Calcium Oxide Powder

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China Main Port
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TT or LC
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200 Metric Tons m.t.
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1500,000 Tons per Year m.t./month

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Product Description:


Quick lime powder or lump

Calcium Oxide Powder CaO content: 90% min 

Quick lime powder

Quicklime powder , CaO content: 90% min

A) CaO 92%----94%,MgO ≤0.8%,SiO2 ≤1%,AL2O3 ≤0.16%,Fe2O3 ≤0.06% , S≤0.008%.

CaO 90%----92%,MgO ≤1%, SiO2 ≤1.2%,AL2O3 ≤0.18%,Fe2O3 ≤0.06%, S≤0.01%.

CaO 85%----90%,MgO ≤1.5%,SiO2 ≤1.6%,AL2O3 ≤0.18%,Fe2O3 ≤0.06%, S≤0.02%.

B) Specifications: 10mm---40mm, 40mm---80mm, 80mm---120mm, 0mesh---400mesh

C) Packing: 25kg/bag, 50kg/bag, 850kg/bag, 950kg/bag, 1000kg/bag, as per customer's require

D) Container shipment from Qingdao port or bulk shipment from Rizhao port

E) Prompt shipment

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Q:What standard does a stone for burning lime need to burn to reach the standard?
If a high stone content of CaCO3, you can separate the extracted CaCO3.CaCO3= by this stone (calcined CaO+CO2; CaO) is calces, immediately joined the H2O reaction of Ca (OH) 2, the reaction is exothermic, and does not need heating.Ca (OH) 2 for lime.
Q:The main raw materials for cement production are limestone, clay and iron ore powder. Am I right?
So the raw materials generally used limestone, sandstone, shale, sulfuric acid residue (iron) ingredients, limestone, clay, iron ore powder ingredients can be used in shaft kiln production, but now it belongs to the type of kiln kiln eliminated, the mainstream method is not now used for cement production.
Q:Are the lime used for tree cleaning in winter lime or slaked lime? Why?
Lime has bactericidal, insecticidal effect, can kill the parasites in the trunk and some overwintering fungi, bacteria and pests. In winter, the trees will drill into the ground some pests in winter, autumn when the brush on the lime after they get down, winter will freeze to death. Next spring to brush again. Underground after hibernating try to climb the tree is not easy to damage. Because lime will make worms die of dehydration, so they will stay away from flying insects. But this approach is useless.
Q:does lime wire give you viruses?
Navy blue or darkish blue. Orange will work but its hard getting orange stuff Different shades of brown will also work!! Coffee colours and browns.
Q:Why get anhydrous ethanol, you can first use the lime water absorption, and then heating distillation? Thanks for the answer
The mixture of ethanol and water can not be separated directly by distillation. Although the boiling point is 100 degrees at normal pressure, the ethanol is 78 degrees. Because they will have hydrogen bonds to form azeotrope, azeotrope, water and ethanol will be co distilled, can not play a role in separation.
Q:Key lime truffle recipe?
Q:Lime Wire, is it safe to download music?
There are two forms of anemia. Normal anemia is simply a lack of iron in the blood. Pernicious anemia is the inability to assimilate vitamin B12 from your food. Lime juice has no effect whatsoever on pernicious anemia. Normal anemia is a different matter. Here the problem is not getting enough iron from your diet. A normal diet contains many times the amount of iron you need but the body is very bad at assimilating it. This is where limes come in. A portion of citrus fruit, orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit or whatever before a meal increases the iron uptake of that meal. So a lime after a meal - no effect, nether good nor bad. But a lime as a starter is beneficial. If you don't like citrus fruit (okay you do) then you can get the same benefit from eating underipe other fruit. It's the acid that does the trick. Interestingly alcohol has the same effect. So a glass of wine (or beer or spirits) before a meal helps prevent anemia - well that's my excuse. I found this out when I was donating blood samples regularly - about 50ml every two weeks - and they found my iron levels were dropping. I was told that because they had to follow health guidelines they would not be allowed to take my blood if the iron level dropped below a limit. After a lot of research I stopped eating spinach - it contains an iron inhibitor - and ate an orange before dinner. It worked a treat. Then I discovered the alcohol trick and substituted a glass of plonk before dinner. (I had the orange for lunch) That worked just as well and I was able to continue helping the programme. So sorry. Your dad is dead wrong on this.
Q:How much juice is in a key lime?
You have a few options...lime IS NOT one of them. If you want to put carpet down, clean the floor with a regular nylon scrub brush and a good pet odor product. You can find many of them at Walmarts, pet stores, home centers, etc. Allow the floor to dry for a couple of days. You can then lay down a good carpet pad then install the carpet. Odor will not be a problem. You can also have a professional come in and sand the floors and then apply a finish. Check around for prices on wood floor refinishing if you would rather have wood floors. A nicely finished wood floor is a big plus to any home. You could always try to refinish it yourself but if you have no experience with stuff like this, it's best left to a professional.
Q:Which is better to make a battery? Lemon or Lime?
Having either a lemon or lime in your water is good for you since it takes your body out of an acidic state into an alkaline state which is much healthier for you. Although the lemon and lime appear to be acidic, they are actually alkaline. Neither one however, will really help you lose weight. They do however, help to cleanse the body, which is also healthier for you. The difference between cold water and warm water is a difference of about 4 calories per glass of water (with cold water burning the 4 calories). However, many health experts say that cold water takes longer for the body to utilize so you could stay dehydrated while the cold water is trying to get absorbed. Just drink the water at the temperature that you prefer and don't worry about 4 calories here or there. Ans no warm water does not dissolve fat.
Q:baking soda or lime?
Slaked lime is just burnt lime that has been cured. In other words it is just ground limestone that has had water added to it and is dried. Any garden supply store will have bags of lime. It is what you apply to lawns to raise the pH of the soil
We can produce quality limestone 6 million tons (CaCO3>=97%,stable), active calcium oxide 1.50 million tons, light calcium carbonate 100 thousand tons and calcium hydroxide 100 thousand tons every year. And our products has been exported to Asia, Africa, Australia, America, etc.. and we sincerely hope to cooperate with the clients from all over world. Hope we would gain together in the future!

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Shandong,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2008
Annual Output Value
Main Markets 10.00% Oceania
5.00% Africa
5.00% Southeast Asia
Company Certifications SGS Supplier Report

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Nearest Port Qingdao,Rizhao
Export Percentage 11% - 20%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 6-10 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese, Korean
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Factory Size: 3,000-5,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 4
Contract Manufacturing
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