Calcium Silicate Board for Drywall Solution

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high density , strength and toughness, surface smooth

can meet higher requirement for coating

easy for surface processing



performance   index

standard   index

test   result




water   absortption



wet   expansion




Incombusitility   class A1

water   penetration

back sie   without water drop after 24hrs

modulus   of rupture

air   dried condition



saturated   condition




no layer   no cracks after cycles under freezing and thawing


decorative   materials class A


100%   free of asbestos


application" exterior decoration panel; 

integrative facade panel for exterior wall thermal 


interior wall decoration panel;flooring;subway,tunnel,baseboard,outdoor furniture.Thinner lining board for stone.



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1.Superposition joint part between main carrier and vice carrier or vice carrier and carrier is called point lap.

2.It uses lap structure to assembly, connection between joints dovetail very well. The joint face unknits and have a nice appearance.

3.There is a barb at the vice carrier joint, it can avoid loosing and falling from the infection of outside force.

4.Soleplate of main and vice carrier is zincification armor plate, which meets the national GB standard demand. We use baked paint zincifcation armor plate as baked paint panel,whoes capacity of zincification is high. It meet the national GB standard demand.

5. Raw Meterial is galvanized steel with 80-100g/sqm

Calcium Silicate Board for Drywall Solution

Calcium Silicate Board for Drywall Solution


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Q:Can I use 1/4 cement board to tile my entryway?
Why cement board and not plywood? I have not seen cement board used as flooring. Plywood with tiles or linoleum. There is also gypcrete, put on as a liquid, self leveling,
Q:How do I remove a bathroom sink that has ceramic tiles cemented on?
I assume that you mean the tiles are attached to the counter-top. The process is called demolition, and it can get dusty. Safety glasses are a must, a dust mask is recommended. First, starting at the back-splash, slice any caulk at the seams where the tile joins the wall with a sharp knife. Then, crack the tiles, enough to get a pry-bar under them. Peel, pry or knock the tiles off, exposing the plywood or cement board underneath. If you can find screws or nails attaching the back-splash to the wall, remove them. Then, look underneath the counter for screw or nails which attach the cabinet to the wall, remove them. At this point, you can try prying the whole structure away from the wall(s). Be careful about pry-bar placement. You should only pry where there is a stud on the inside of the wall, typically every 16. If it doesn't budge, look for any fasteners you missed. NB- Before you start, turn off the water, disconnect all the plumbing, cover the drain pipe (to keep debris out of it and sewer gas inside it. A drop-cloth would help in the cleanup. expect to spend some time patching the wall when you're done. Good Luck
Q:Installing cement board on kitchen walls for tiles, do I just screw it into studs...?
attach with screws or nails.
Q:Can you tile over painted wallboard or do you always need to use cement backer board?
Cement board is only needed around a tub or shower, Adhere the tile with a modified thinset adhesive. Use mastic (glue made for tile) on the existing drywall rather than thinset on the rest of the room.
Q:What is the cement pressure plate, what is the use of it?
Also known as fiber cement pressure plate or cement fiber pressure plate, is a natural fiber and cement as raw material, by the pulp, forming, cutting, pressing, conservation made of a new type of building plate.
Q:What is the cement fiber board
Appearance: The outer layer of cement fiberboard has a different texture and color. The surface of the sprayed surface is formed by the appearance of the color of the panel; from the aesthetic - the different colors and the possibilities of the different combinations. The fiberglass exterior panels can be combined in a variety of colors, and other materials can be combined to create a composition that is close to the hue, or contrasting colors so that traditional and modern buildings are presented in a personalized way that this material is very Suitable for a large number of rural areas in China rural residential construction projects. As a building technology materials can be combined with dry method of construction to install, you can do a variety of architectural style and architectural style of the combination of the construction, enhance the style of architectural style decoration. Application of cement fiberboard qualitative imitation of various materials: stone, rock surface, floor tiles, brick, gypsum and more different surfaces, a combination of various colors and sizes of panels can enter any building construction.
Q:Do you have to tape and fill seams on cement board when applying ceramic tile over it like when doing drywall?
With all due respect to those who say it's not necessary, I think you're looking for trouble if you don't fill the seams with fiberglas mesh tape and flexible thinset mortar. No harm can come from it, and it can only help prevent problems. Also, if you're installing in a damp environment (bathroom, especially), cover the screw heads with some oil-based paint and let it dry for a day or more before putting the mortar on. I've seen cases where people didn't do that, and after a few years rust from the screw heads started to penetrate the top surface of the tile.
Q:Do you know that light through the cement? What is the material and how to do it?
Litracon PXL as a new generation of Litracon products, with the characteristics of transparent plastic materials instead of the original fiber composition, so that the production of the product possible, but also greatly reduce the cost. Ordered array of light through the lattice to make its brightness and clarity as the display pixel is clearly visible. Through the Litracon PXL technology can not only produce cement board, but also can create a lot of other three-dimensional modeling. In addition, Litracon PXL technology can even be used to produce urban sculpture, street landscape and other municipal landscaping works.
Q:how much does a bag of cement cost in the philippines?
One bag of Cement is 195 pesos. ($4). Cocoa Lumber is P50 per board foot.
Q:Glass fiber reinforced cement (GRC) board is what
GRC cement board is a new type of decorative plate, the main use for the decorative role of the external walls, the service life can reach 50 years! Than the average cement products more solid!

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