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Material Bk7, Quartz, Caf2, Sapphire
  Diameter 2.5-45mm .
Diameter Tolerance0.05 to 0.1mm
Edge thickness 1mm +/- 0.10mm
 Focal length 0.1% to 2%
Surface quantity  80/50 to 20/10

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Q:The digital camera shows what the lens is wrong
General digital camera display lens error is due to the machine's self-test function of the machine so that the machine does not work. It will prompt you how to deal with, such as can not reply to machine failure, please repair the local brand service
Q:SLR camera lens 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, the three focal length of the viewing angle were how many degrees
Classmates, this must be multiplied by the coefficient. Multiplied by 1.5 after the focal length unchanged, but the angle will be reduced. On 135 film 14MM is 114 ° 20MM is 94 °. The angle of view of the lens (diagonal viewing angle) refers to the angle between the ends of the diagonal of the image focal plane (image sensor) to the lens main point (second main point) The imaging range of the subject on the square focal plane. Therefore, when the size of the image focal plane as a factor of the viewing angle changes, the viewing angle will also change. As shown in the figure, when the image sensor becomes smaller, the viewing angle also becomes smaller. Although the viewing angle has changed, the distance from the main point of the lens to the square focal plane has not changed,
Q:What is the SLR camera lens motor?
The current entry-level machine only Nikon produced a part of the eunuch machine, that is, no fuselage motor, in the absence of the focus of the motor lens will not be used on the auto focus. To put it easier, the fuselage that motor is the power to turn the lens focus, without it, you can not automatically focus. Only use the lens built-in ultrasonic motor lens to auto focus. Such as D5000 machines such as the use of Nikon lens, can only use the AF-S lens, not that S on behalf of this is a need to drive the body of the camera, the D5000 can not achieve AF function!
Q:Camera lens change and transfer ring
In fact, the lens of the mouth and transfer are expedient. In contrast, the adapter ring program is more flexible, will not cause damage to the lens, there is now the adapter ring with the chip, can help metering.
Q:Nikon camera lens focal length
Some of the camera is very stressed that with a 1 cm proximity to support the magic, suitable for shooting fine objects. The lens of the camera is a group of lenses, when parallel to the main optical axis of the light through the lens, it will gather to a little, this point is called the focus, focus to the center of the lens distance, known as the focal length. Focal length fixed lens, that is, fixed focus lens; focal length can adjust the change of the lens, that is, zoom lens. (When a bundle of parallel light passes through the convex lens with the convex lens through the convex lens, the other side of the convex lens is converged by the convex lens, which is called the focal point, and the focal point to the convex lens center distance is called the focal length of the convex lens. There is a focus on each side.) Optical center (Optical center): a special point in the lens, all through the point of light, its propagation direction unchanged. The lens of the camera we use is equivalent to a convex lens, where the film (or the photographic device of the digital camera) is in the vicinity of the focus of the convex lens, or the distance between the film and the convex lens is approximately equal to the focal length of the convex lens. The focal lens of the convex lens can be imaged, usually with a lens of the lens of the camera.
Q:Camera lens broken glass, you can repair it
Sure to be able to repair. In the sale where the lens can be replaced.
Q:What is the foot ring of the camera lens? What do you use
Why is the tripod ring? 1, the lens is very heavy, not easy to hold a stable shooting, of course, except for iron hand. 2, the lens is very long, not easy to hand, or center of gravity instability. 3, telephoto lens needs a safe shutter soon, the light can not guarantee a safe shutter, the need for tripod, stable shooting.
Q:I SLR camera lens focus is not normal
This is your fuselage and lens focus on the quality of the decision, not a fault. It is recommended to improve the ambient brightness, select the contrast contrast obvious focus of the main body as a focus reference, which can significantly improve the focus performance.
Q:SLR camera lens with a magnifying glass before going to shoot macro, so there is no problem photography, right?
In front of the lens plus a magnifying glass shooting macro course is possible. In fact, this principle is a piece of lens mounted in front of the lens lens, but close to the mirror than the ordinary magnifying glass to work to some of the work.
Q:What is the difference between the optical zoom of the SLR camera and the optical zoom of the card machine?
The difference between the two: 1, SLR large volume weight, card machine small and light. 2, SLR high quality, poor quality card machine. 3, SLR machine can follow your intention to photography, and automatic card machine to make your intentions tend to fall.

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