Camera Connection Kit, For Apple Cammera Connection Kit ,Multi Functional Camera Connection Kit Card Reader (HE01A)

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Product Description:

Camera Connection Kit, For Apple Cammera Connection Kit ,Multi Functional Camera Connection Kit Card Reader  (HE01A)

Model No.: HE01A


Many thanks for you choose our product, please kindly read the user manual carefully before use the product.


1. Product overview

1.1. Product introduction

HE01A is a special multi-funcuntional cardreader for iPad. It can make iPad read the pictures and videos in U disk, SD card, Micro SD card, M2 card. And also can copy move and delete the files. With the feature Slim, fashion, multi-functional design, it can be the best iPad partner.


1.2 .Product Accessories

l          HE01A     1PCS

l          Micro USB cable   1PCS (optional)

l          User Manual   1PCS

1.3. Compatibility: iPad Series


2 .Product Specifications

2.1 Working voltage:5V

2.2 Working current: 100~350mA

2.3 Size: 51*36*11.5MM

2.4 Weight:12.8 g


3. Appearance and interface.

3.1. Appearance and interface description.




Function description


30 Pin Apple Connector

Connect with iPad


USB Host

Read flash disk, Digital camera and USB mouse and keyboard.


M2 card slot

For iPad Read M2 Card


Micro SD card slot

For iPad Read Micro SD Card


SD card slot

For iPad Read read SD/MMC Card



4. Function instruction

4.1.1. Use of flash disk

When connect the product to iPad, through Standard USB type A to U disk, iPad will read the pictures and videos inside the memory automatically. You can choose the files you need import to iPad, after the import, you can browse the files. (File search path: Myfiles/Storages/usb/sda)


4.1.2. Use of memory card

When insert SD card /M2 card/ Mirco SD card into HE01A. After A few seconds iPad will read the picture s and videos in the memory card. Choose the files you want import to iPad. When finished. You can browse the files. (File search path: Myfiles/Storages/USB/sda)


4.2 Use of Digital camera

When connect the product to iPad, insert the cable of camera into HE01A, then turn on the cameras. After seconds , iPad will read the pictures and videos automatically, you can choose the files you need import to iPad, after the import, you can browse the files. (File search path: Myfiles/Storages/usb/sda).


4.3 Mouse and keyboard instructions

Connect the USB mouse or USB keyboard to HE01A USB interface. iPad display the mouse or keyboard arrow icon,you can have the mouse or keyboard input operations by click iPad. (Supports the keyboard and mouse will change according to the Mac system version different. therefore, some mouse or keyboard can't use!).


Notes: This product interface priority: 30 pin iPad Connector>SD, Micro SD>USB Host, AS: Memory card priority in use of HE01A use. That means insert U disk and memory card.HE01B can read memory card only and just read the first insert card. If you want to read U disk, please no memory card insert!

This product is high power consumption equipment, if not use this product, please remove the equipment.


5. Safety

5.1 Do not place the product in (fuel, needle)or any liquid(water, beverage)fell and infiltrate into product, leading the product can’t normally use.

5.2 Do not place or use the product in 1) damp environment, such as bathroom. 2) Dusty place. 3)Corrosion objects.

5.3. Please keep the product in plastic bag when it’s a long time not use it.To prevent thedirt piles up, and sockets oxidation lead to poor contact socket.


Q1: Are electronics cheap in
A: Of course. They are very cheap. The factories provide the goods. One-stop sourcing.
Q2: Why are electronics so cheap in ok order?
A: On ok order they are the lowest price. Because it is a wholesale website and factory provide goods.
Q3: Do all electronics have silicon in them?
A: No but most modern ones do. Older electronics that don't require micro chips don't have to have silicon at all, and their mother boards are made from copper. Silicon is used in micro chips as a semi-conductor in modern electronics but some other semi-metals, like gallium and germanium can also be used. Silicon is just the most common because it is so plentiful.

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Q:What are the classification of the card reader?
Card reader from the interface point of view are: parallel card reader, serial card reader, USB card reader, PCMICA card reader and IEEE1394 card reader.
Q:What are the application areas of the card reader?
ID card reader has been applied to various fields, as the education industry, the University began to gradually introduce ID card reader to meet the needs of the current situation.
Q:How do I choose a charger?
Of course, the specific depends on your battery capacity, such as the battery is 1000mAh, then there is no need to choose 2000mA "charger".
Q:What is the input / output current and voltage of the charger?
With those factors (input and output voltage current size)
Q:What about the status of the card reader?
The desire for mass storage has led to the growing popularity of "hard disk" memories such as hard disk drives, optical drives and various compression storage devices. Not only that, people who are accustomed to mobile office prefer to have a portable, "equipment.
Q:Charger output 5V 1A for mobile phone power how much tile?
You can use the power meter to measure, very convenient, similar to a conversion socket, with a liquid crystal display, the power meter inserted in the 220V socket, and then your charger inserted in the power meter, you can control the charging power at any time, this is
Q:What is the reason why the function is incorrect when the card reader is plugged in?
Card reader recognized, but prompted to insert U disk: such a failure for the memory chip failure.
Q:What is a card reader?
Raise the card reader, many people will immediately think of this product is produced with a digital camera, but now no longer limited to the use of digital cameras, but extended to more areas.
Q:Digital camera card reader specifications are not the same?
Halo, the card is a small box shape of the friends, miniSD card shape a bit different.
Q:What is the difference between a fast charger and a slow charge?
, About two hours full; if you buy the charger above the output current 100mA or 200mA this is the slow charge, the same charge 2500mAh battery about twenty or thirty hours, and may not turn after the full

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