Calcium Sulphate Panel Model: HLD600 Dimension: 600×600×30/32(mm).

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5000 m²
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50000 m²/month

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Product Description:

Calcium Sulphate Panel

Model: HLD600

Dimension: 600×600×30/32(mm)


It made of fibre reinforced Calcium Sulphate. Suitable for working and executive environments, it can be combined with HPL-laminates , PVC top finishes and others. The technical characteristics can vary according  to the thicknesses available, 30 and 34 mm, although high physical-mechanical performance, excellent fire-resistance and high levels of sound-proofing are always guaranteed.


Performance Chart 









Utmost Size Deflection of Panel

-0.2mm, -0.1mm, -0.2mm

Verticality of Adjacent Sides



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Q:Would you like to use anti-static flooring for room decoration?
Yes, especially the computer's main room. I hope my solution will help you
Q:Anti-static floor also used shop insulation rubber it?
No, anti-static floor has anti-static function.
Q:How to remove the clothes static, so that clothes do not close
Wear antistatic clothes
Q:Deep anti-static floor where to buy?
Industry has grown rapidly
Q:Anti-static floor price
Antistatic flooring is also called dissipated static flooring. Its advantage is: the floor as a whole seamless, smooth and bright, up to the mirror effect, easy to clean and easy to maintain, tough, wear, corrosion resistance, strong adhesion, impact resistance, construction fast. Can be designed to be a flower lamb jiaji governance cut public dust floor, moisture floor, anti-corrosion floor, anti-static floor. This type of floor is more durable than ordinary floor paint, longer service life.
Q:How is the floor of the anti-static floor?
Anti-static floor (including ceramic anti-static floor) in the laying, be sure to carry out anti-static grounding and then protect the resistance box, so as to play the effect of anti-static effect. In the anti-static grounding process in the ground connection is mainly used for anti-static pad grounding between the socket can be effective in the production work of the human body or pad to the electrostatic discharge to the earth. Antistatic grounding wire is mainly electrostatic grounding wire grounding wire components, including polyurethane straight or slingshot line, in the two ends of the head with suction cups, claws nails, ring terminals, button deduction, alligator clip If you want to achieve a simple ground pad, One end with 10mm universal button to connect table mats or mats, the other end of the connection to the public grounding point, the 10mm buckle precision injection molding, with green and yellow wiring, beautiful and durable. For the Taiwan ground universal grounding wire, often equipped with claw nail-type metal buckle, easy to install directly on the table mat; the other end of the ground wire with a banana plug and alligator clip, easy to insert the grounding socket and directly clamp the ground wire, through the ground The line will work in the static electricity generated by rapid discharge.
Q:Is there any level of anti-static floor?
There is material of the points, the resistance parameters of the points.
Q:Ceramic surface anti-static floor What are the characteristics
(1) anti-static: the activities of the floor system resistance is stable and durable. System resistance 10 of the order of 10 to 10 of the 10 power Ω. (2) resistance to pollution: the porcelain brick surface by improving the product raw material formula to reduce the pores and reduce the small pores and the surface of the brick coated with a layer of special coating, so that the juice is difficult to penetrate the internal, thus solving the " The old problem. (3) no radiation: the ceramic tile test by the National Building Materials Testing Center, without radioactive elements, safe and reliable, to ensure that the protection of the pilgrims and dumplings bogey bogey Kong Kung Long health, natural stone is the ideal alternative to the material. (4) anti-aging: good quality, hardness of Mohs 7 degrees, the service life of more than 60 years. (5) carrying capacity: uniform load greater than 1600 kg / square meter.
Q:How to properly regulate the installation of pvc plastic anti-static floor
The construction of the professional construction team is better, if you need to install their own can also follow the steps: 1, the base treatment; 2, trowel scraping leveling cement leveling; 3, brushing conductive primer; 4, laying copper foil; 7, welding; 8, the surface clean before installation to determine a good installation environment 碃 籂 100 dumplings know the book version of the top of the fire ----- hope to be helpful.
Q:What is the anti-static floor made of material?
Also known as dissipation of static floor. Since it is the floor, there should be a wooden bar, the specific also to consult to say

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