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Q:What is the difference between porcelain stone and kaolinite?
Belong to the kaolinite clay mineral, its chemical composition is Al4[Si4O10] (OH) 8, layered silicate mineral crystal belongs to triclinic. Three were dispersed cryptocrystalline, powder, loose bulk collection of white or light gray, light green, yellow, red and other colors, white streak, earthy luster, Mohs hardness of 2-2.5, the proportion of 2.6-2.63. absorbent, and water has plasticity, sticky tongue, dry clods with rough feeling.
Q:What is the difference between kaolin and rare earth, which is better to use as ceramic? What effect will it have?
Kaolin is a representative of clay, commonly used in glazes, which can increase whiteness and provide suspension and adhesion
Q:How can kaolin be removed from iron?
Except for iron, some of them are added with insurance powder, but they are very polluted to the environment, and they may not be used in the future. They may be banned later4, in addition to biological and magnetic in Tiefa Tiefa currently in the research stage, is not very mature.
Q:Is kaolin a soil or a rock?
Kaolin is a kind of clay formed by weathering, leaching, residual and exogenic deposition of aluminosilicate rocks. It is also the product of the alteration of hydrothermal fluid to the surrounding rock.
Q:Kaolin calcining temperature
Also known as clay kaolin clay, clay, generally translated, is a content of kaolinite origin rocks have reached more than the amount of which is the final product of granite and feldspar weathering, is the main component of hydrated aluminium silicate. Catalpo rubber old called crushing natural product is refined, the price is low.
Q:Method for separating kaolin
For the separation of quartz, feldspar, kaolin, iron ore, mica titanium minerals and other non clay minerals and organic matter production, which can meet the demand of various industries kaolin products, in addition to the use of gravity separation, flotation and magnetic separation of kaolin was purifying, sometimes using chemical bleaching and stripping, ultra-fine calcined surface modification processing method for processing of kaolin. The processing of kaolin is divided into two processes, dry process and wet process.

(1) dry process, usually the ore will be broken through the crusher to about 25mm, to the cage crusher, the particle size reduced to about 6mm. The crushed ore is further ground by a blown Raymond Mill equipped with a centrifuge and cyclone dust collector. The process can remove most of the sand and gravel, and is suitable for processing ores with high whiteness, low sand content and suitable particle size distribution. Dry processing is of low cost and is usually used as a low filler for rubber, plastics, and paper making industries.

Q:What kind of pottery does kaolin need?
To see the production of the product is the grade, senior tableware to senior kaolin, sanitary ware, building materials and ceramic products with low-grade kaolin on the line, in fact, ceramic raw materials, in addition to feldspar and quartz and other raw materials are more or less containing kaolin ingredients, so not to say only a kaolin ceramic material
Q:Barium calcium carbonate kaolin which zhegaili better
The ink consists of major and auxiliary components, which are evenly mixed and rolled repeatedly to form a viscous, gelatinous fluid. It consists of binder (resin), pigments, fillers, additives and solvents. The fingerprint brush ink surface gloss after drying in the light, the ability to the same concentration of reflected light. Ink with high gloss shows great brightness on printed matter. The glossiness mainly depends on the kind and property of the ink in the ink, the treatment of the refining process in ink making and the smoothness of the ink film after drying. In addition, the ink gloss by nature pigment ink composition, particle size and shape effect of dispersion; ink penetration, leveling, drying properties of the substrate material and so on.
Q:Are kaolin and bentonite mineral materials?
In addition, kaolin in rubber, plastics, refractory materials, petroleum refining industry, agriculture and national defense which can be used to produce activated clay: the main mineral composition of bentonite bentonite montmorillonite, is natural
Q:Can the water containing kaolin be drinkable?
The general soil are kaolin containing ingredients, pure kaolin is acidic soil, pH value of about 4-6, the more pure kaolin more acid, general plants to grow, if plants can grow, the water can drink;

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