Calcium Silicate Board High Quality Partition Wall

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10000 m²/month

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Item specifice:

Thickness: 8mm,10mm,11mm,12mm,9mm Wildth: 10cm,20cm,30cm Fonction: Fireproof Board Ceiling,Soundproof Ceiling,Normal Ceiling,Heat Insulation Ceiling
Color: Gray Application: Office,Hotel,Household,Dust Free Room,Public Certification: RoHS,ISO9001:2000,ISO9001:2008,CIS,SGS,Soncap
Shape: Irregular,Rectangle,Square,Grille Material: cement

Product Description:

(Raw materials: pure quartz powder, quick lime, calcium silicate, plant fiber and many fined mineral stuffing including dispersant and additive) into a wet sheet and then through high temperature and high pressure autoclave for more than 10 hours by advanced technology. That it will compose a special calcium silicate board. There is no asbestos, brucite and meerschaum in the raw materials and the formulations at all.

Product Applications:

1.Indoor ceiling of industrial and resident building.

2.Partition of industrial and resident building.

3.The ceiling and partition of the bathroom and other wet condition building.

4.Indoor ceiling and partition as base board of the decoration for operation room,clean room of hospital or laboratory .

5.The fireproof board of the air passage.

6.Furniture or furniture's accessories.

Product Advantages:

1. 100% asbestos free, environmentally friendly

2. Non-combustible Class A, does not release poisonous gas.When in contact with fire, smoke index is zero.

3. Light weight and high intensity, helps reduce the cost of building Based on stone crystal, best stability and not affected from temperature.

4. Good performance in heat preservation and insulation mildew proof and moth proof.
5. 100% asbestos free

6.Low thermal conductivity
7.Good compression strength

Main Product Features:

100% asbestos-free

Product composition: Portland cement, highly pure quartz sand, cellulose fiber

Density: 1.1-1.4 g/cm3

Water absorption: ≤30%

Moisture interference degree: 0.27mm

Moisture content:  ≤10%

Swelling: ≤0.25%

Dry shrinkage rate: 0.5%

Impact resistance: ≥2.0 KJ/m2

Flexural resistance: ≥12 KJ/m2

Thermal conductivity:  ≤0.2 W(M.K)

Screw-pull force: ≥75 N/mm

Frost resistance: After 25 freeze-thaw cycles without rupture and layer phenomena.

Product Specifications:

Calcium Silicate Board   High Quality Partition Wall



•Q: How to calculate product transportation cost?

A:  According to the  products weight or volume, according to the logistics company quotation.

•Q: Do you provide free sample? And how many days it will take?

A: Yes, we can provide free sample, of course it is better if you would like to pay the courier charge.

•Q: What's our price?

A: We provide resonable quotation.

•Q: How about our quality?

A: We provide international quality.


Calcium Silicate Board   High Quality Partition Wall

Calcium Silicate Board   High Quality Partition Wall

Calcium Silicate Board   High Quality Partition Wall


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Q:When installing tile and hardwood on a cement slab, do I need a vapor barrier down first?
Vapour barrier or damp proof should be done before the concrete slab. In this case floor tiles could be laid directly on to the floor slab, whereas hardwood floor on wp plywood or timber framework with vapour barrier beneath.
Q:Toilet decoration with light steel keel gypsum board vertical wall. What can be done with a hanging brick?
To hang brick, you can use light steel keel partition, but to use cement board cover, can not use gypsum board
Q:I have Joint Compound and cement board tape, How do i fix a 6 inch hole in drywall? Anything else I Need?
Stuff the hole with balled up newspaper first. Otherwise your tape will not hold well. A better way to fix a hole that large would be to pick up a scrap of drywall, cut the hole square to the center of the studs on either side, attach the patch, and tape and mud the seams. Good luck.
Q:rubber cement?? PLEASE answer?!?
I used it many times to temporarily glue photography artwork to the matting board. The good thing about it -- it is removable when dry. Just scrub it lightly with a paper towel or even with your fingers. I buy my rubber cement in art supply stores, it is not dark colored at all and they also sell a convenient big rubber eraser for it. Beware: it is not to create a permanent bond; the photos will fall off in time.
Q:how do I drywall over cement in a basement? How do i attach the drywall to the walls?
May I suggest that you seal the basement walls before beginning the rock job? (sheet rocking)
Q:What kind of hole saw should I use on Hardibacker cement board?
I'd use a metal cutting hole saw because it will only slightly dull the cutting tips, not enough to ruin it for future cutting of steel in the future! when ever using metal hole saws on steel always run the drill as slow as possible & use plenty of cutting fluid. Cutting cement board then use no cutting fluid at all! But one word of caution; wear safety glasses & a face mask. Cheers!
Q:Can I use 1/4 cement board to tile my entryway?
This is a question for your local tile factory. But, 1/4 inch is rather thin. You'd have to be very careful keeping it level.
Q:Fiber cement board and the difference between the water board
Water board with anti-ultraviolet radiation, acid and alkali corrosion and mild characteristics, soft texture, light, durable, can be bent, rich colors and many other features, often used in the field of architectural decoration.
Q:is there a cinderblock or cement anchor that will hold lots of weight? 200 lbs plus?
The blocks themselves are designed to carry a deadload from top to bottom. The walls of your blocks are to thin to carry any outward pressure, like you bouncing on it. I wouldn't trust cinder blocks to hold wall anchors. If you try to hammer-drill the middle of a cinder block, it will shatter. Anchor your boards vertically to the wall so that the floor is carrying any downward force. It would be best to install a deadman board to the ceiling joists which would hold your vertical boards tight to the wall. Anchors in the mortar joints would assist to carry the load more than anything else. Big fat toggle bolts would suffice in the application I described here. Edit, Use expansion bolts, or PL400 construction adhesive with concrete nails to secure wood to the floor. It also occours to me, you could just frame up a stud wall in front of the block wall. Anchor it to the floor with glue and nails, or expansion bolts, and nail it to the ceiling joists up top.
Q:Can I cut a relief in Hardibacker cement board?
Its not like cutting tile. it will not be a clean cut.

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