BVR Copper Core PVC Fire Retardant Cable NH-BV H07Z-U electrical cable wire

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electrical cable wire
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BVR Copper Core PVC Fire Retardant Cable NH-BV H07Z-U electrical cable wire 


1.Electric wire cable Application

The products is suitable for use in power installations, fixed wiring or flexible connections for electrical appliances like lighting, 

electronic equipment, instrument and communication equipment with rated voltage 450/750V or less 

2.Electric wire cable Standard


GB 5023.11997 , JB 8734.15-1998, Q/ZEL 02-2002, GB 5023.17-1997,  IEC227

3. Electric wire cable Operating characteristics 


450/750V300/500V300/300V.(600/1000V also available Max. permissible continuous operating temperature of the 

conductor: 70 The ambient temperature under installation should not below Impedance (ohms): 100±2ohm 

4. Electric wire cable type

5.Construction of the electrical wiring(or pvc insulated wire)

1- Flexible Copper Conductor, Solid or Stranded Copper Conductor.
    Class 1, Class 2, Class 5 flexible copper conductor 
2- PVC Insulation
3. PVC filling
4- PVC outer sheath
5- Rated Voltage Uo/U (Um):300/500V,450/750V

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Q:power cable on hifonics zeus?
i would hook it up to the power cable from ur stero that whay the amp will only come on when the radio comes on. that way u wont drain ur battery, thats if ur talking about the remote cable
Q:do you have to use a fuse link when hooking up your amp power cable to your battery?
Jumper cable wire, in fact any wire of the appropriate AWG (or bigger), is perfectly adequate as far as the current carrying capacity is concerned. One problem with using such wire is that the individual strands are much thicker resulting in the overall cable being much stiffer and harder to pull and bend into place for a typical installation. You really need a fuse. It's purpose is to protect the vehicle electrical system (and the vehicle itself) if there is a short in the connected equipment or wiring. Most auto parts stores will have fuse holders and fuses. Likewise car audio shops. Even WalMart. The main fuse size is usually specified by the manufacturer. If not, look on the amp itself. For example, the Pioneer GM-D8500M Class D monoblock amp has a pair of 30A onboard fuses. In this case your main fuse should be at least 60A. If the 60A fuse blows under normal operation, you would then go up 1 size to an 80A. This allows the amp to draw sufficient current, yet protects the vehicle in case of a short.
Q:computer power supply cables?
There are only a handful or so connectors on the modern ATX Power Supply. Pictures of the connectors or the adapters or extenders can be found in the manual for your motherboard (found in the manufacturer's website) or at online cable vendors (see link for one, below.) Sometimes an adapter or entender is needed due to the cables being too short - especially in the case where a new case has the power supply mounted on the bottom, rather than the top of the case.
Q:Does Power outages affect cable phone service?
Optimum Outages
Q:Where can I buy a new power chord/cable for my printer?
First and type in that model
Q:What is a AC POWER CORD CABLE EXTENSION CORD used for? 10 points?
Q:30 on the large number of cable how to fight on the 110 patch panel, how to order, please inform, thank you, which
I have to integrate a graphics card, you buy a separate graphics card is really a waste of money now I also listed, showing a lot stronger than the 2100 performance, and the market in the low-end discrete graphics upstairs you upstairs a lot of results Even a display did not give people with the price exceeded
Q:My xbox has a red light on the power cable?
Its the red light of death. No fixing that.
Q:The TV shows no signal. The What is the reason for this?
We usually say how many square millimeters (wire) refers to the cross-sectional area of the wire core, that is, according to the diameter of the core calculated cross-sectional area. The larger the cross-sectional area of the wire, the greater the capacity of the power transmission.
Q:Is it safe to use power cables when they're would up in a coil?
there is no danger coiling cords.dont fold the cord or you could break the wire

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