C55-8 Crawler Excavator

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 C55-8 Small Crawler Excavator 

C55-8 Crawler Excavator

  • 55-8 small crawler excavator is the latest of the series of small crawler excavators. Based on 55-7 mini crawler excavator, it adds pilot system to improve the operation stability. The new hydraulic system can accurately realize drivers’ operation intention and can realize stable feeling and powerful digging force which drivers long for. Its biggest characteristic is non-hydraulic interference. It will not be affected by loading even if it is operating over two work devices at the same time. It will allocate all pumps delivery to all of work devices to make the relative speed of work devices keep unchanged and make controlling performance and operability improved. Moreover, with large power and imported traveling motor, it has excellent climbing performance and fast traveling velocity. The installation of other attachment is also very convenient. Small crawler excavator 55-8 is widely used in projects like small earth & stone construction, municipal construction, road maintenance, layout of cables and pipes, garden cultivation, trenches clearance, and etc.China top small excavator brand, its top 1 in china small excavator sales.

  • It will allocate all pumps delivery to all of work devices to make the relative speed of work devices keep unchanged and make controlling performance and operability improved.



    Boom Length


    Arm Length


    Maximum Digging Reach


    Maximum Digging Depth


    Maximum Digging Height


    Maximum Dumping Height


    Minimum Platform Tail Turning Radius


    Maximum Digging Depth of Bulldozing Plate



    Width of Platform


    Track Width


    Machine Height


    Distance from the Digging Arm to Center of Machine Rotation


    Maximum Length of Transportation


    Bulldozing Plate Height





    Machine Weight



    0.25-0.3 m³

    Hydraulic System Working Pressure


    Constant Flowrate Pump


    Variable pump


    Traveling motor


    Maximum Digging Force


    Maximum Traction Force


    Grade ability


    Pressure to the Ground


    Travel Speed


    Swing Speed of Platform


    Fuel Tank Capacity


    Hydraulic Tank Capacity




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Q:What are the main parts of the excavator structure?
Boom, landing, bucket expansion and bucket rotation are controlled by reciprocating double acting hydraulic cylinders. In order to meet the needs of various construction operations, excavators can be equipped with a variety of working devices, such as mining, lifting, loading, leveling, clamping, pushing the earth, hammer and other operating tools.The rotary and walking device is the body of a hydraulic excavator, and the upper part of the turntable is provided with a power device and a transmission system. The engine is the power source of the excavator. Most of the diesel is used in the convenient site or the motor.The transmission mechanism transfers the power of the engine to the hydraulic motor, hydraulic cylinder and other actuating elements through the hydraulic pump, and drives the working device to move, so as to complete various operations.
Q:MTG Question: Mill deck?
whats up, its me again. two cards that i have in mind are opposition and grimoire thief which A). puts your hedron crabs to some use other than just sitting there. B). lets you tap grimoire thief without attacking. and C). adds more control to your build. also if you want since it is mono blue you can add vedalken shackles to your deck. since they only get stronger. and if you do that you can add a phyrexian altar or two ( just take control and when something more desirable hits the board mill em with their own guy) other than that i don't have much else in mind except for maybe rising waters. but eh. hope i helped later
Q:Halimar Excavator Question. MTG?
yes allux that's correct. if you're controlling 2 halimars and a third ally comes into play it would trigger a mill for a total of 6 cards.
Q:Who to call to get my backyard resurfaced?
Most okorder.com and choose a landscaper from her list of vetted contractors.
Q:is there a wheel loader / excavator job vacaancy in guam?
This is not the right forum for your question.Google for it and you will find several sites.
Q:Which country makes the excavator the best?
Our supply chain is recognized as a world class: in the industry, we have the lowest sales channels, the total cost and the best asset utilization. Our business model and stimulate entrepreneurial enthusiasm, bring growth to achieve global scale matrix: our business model is recognized as the benchmark level comparison of big companies, because it is also the use of carefully selected general process, technology and core competitiveness while preserving autonomy and entrepreneurial enthusiasm of business units, we see global growth in the future the market is inevitable, but not a choice. Our staff is exceptional and dedicated: our scope is global, with a wide range of business and talent, and a secure workplace. It's that simple. Our efforts today create a better world for tomorrow: we are committed to making progress possible. Our financial performance has consistently brought substantial rewards to shareholders: we are moving forward by looking for solid growth, improved productivity and innovation through technology and manufacturing. Achieving the 2020 Vision will enable Caterpillar to become a great company for work and investment, and a global leader who truly respects and makes global development possible. Ultimately, for all of Caterpillar's team, the world will be better tomorrow because of our efforts today. [edit]Caterpillar company is the world's largest earthmoving and construction machinery manufacturers in Chinese Caterpillar, major supplier of gas turbine is the world with diesel and natural gas engines and industrial. In Greater China, Caterpillar has provided products and technologies for sustained economic growth and development in the region.
Q:Yugioh cards that let me get back a spell card?
I run a mill deck which uses Card Destruction, but like he said. A lot of those cards are banned.. Regardless, Spell Reclamation and Magical Stone Excavation is what I use.
Q:What does the excavator model mean at 1:35?
Model ratio is the ratio of model size to physical size. For example, the model is 1 meters high and the actual object is 35 meters high.
Q:Is the CAT 320E suitable or is there another better Excavator? The 324E?
Yes its suitable for just about everything but the 349E would be the best all around if money is no object !!
Q:In MTG, if you have a Renegade Doppelganger on the battlefield and you put a Halimar Excavator into play...?
1 or 2 depending on how you stack the triggers. When the Halimar Excavator enters the battlefield it's enter the battlefield trigger and Renegade Doppelganger's enter the battlefield trigger go on the stack, you choose the order that they happen in because you control both effects. If you let the doppelganger's ability resolve first and then the Halimar Excavator you will mill 2 cards because you control two allies. If you let the Halimar Excavator's ability resolve first and then the doppleganger you'll only mill 1 card. You can't mill 4 cards because when your Halimar Excavator entering the battlefield triggers the Renegade doppleganger it will become a copy of Halimar Excavator when it's already in play and won't trigger.

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