Cable Ladder

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-- Cable Trunking are easy to install and can be mounted on walls using brackets.

-- Used for underfloor, concealed systems.

-- Cable trunking with cover sections to prevent ingress of dust and liquids.

-- Cable Trunking, Cable Trunking Size, Cable Trunking System


Thickness: 0.6mm -2.5mm (12 - 25Gauge)

Height: 50mm - 300mm

Width: 100mm - 1000mm

Finished: Pre-galvanized (Z80 - Z275), Powder coating, HDG

Cable Trunking, Cable Trunking Size, Cable Trunking System





Light Duty Cable Tray




Medium Duty Cable Tray




Heavy Duty Cable Tray




 Octopus Metal is a leading manufacturer of galvanized cable management system. Cable ladder is a prefabricated metal structure consisting of two longitudinal side rails connected by individual transverse members.

 Complete series of fittings: horizontal elbow, horizontal tee, horizontal cross, horizontal reducer, vertical elbow up, inside, vertical elbow down, connector etc.

 With features of light weight, low cost, special shape, easy for installation, good ventilation etc, Cable ladder suits for laying of large diameter cable, especially suitable for high, low voltage power cable laying.

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Q:What is the profit of the cable tray?
The positive contact is a rigid part with a cylindrical (round pin), square (square pin) or flat (insert) Positive contacts are generally made of brass and phosphor bronze The negative contact, the jack, is the key part of the contact pair It relies on the elastic structure to be elastically deformed when engaged with the pin to form a resilient force in close contact with the positive contact to complete the connection (Vertical groove), folding type (longitudinal slot, 9-shaped), box-shaped (square jack), the shape of the jack, As well as hyperbolic thread spring jack and so on Second, the shell, also known as shell (shell), is the car connector cover, it is built-in insulation mounting plate and pin to provide mechanical protection, and provide plug and socket when the alignment, and then the connector fixed To the device Third, the insulator, insulator is also often referred to as the car connector base (base) or mounting plate (insert), its role is to make the contact according to the required position and spacing, and to ensure that the contact between the contact and And the insulation between the shell Good insulation resistance, withstand voltage performance and ease of processing is the choice of insulation materials into the insulator of the basic requirements Annexes, annexes, annexes and annexes Structural accessories such as the collar, positioning keys, positioning pins, guide pins, connecting rings, cable clamps, seals, gaskets and so on Installation accessories such as screws, nuts, screws, coils and so on Accessories are mostly standard parts and common parts It is these four basic structural components to make the car connector can act as a bridge, stable operation
Q:Cable trough, cable tray, cable tray, cable trench difference.
Z represents the meaning of flame retardant. C represents the flame retardant grade, generally divided into A, B, C three grades, A level is the highest. YJV22 academic name for the copper core XLPE insulated steel tape armored PVC sheathed power cable. Some of the vernacular is: flame retardant C-class armored copper cable
Q:Steel cable bridge installation, how far a boom
. indoor support, hanging short span generally take three, for the cable bridge support, hanger configuration 1.5-3m. Outside the vertical column in the vertical to take 6m. . non-straight section of the branch, hanger configuration to follow the following principles. When the width of the bridge is <300mm, a branch and a hanger shall be provided on the straight line side of the non-linear section and the straight line at 300-600m. When the width of the bridge> 300mm, in addition to meet the following conditions, in the middle of the non-linear section should also add a branch, hanger.
Q:How to put the sound on the computer to the TV
What interface do you use? Have you already used a monitor on your computer?
Q:What is the plastic trunking fixed on the tile wall
You may be filled with material. If the material in the core gap, that is, filling material, only to ensure roundness, can not afford any effect
Q:YJV-4 * 240 + 1 * 120 and YJV-4 * 50 + 1 * 25, the two cables to wear a DN150 of the steel pipe,
People are relatives, the relationship between you and the relationship between the students to go deeper, the same price, quality will not choose your case. Quality, price, brand, person, network, sales strategy, etc., out with the relative comparison of your relatives how much advantage? In these conditions for the person is the most important, say before doing things first person. It is not to find a goal!
Q:Whether the motor wiring need to consider the starting current, or just consider the rated current of the device, please enlighten me !!!
This approach can be used for floor-to-house network data transmission to the client.
Q:Can the main cable be aluminum cable? And explain why, thank you!
weak tube, line, slot construction standards and strict implementation of the construction specifications, according to construction drawings, construction manual construction The Without the signature of the general engineer, the project manager agrees and declares to the supervising company, and may not arbitrarily change the construction plan
Q:Wire and cable all the standards, the more the better!
The difference is obvious, . the use of different materials: YC rubber cable insulation and sheathing materials are rubber insulation using IE4 rubber, jacket with SE3 rubber; and WDZNYJV insulation is used cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE), protection Sets of PVC (PVC) . the voltage level is not the same: YC-type cable rated voltage of 450 / 750V and below, while the WDZN-YJV-type cable rated voltage of 0.6 / 1KV and below. . the use of different occasions: YC cable use for a variety of electrical equipment such as: household appliances, electrical machinery, electrical equipment and equipment, mobile power lines. WDZN-YJC is used for combustion requirements are low halogen, or halogen-free flame retardant places, as a fixed laying transmission and distribution of energy. . the maximum long-term use of the conductor temperature is not the same: YC cable conductor maximum allowable operating temperature of 65 ℃, and WDZN-YJV cable conductor maximum allowable temperature of 90 °. In addition to the same cross-sectional conditions in the latter than the former carrying capacity to . the manufacturing process is not the same: YC cable manufacturing process is usually used in continuous steam vulcanization production, and WDZN-YJV is used in ordinary extrusion processing . the price Not the same: WDZN-YJV is much higher than the YC cable.
Q:What is the color of the wire in the line of fire, ground, zero line?
The first is a low-smoke halogen-free cloth wire, single-core only insulation without sheath, and the latter is a low-smoke halogen-free power cable, insulation is cross-linked polyethylene, jacket is low smoke
Our company is a professional distributor of Hot Dipped galvanized steels and a manufacturer of various galvanized products and processing machinery. Since two decades ago, our company has been keeping our main focus. Based on our key materials, we have built a complete supply chain from steel sheets to final products for our local and overseas clients.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Tianjin,China
Year Established 2006
Annual Output Value
Main Markets North America
South America
Southeast Asia
Mid East
Eastern Asia
South Asia
Company Certifications ISO14001:2004 ;ISO9001:2008 ;The SGS Certifications Of Cable Tray System

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Nearest Port Guangzhou,Shenzhen
Export Percentage 31% - 40%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 11-20 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese, German, French
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 50,000-100,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered Design Service Offered Buyer Label Offered
Product Price Range Average