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Q:What is the solid content in kaolin index?
The specific value of free silica is very difficult to detect, can now to some of the testing counseling, testing agencies can usually according to some detection methods of the data obtained or issued by the "free" phenomenon or less... Report.
Q:What is kaolin clay?
Ordinary clays, also called Gan Zi soil or kaolin, are mainly composed of kaolin mineralsBentonite, also called acid clay, is mainly composed of montmorillonite minerals
Q:Are kaolin and bentonite mineral materials?
Mineral material, if it's kaolin ore, it's mineral resources.
Q:How to use washed kaolinWashed kaolin in the paper-making process how to use, where China's kaolin more suitable point? Which home is the biggest?
The pre dispersed good white material and other additives are added together as paper coating preparation for subsequent use. Now the domestic use of paper coating can be applied to most of the above is the Guangdong Maoming Yinhua kaolin, the company is the only company in Guangdong, the first through the ISO certification of enterprises, with more than ten years experience in the production of. Especially high whiteness and high gloss kaolin YH-01 newly developed is being used by many well-known enterprises at home and abroad. The product has good characteristics of high whiteness, easy dispersion, uniform particle size, can greatly improve the printability of paper. All over the country have their own offices, can provide customers with better service.
Q:In the paint, paint, ink, imported washed kaolin can replace part of titanium dioxide?
8-15% can reduce the amount of titanium dioxide. The color brightness, chroma and saturation effect. It has high chemical inertness and temperature resistance.
Q:How can kaolin be removed from iron?
Except for iron, some of them are added with insurance powder, but they are very polluted to the environment, and they may not be used in the future. They may be banned later4, in addition to biological and magnetic in Tiefa Tiefa currently in the research stage, is not very mature.
Q:How to remove the kaolin from the stone?
Ordinary stone mainly silicate compound, hard texture and resistance to acid and alkali; and kaolin molecular formula Al2O3-2SiO2-2H2O, whether or not alumina, silicon oxide, alkaline, so only a small amount of NaOH can be removed through kaolin;
Q:Can kaolin be used for cosmetics?
We usually use 325 eye kaolin + milk to wash your face. The whitening effect is very good, safe and inexpensive. It is much safer than the high-grade cosmetics called lead (heavy metal). Do not believe, you can try, and if there is a bad feeling after use, please stop immediately, indicating that your skin on three oxidation two aluminum allergic reaction.
Q:Should kaolin be used in polyester production?
Polyester fiber is also called polyester fiber (PET), the basic component is polyethylene terephthalate two ester, molecular formula [-OC-Ph-COOCH2CH2O-]n, so simply do not use kaolin when producing polyester.
Q:Does kaolin ore hazard do harm to human body?
Mainly used for ceramics, basically harmless to the human body.

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