Cable packaging ( printing ) protection film

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            protection film
Features: Anti-aging, tensile strength , resistance to ultraviolet rays, high temperature resistant, waterproof                


The traditional materials: bamboo woven, reed mat and asphalt felt are usually adopted by cable industry for cable products’ outer packaging. but bamboo woven and reed mat will become black, moldy and brittle due to the environmental influence, for example, sun and rain, it not only affects the appearance of product, but also damage corporate image; The asphalt felt is completely dark, and it is sticky in summer while is brittle in winter, polluting the environment and products; also, it cause economic wasting, because the low utilization rate due to the width limitations!

 To solve these problems, the company developed a three-layer co-extruded micro-foam polyethylene waterproof barrier membrane, to replace the traditional packaging materials. The front side of membrane can be silver gray, red, yellow, blue, green and other colors, back side is black normally, and there is an EVA middle layer for reinforced. And after repeated cost accounting, the plastic packaging film is lower than any other kinds of packing material, not only beautify the product and enhance corporate image, but also reduces packaging costs and as a flow advertisement platform for the company, so, it is welcome by the cable manufactures!


Features and applications: Anti-aging, high tensile strength, ultraviolet rays resistance, high temperature and low temperature resistance, waterproof, anti-condensing, non-toxic and non-pollution.

Widths can be customized according to customer’s requirement; can be made the print advertisements continuously and can be cut any lengths when in use.

It is used for cable tray outer packaging, preventing clutter of cable tray and wears of plastic surface caused by frequent movement, beautify and tighten the cable products.


Regular sizes:

Width: 200-3000mm

Thickness: 0.12-0.4mm (normally in 0.2mm)

Weight: 40-50kg per roll; and normally about 6200m2 per ton

Printing: single width printing (less than 1230mm); double width printing (above 1230mm)


Technical specification:


0.85-0.92 g/cm³

Tensile strength

MD≥11MPa; TD≥10MPa

Elongation at break

MD≥390%; TD≥300%

Tear strength of right angle

MD≥300 N/cm; TD≥600 N/cm

Weather resistance

In summer season: not be softened at +55°C;
In winter season: not be brittle at -28

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