Calcium Silicate Board for Drywall Solution

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high density , strength and toughness, surface smooth

can meet higher requirement for coating

easy for surface processing



performance   index

standard   index

test   result




water   absortption



wet   expansion




Incombusitility   class A1

water   penetration

back sie   without water drop after 24hrs

modulus   of rupture

air   dried condition



saturated   condition




no layer   no cracks after cycles under freezing and thawing


decorative   materials class A


100%   free of asbestos


application" exterior decoration panel; 

integrative facade panel for exterior wall thermal 


interior wall decoration panel;flooring;subway,tunnel,baseboard,outdoor furniture.Thinner lining board for stone.



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1.Superposition joint part between main carrier and vice carrier or vice carrier and carrier is called point lap.

2.It uses lap structure to assembly, connection between joints dovetail very well. The joint face unknits and have a nice appearance.

3.There is a barb at the vice carrier joint, it can avoid loosing and falling from the infection of outside force.

4.Soleplate of main and vice carrier is zincification armor plate, which meets the national GB standard demand. We use baked paint zincifcation armor plate as baked paint panel,whoes capacity of zincification is high. It meet the national GB standard demand.

5. Raw Meterial is galvanized steel with 80-100g/sqm

Calcium Silicate Board for Drywall Solution

Calcium Silicate Board for Drywall Solution


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Q:Gypsum board how to make the effect of cement
Gypsum board to do the effect of cement, although it can. Difficulty, high technology, high cost Recommended wallpaper, the effect is good, low cost, after the replacement.
Q:what do i do if the cement board doesn't line up with the exiting drywall?
I think that tile shops sell lengths of plastic angle designed for this purpose.
not with good adhesive, grout and good grout sealer if you used good 3/4 ACX Plywood I wouldn't worry about it.
Q:How can I tell if my walls are normal drywall or cement board?
tricky aspect seek onto yahoo or google that might help
Q:What besides cement board can i use to set tile on?
Just 2 other options to properly do tile. That is a mud base, but thats not for the average DIY. Or you can do a wood sub floor over your current wood sub floor.Several precautions if you do a wood base. It must be 3 ply fir , you must adhere it and nail it ( or screws) in a certain way. This if your going over the standard 3/4 standard sub floor. You must use at least a 1/2 ply wood. When done right a wood sub floor is almost ( almost) as good as a cement board base. But I d do cement board over a wood base any day. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar and check my qualifications there. GL
Q:Is it ok to have green boars drywall under cement board that will be tiled?
It's fine. I wouldn't have put the green board up where the cement board was going up, to save time an money. The green board is unnecessary there. But, it won't cause any problems.
Q:Can I install ceramic tile directly to a cement block wall in the basement?
Do not do this if you want a good long lasting job. Moisture from the shower and vapor from the block work both ways. A plastic liner first attached to the wall then cement backerboard lagged to the wall will give a better result. Not perfect but better. If you just attach the tiles the vapor that comes through the walls will affect either the grout or the block itself causing it to efforvescence making the bond less strong. Painted areas should also be avoided to attach tiles to. Once again the vapor and water work both ways. Once you get the tiles up really pay attention to the condition of the grout and any cracks that develop along the sides to repair them as soon as possible. Also take into account the moisture that you are getting in the basement naturally. Is it a 'dry' basement or do you have water problems. It may be that it would be less hassle to just paint the wall in the shower and be able to maintain the paint than going to all the effort of tiling methods just to have a mold machine.
Q:Fiber cement board and glass magnesium board how to distinguish
Ingredients: glass magnesium board for the magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride chemical reaction products, is one. Cement fiberboard is a cement, yellow sand aggregate, is a physical reaction.
Q:When tiling my upstairs bathroom floor, do I need cement board?
To begin with, I would pull up all the floor decking down to the joist, and make absolutely sure all joist are good. Once that's done and i have determined all to be good, i would lay down a 3/4 plywood. I would use a floor grade tongue and groove. You could use treated plywood, but its really not needed as long as you take all necessary steps during the remodel. After you lay down your cement board, make sure you grout the joints of the cement boards and allow to dry before applying thinset for the tiling, this helps to make moister barrier. make sure you seal the tile grout joints after laying the tile. make sure the sealer has ample time to dry. proper installation of the wax ring on the toilet is very important. make sure the toilet sits flat after installation and that it does not rock. use a good silicone caulk around the tub and the base of the toilet as well. you might also reseal the grout joints every year or so because alot of floor cleaners on the market can deteriorate the sealer. just a side note; if you can put a glass of water on the floor and when you walk on the floor and the water moves, the floor has what is call spring in it. all this means is that in time all the springing action in the floor can cause hairline cracks in the grout joints thus providing a channel for water. if this is the case then seal regularly. hope this helps
Q:over the bath tub is durock cement board enough by itself,or it has to be something else under durock...?
There has to be done more then that. 1st I would check your local codes 1st some say yes some say no. But when you have the wall apart you should insulate and put plastic up. This will do a few things It will deadin the sound and if you ever put in a steamer or anything else the walls will be preped. Plus doing this will not cost you much at all. Maybe 100bucks if that. Its much better to do it now then later Plus if you sell your house Its a good thig to say. Hey if you want to do this or that The walls are ready for whatever you want to do. Im a Plumber for 20yrs and everytime I run into this and I tell them sorry I cant put in a steamer or other things cuz it aint up tp code and so on. So take the extra time and money and do it correct. If you just want to doit quick and not care then use d-rock make sure you do the seams and the CORRECT SCREWS!!! Goodluck

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