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Material Bk7, Quartz, Caf2, Sapphire
  Diameter 2.5-45mm .
Diameter Tolerance0.05 to 0.1mm
Edge thickness 1mm +/- 0.10mm
 Focal length 0.1% to 2%
Surface quantity  80/50 to 20/10

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Q:How to remove the SLR camera lens
Is on the lens, the lens is the right button to press, while clockwise camera can be won.
Q:Why is the SLR lens so expensive?
Anything is not based on the cost of his material to count, there are many to count into the material costs, labor costs, machine wear and so on. And in terms of optical lens, not as you said the cost is not high, you can say, optical calculation of optical lens, 10 sets of lenses and 1000 sets of lenses fixed cost is the same, each lens needs a face The whole set of tooling, and even if you only produce a lens, there are two sides, each side need to tooling, and 1000 words also need such a tooling, so the more the cost will be lower. And then with the lens diameter, the greater the diameter of his surface more difficult to control the accuracy of the higher precision machining requirements, the greater the difficulty of processing, it will increase the cost, some must be a little bit of artificial surface dressing. Then spherical and aspheric, spherical processing is simple, aspheric processing is much more difficult. And then the coating, do not underestimate the coating, a film design and processing are good products on the impact of the optical system is huge, and the coating of materials tend to be relatively high prices. These are only for a single optical lens, and did not form a lens into the optical system.
Q:SLR camera lens focal length problem
Of course, if you want to steal sister, it is still telephoto. If you are not a professional request, then buy a zoom lens to a mirror to go the world, so you can less things, reduce some weight. And a mirror to go the world is not appalling. Because the lens is now the worst shot is very good, as long as you do not enlarge to twenty-four inches or more, or with a professional look to assassination, then fully acceptable.
Q:Camera lens out fixed and retracted, can not open what can not take pictures of what ah?
After sale it, there is a problem, do not fiddle with their own
Q:Camera lens on the 5.0-60MM1; 3.4-5.9 What does it mean
At the minimum focal length of 5.0 mm, the maximum aperture is 3.4; at the longest focal length of 60 mm, the maximum aperture is 5.9. In addition, because the focal length is changing, it also tells us that this is a zoom lens.
Q:Can the camera lens be mounted on the camera for a long time?
pay attention to change the lens When: 1 remove the lens after the lens body interface down; 2 hand to change the lens at the same time to find the direction of installation; 3 hands at the same time operation 'gently' alignment mark, soft tight in place. Do everything for the fuselage does not enter the dust, the lens, both sides of the interface is not flawed.
Q:Ask the master to introduce SLR lens camera focus principle?
3, focusing means     Canon in the AF era, there is a big thing, that is, change. FD before the direct abandonment, replaced by the later EOS mouth. EOS mouth is the biggest feature of all-electronic contacts. Because there is no transmission structure, so it uses a lens motor. Here we classify the focusing means.     (1) body motor. Body motor is installed in the camera body inside a motor, through the fuselage signal, direct the motor rotation. The fuselage bayonet has a screw cap like a small one-shaped mouth, the lens with a screwdriver with the same knife, the lens hit the fuselage when the body of the screw cap is a font with the lens Screw knife the same knife match. The power of the fuselage motor through the lens screwdriver linked to the lens inside the multiple transmission structure, and finally command the lens of the focus lens before and after the move. As early as the Minolta, Nikon, Pentax are this way of focusing.     (2) lens motor. Before that Canon switch, because the eos mouth no drive screwdriver, only the transmission of electronic signal contacts, so Canon put the focus motor to the lens. The body only need to issue a drive command, the lens motor can be rotated by instructions. At present, everyone has a lens of the lens. The difference between the two focus means is obvious. Body motor do not know why, the sound is very large and the lens motor sound is very small, the fuselage motor due to the cumbersome transmission structure so the focus speed is relatively slow and the lens motor is generally faster, except for low-end lens motor. Lens motor as the motor itself to take up the volume, so the general lens of the lens head is relatively large. But for the average user, are enough, in addition to the sound outside the sound is not much difference.
Q:Bought a Canon camera lens on the EF 24-70mm f / 2.8L USM what it means
24-70: zoom lens, the minimum wide-angle end focal length 24mm, the maximum focal length of the focal length of 70mm F / 2.8: constant aperture of 2.8, the aperture does not change with the increase in focal length
Q:What is the head of the project and the National Bank, the camera lens works what it means
Also, like Japan's Canon, Nikon that few engineering head to buy you, because the technical and quality control are already very mature. National Bank is the domestic licensed.
Q:Can the camera's lens be generic?
Civilian level of the lens, the same interface can be said that basically ... ... For the usual auto zoom function of the lens, the Canon camera is the EF bayonet, Nikon camera is Nikon AF bayonet, Sigma camera Sigma AF bayonet, Sony Minolta is Minolta AF bayonet, Pentax is Pentax AF Bayonet. Probably this is the case.

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