or four person tent, five or six person tent 1989 person tent, aluminum pole tent, canopy, sleeping bag spring and summer sleeping bags, down sleeping bags, outdoor automatic inflatable cushion mats, picnic mats, outdoor accessories, etc.

          2 various styles of custom: tents, sleeping bags and mats. Inflatable cushion and so can be customized to any size

          3.LOGO printing, OEM business.

Logo: according to customer requirements

Sub-section tent with windows and no window, you need to contact customer service! No notes of random delivery!

Size: 120 X 120 X 190 (CM)

Weight: 2.5 kg Fabric: 190T PU waterproof taffeta

Strut "8"-shaped anti-rust steel flat wire

190T PU coated waterproof outer bag carry bag outside collapse

Use mobile toilets, dressing accounts, bathing, bird watching, etc.

Color: Army green, blue

Accessories: a backpack pouch, to the small 4 60 * 30 * 60

Carton quantity: 10 / box packing sack

This section tent for 2014 new enhanced version (thicker fabric finer work) and general market models vary greatly, good quality is not just a little bit, oh

 Lifetime replacement bracket (broken off can change the bracket) need to change pole clients postage themselves.

This section has a new enhanced version of the tent and the regular edition (enhanced version where all connections are secondary reinforcement, all tent materials are quality using high-end)

 This section new enhanced version of the tent for 14 years, the fabric is thicker 210D Oxford cloth (than the market in general 190T polyester fabric thickness and tear has greatly enhanced), finer workmanship, high quality

Hydraulic models new listing if necessary, please contact customer service

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Q:Is it really convenient to build an automatic tent and a lazy tent? Are there any friends who have used a lazy tent or an automatic tent or a boat account?
This tent Alice called "throw the account", that is, find a good place, a throw out on the play, because it is made of memory materials, so when the contraction opened, especially fast.
Q:Recommend outdoor storm proof double deck camping tent!
If you really worry about the rain Water Leakage problem, and to choose the heavy tent cumbersome, as do - such as, accounts and external accounts add a disposable tablecloth temporary plan, waterproof plastic cloth, certainly much more reliable than any coating
Q:What do you mean by a tent in the Bible?
While Israel was in the wilderness, they lived in tents, and Abraham pitched tents in those days.
Q:What brand is moistureproof mat good?
Self inflating cushion has a variety of processing technology, a complete separation of the inner and outer layers without any fixed, this mat is very cheap, 100 yuan, but to use inside and outside layer slip away, uncomfortable; a fixed type, between the inner and outer layers has a plurality of fixed points; a total heat compound, inside and outside with hot layer composite technology fully bonded, the mat use effect is best, but the price is too expensive, Sanfo CAMP-A-REST, THERM-A-REST is full of hot compound, the former domestic, the U.S. imports, CASCADE DESIGN products, the price is 360 yuan and 980 yuan.
Q:Tent fabric waterproof effect index is how much?
In the understanding of the meaning of the above indexes, we usually can be through simple indicators compared to the purchase of tents, of course these indicators are just part of the decision factors of tent texture, grade, the specific choice of what types and properties of the tent, but also depends on the actual needs and your tent occasions, when you have a the appropriate section of the tent, you can always pick up the equipment, the installation in the mountains, brook, fields, enjoy free and positive comfortable life.
Q:What are the inner cushions for outdoor tents?
The bottom should be at least a damp mat. If you want to feel comfortable, get a cotton pad or air cushion
Q:What are the tent accessories?
The aluminum rods of the aluminum rod and the glass rod are soft and flexible in quality, difficult to break, high in price and light in weightGlass fiber rod is fragile in texture, bad in bending, easy to break, low in price and heavy in weight
Q:Want to buy domestic tents and moisture-proof mats, recommend the brand!
Camping is very low on tents and can prevent light rain. Generally do not need to bear mountaineering, so heavy point, the problem is not large. In fact, dozens of blocks of glass single deck tent can be.
Q:How are the tents cleaned?
The bottom end of the PE with a damp cloth to wipe it, most people think that PE bottom is not good, because there is something like a snakeskin bag, in fact, most foreign tents are using this material, and than the average Oxford bottom material will be more expensive, moisture-proof performance is also good, wear, casual tents generally preferred, of course and if you are a backpacker, considering the weight of a tent, aluminium bar, Oxford at the end of the tent is necessary, but we must remember that with moisture-proof pad oh.
Q:How to keep warm while camping?
Sleeping bag: sleeping bag is important. It has a down sleeping bag, and it needs full feet. Simply put, the 1000 grams of stuffed mummy, down sleeping bag, the best filling in 90%, the sleeping bag is best to have a vertical lining structure, so that can prevent the down in the sleeping bag out of uneven distribution.

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