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Material Bk7, Quartz, Caf2, Sapphire
  Diameter 2.5-45mm .
Diameter Tolerance0.05 to 0.1mm
Edge thickness 1mm +/- 0.10mm
 Focal length 0.1% to 2%
Surface quantity  80/50 to 20/10

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Q:What is the difference between a built-in lens and an external lens for a digital camera?
Built-in lens and external lens are for consumer digital cameras. Built-in, simply say, that is, you can not see the lens telescopic, and external, that is, after the boot, you can see the extension of a section of the boss.
Q:How to choose a SLR camera lens
When the focal length is less than the head of the time, the lens can record a larger viewing angle of the image, so called wide-angle lens. The shorter the focal length the larger the angle of view. Wide-angle lens perspective is exaggerated, especially in the scenery photography can get more visual impact of the photo. The following are the same as the " Than the head of the focal length of 1.5 to 4 times the focal length of the lens called the focus. Generally the focus of the lens in the smallest, and designed to be relatively large aperture is relatively easy, so portrait photography is the best in the focus. General head of the 1.5 to 2 times the focal length used to shoot the whole body, half of the photo. More than 2 times the lens used to shoot close-up, the lens was called "portrait king" of several lenses are in this focal lengths. The following are the same as the " Greater than the focal length of more than 2 times the lens called the telescope lens. As the name suggests, telescope lens is able to achieve "telephoto" shooting, and more for sports, animals and other shooting, the scenery in the application of telephoto lens can make the landscape perspective is compressed.
Q:What is the meaning of IS in a digital camera lens?
IS is the meaning of anti-shake, generally for Canon's machine
Q:How to maintain the camera lens?
The advantage is that compared with the ordinary air blowing, the air blown out and the flow faster. But before the best use of the first no one to try to spray, to avoid the condensation of the air sprayed on the lens. The downside is of course the price is more expensive and one-time use. Wipe the stains of the camera lens stained, of course, to erase, the following describes the three common tools to clean the lens. Lens pen pen is very convenient supplies, more and more photographers like to use. The principle is to use the end of the carbon particles to help eliminate the surface stains. The other end is generally sweep, can be used to sweep away the dust, but this step using the previous description of the air blowing better. Lens cloth Lens cloth is a more traditional tool for cleaning stains. In addition to the same as the glasses and silk cloth is smooth texture of the lens cloth, there is another lens cloth was suede, the advantage is strong clean, the damage is repeated after use will be stained with stains, cleaning capacity greatly reduced, The more dirty or scratched the lens. Lens paper Lens paper is a "one-time" cleaning tool. Its use is to take out one to three lens paper rolled up, and then tear, with its tear at the mouth of the hair gently wipe the lens. Some people will use the lens paper dipping agent together
Q:What is the requirement for a camera shot?
Together with the above requirements, recommendations 1, large aperture lens is a must 2, if you can use the lens in the long focal length
Q:What is the SLR camera lens built-in zoom
But why photographers take pictures with a lot of lens it, because this kind of mirror to go the world what can meet the lens image quality is not so good. From the use of up to say, to take a clear film, go out with a lens to use 18-135, but from the pursuit of the quality of the photo, the smaller the scope of the focus of the lens imaging effect is better. 17-70 pull can also shoot big scenes, far from 135, but the image quality will be better. See what you are looking for. If the pursuit of quality or sub-lens better, wide-angle wide-angle lens, shooting telephoto detail with telephoto lens. But the price is more expensive
Q:Can the camera's lens be generic?
Each camera has some applicable lens, but not a general number of restrictions, as the above said several corresponding to the corresponding lap lens
Q:SLR camera lens life how to count how to identify the life of second-hand lens!
ens, most of the life without a say, second-hand lens mainly look color The first is the appearance, see whether the bumps, etc., aperture leaf with or without oil And then the lens, 1 to see whether the scratches, 2 to see the gray situation, the lens is usually into the gray, mainly to see if the dust is too large that will affect the imaging, 3 to see whether the film is stripping, Fog.
Q:When taking pictures with a normal camera, it is not easy to use. There is a "fool" camera,
You said the fool machine, due to the use of a small wide-angle lens (short focal length) and a small aperture, so it has a large depth of field range, generally can do 1.5 meters ~ infinitely clear range.
Q:The cameras are digital and the film is costly. My Phoenix SLR camera lens 28-70mm spent more than a thousand dollars to me, and the use of value?
This question I look like this, you want to go to the SLR door? If you want to buy a camera daily pat, buy a card machine on the line.

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