Camera Connection Kit, For Apple Cammera Connection Kit ,Multi Functional Camera Connection Kit Card Reader (HE01A)

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Product Description:

Camera Connection Kit, For Apple Cammera Connection Kit ,Multi Functional Camera Connection Kit Card Reader  (HE01A)

Model No.: HE01A


Many thanks for you choose our product, please kindly read the user manual carefully before use the product.


1. Product overview

1.1. Product introduction

HE01A is a special multi-funcuntional cardreader for iPad. It can make iPad read the pictures and videos in U disk, SD card, Micro SD card, M2 card. And also can copy move and delete the files. With the feature Slim, fashion, multi-functional design, it can be the best iPad partner.


1.2 .Product Accessories

l          HE01A     1PCS

l          Micro USB cable   1PCS (optional)

l          User Manual   1PCS

1.3. Compatibility: iPad Series


2 .Product Specifications

2.1 Working voltage:5V

2.2 Working current: 100~350mA

2.3 Size: 51*36*11.5MM

2.4 Weight:12.8 g


3. Appearance and interface.

3.1. Appearance and interface description.




Function description


30 Pin Apple Connector

Connect with iPad


USB Host

Read flash disk, Digital camera and USB mouse and keyboard.


M2 card slot

For iPad Read M2 Card


Micro SD card slot

For iPad Read Micro SD Card


SD card slot

For iPad Read read SD/MMC Card



4. Function instruction

4.1.1. Use of flash disk

When connect the product to iPad, through Standard USB type A to U disk, iPad will read the pictures and videos inside the memory automatically. You can choose the files you need import to iPad, after the import, you can browse the files. (File search path: Myfiles/Storages/usb/sda)


4.1.2. Use of memory card

When insert SD card /M2 card/ Mirco SD card into HE01A. After A few seconds iPad will read the picture s and videos in the memory card. Choose the files you want import to iPad. When finished. You can browse the files. (File search path: Myfiles/Storages/USB/sda)


4.2 Use of Digital camera

When connect the product to iPad, insert the cable of camera into HE01A, then turn on the cameras. After seconds , iPad will read the pictures and videos automatically, you can choose the files you need import to iPad, after the import, you can browse the files. (File search path: Myfiles/Storages/usb/sda).


4.3 Mouse and keyboard instructions

Connect the USB mouse or USB keyboard to HE01A USB interface. iPad display the mouse or keyboard arrow icon,you can have the mouse or keyboard input operations by click iPad. (Supports the keyboard and mouse will change according to the Mac system version different. therefore, some mouse or keyboard can't use!).


Notes: This product interface priority: 30 pin iPad Connector>SD, Micro SD>USB Host, AS: Memory card priority in use of HE01A use. That means insert U disk and memory card.HE01B can read memory card only and just read the first insert card. If you want to read U disk, please no memory card insert!

This product is high power consumption equipment, if not use this product, please remove the equipment.


5. Safety

5.1 Do not place the product in (fuel, needle)or any liquid(water, beverage)fell and infiltrate into product, leading the product can’t normally use.

5.2 Do not place or use the product in 1) damp environment, such as bathroom. 2) Dusty place. 3)Corrosion objects.

5.3. Please keep the product in plastic bag when it’s a long time not use it.To prevent thedirt piles up, and sockets oxidation lead to poor contact socket.


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Q2: Why are electronics so cheap in ok order?
A: On ok order they are the lowest price. Because it is a wholesale website and factory provide goods.
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Q:how can i put a video on my cellphone using mobile card reader?
u need to have an separate card reader or an in biult card reader in ur laptop.insert the memory card into the card reader hen transfer ur videos normally like u do it with ur pen drive.e.g. copy and paste the videos into the videos folder in ur card
Q:how do i put music on my psp using a card reader?
just put your card into the card reader then after that copy and paste your music onto your card in a MUSIC folder and there you go.
Q:Micro SD usb card reader not working.?
try it on other usb ports and if possible on different pc. if it is in warranty get it replaced or repaired. BTW the card reader come very cheap you can get a new one any time, if every thing fails give it a try.
Q:Memory Card Reader? Please help?
You need not to worry. You can have a Memory Card Reader USB device. Just insert your card in that device and plug in the device in your PC USB. Then you can easily transfer your files to PC just copy paste
Q:Card readers vs. transferring from camera?
I don't like using my card reader that much because, I bealive taking the card of the camera all the time to transfer them via a reader scratches the card contacts or something so just use the usb when possible!!! cause all the, removing and inserting the card in the camera must cause some damage!!
Q:the SD card reader on my computer tower isn't reading the SD card?
There are 2 possibilities. Either the card reader went bad or the card itself is bad. Actually there is another possibility - you are using the wrong slot. Do some simple troubleshooting. Can the card reader read a different card? Can the card be read on a different computer? The answers you get will tell you what the problem is.
Q:Micro SD card reader not reading card?
You might wanna try to restart the computer with the card sticked in it. That does the trick for me most of the time.
Q:SanDisk SD2 card - card reader won't readany ones that will?
Visit SanDisk's website and download the drivers for your SD card.
Q:Camera Card Reader USB Plug Doesn't Pull Up.Help?
Restart the computer and try again. If the same thing happens, try a different USB port on your computer. Swap ports with another USB peripheral or accessory if necessary. If you still encounter the same problem, take Stifle's advice if you haven't already. At this point, you should have the problem isolated to either your computer or the card reader.
Q:Whow knows about coumputer card reader slots?
You may need an adaptor for the mini SD cards, but the others should be ok. The usb card readers are independent of the built in readers and are very good.

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