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1 glass elements in 1 groups

M-37 Dimensions:

Ø 40mmx 9.4 mm H

M-40.5 Dimensions:

Ø43mmx 9.4 mm H

M-46 Dimensions:

Ø52mmx 9.4 mm H

M-49 Dimensions:

Ø52mmx 9.4 mm H

camera accessory 


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Q:What is the SLR camera lens built-in zoom
For example, you take a picture in the grasslands, there are horses in the distance, the lens pulled 17 to see the whole scene you see down, that 18 paragraph than 17 to see a narrow point, and so on to 70 Even more narrow to 135 can only be photographed on both sides of the film can not shoot. 18-135, is a tour of the mirror to go the world of the lens, go out with a lens on it, and want to shoot wide-angle also, want to shoot the details of the distance there.
Q:Industrial ccd camera lens how to maintain the usual?
4, sticky sticky dust method: This method is the use of rubber rods or low viscosity adhesive tape to adhere to the industrial camera CCD surface dust. This method is simple to operate, but the effect is generally easy to clean up after leaving more difficult to clean the offset, resulting in secondary pollution, therefore, this method is not recommended. .
Q:What should the camera lens be used?
Must buy: gas blowing (the best is the Swiss AF, blue) lens cloth, and some also about 30 yuan, do not buy 3M, brush mirror in the outdoor can also be used to deal with, usually still do not it is good. Lens paper, no money, but not used to clean the lens. Lens water to buy to buy Zeiss, the other do not have to buy, not worthwhile, to a large chemical shop, buy a bottle of pure level of analysis of ethanol, enough for a lifetime.
Q:I SLR camera lens focus is not normal
From the landlord to see, it should be 18-200 mesh is too long, the quality of the general focus of the car, in the infinity of the focal length of the process to the need to stretch a relatively long time. Need patience to adapt will not be their own problems. But if the display focus is normal, but after shooting found that focus on the focus, that is, there is running the problem, and need to do the test. In addition, non-original lens on the focus of most of the focus and zoom speed should be less.
Q:The cameras are digital and the film is costly. My Phoenix SLR camera lens 28-70mm spent more than a thousand dollars to me, and the use of value?
If you want to play, then into the Pentax is also possible, Pentax K-R cost is very high, with 18-55 sets of machine also 4K head.
Q:Canon SLR lens how to choose?
2, even if the high quality requirements, then 24-105 is not suitable for 50D use. Because 50D is a non-full-frame camera, the lens will have a 1.6 times after the coefficient, that 24-105 multiplied by 1.6 after the 38-168mm, the telephoto end seems to account for cheap but wide-angle loss is serious, almost no Wide angle at all. So this lens is not suitable for use in non-full frame machine, it was originally as 5D2 full frame machine sets of head with. Some people say that you can use the patch to make up for this approach is feasible, but the specific operation is more trouble, a trip down to do a few can, but if you need to do a bunch of wide area scenery, it weighs you.
Q:Camera lens out fixed and retracted, can not open what can not take pictures of what ah?
After sale it, there is a problem, do not fiddle with their own
Q:Can digital camera lens and mechanical camera lens be interchangeable?
Second, different manufacturers, the lens interface is not the same, only the same interface, it is completely interchangeable.
Q:Recommend SLR camera. How much good the lens is.
Entry, then the Canon 60D 700D, the lens can choose 18-135 or 18-200. Fuselage and the lens according to their own budget can be with each other.
Q:What is the head of the project and the National Bank, the camera lens works what it means
It seems like the display of the processing of almost, but now this time, are talking about selling gimmicks, a lot of works is not cheap, as if music as MAX example.

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