BV1 standard 1.5 square copper wire wholesale Decoration Engineering Quality

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Product Description:


Product use:

This product is suitable for rated voltage of 450/750V and below, household electrical appliances, instruments, telecommunications equipment, power line laying cable (wire).

The conditions of use:

1, AC rated voltage Uo/U and below 450/750V

2, cable allowed working temperature of not more than 70 DEG C (BV-90, BV-105)

3, cable laying temperature should be not less than 0 DEG C

4, external diameter (D) allowed bending radius is less than 25mm of cable should not be less than 4D,

The diameter (D) for 25mm and above the allowable bending radius of cable should not be less than 6D.

Type and name

BV copper core PVC insulated wire poly aluminum

BLV aluminum core wire insulation level of poly aluminum chloride vinyl

BVR copper core PVC insulated flexible cords of poly aluminum

BVV copper core PVC insulated poly vinyl poly aluminum aluminum sheathed round wires

BVVB aluminum core copper core PVC insulated poly vinyl poly aluminum aluminum sheath parallel wire

BLVVB aluminum core copper core PVC insulated poly vinyl poly aluminum aluminum sheath parallel wire

BV-105 copper core PVC insulated wire heat at a temperature of 105 DEG C

Working temperature

Type BV-105 does not exceed 150 degrees, the other can not exceed 75 DEG C, laying temperature not lower than 0 DEG C.

Technical performance

1, the product line and finished product wire insulation, anti - 20 + at room temperature in water at 5 DEG C for at least 1H, can withstand voltage test stipulated in the following table.

2, the cable has good electrical insulation properties, mechanical properties and not delay performance, reliable quality, convenient and durable.

3, finished product wire insulation or sheath surface to have the manufacturer name, model and voltage continuous mark.


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Q:6000 watts of electrical appliances to be large wire bearing
This depends on whether you use the three-phase power or single-phase power, and if it is three-phase power and not a long time full load operation, then 2.5 square copper wire enough; if it is single-phase 220V power, the best Or with 4 square copper wire more secure. Because 6KW 220V power supply current is about 28A or so, and 380V supply current is about 16A [according to Ohm law].
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The provisions of the provisions of the cable tray is strictly prohibited lay the upper reaches of the thermal pipe, if limited to space constraints, you can use pad insulation materials
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1 plug the signal line into the set-top box input port, 2 'if you have opened, the video line to the color of the plug, change the TV video can.
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Sometimes an outlet is used as a 'splice' connector. One pair might be 'in', the other 'out' to the next outlet. It's not especially good practice, but it's safe if the connections are good, and often done
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It will not be a problem just make sure the wire doesn't touch ground(metal) anywhere and also keep a check on it for ware. If the wire touches metal after the inline fuse it will blow it. If it grounds before the fuse then it could cause a fire. So protect it well and it should be fine.
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6mm² cable with SC25 bushing, 10-16mm² cable with SC32 bushing, 25-35mm² cable with SC40 bushing, 50mm² cable with SC50 bushing, 70mm² cable with SC65 bushing, 90 -120mm² cable with SC80 casing, 150-185mm² cable with SC100 casing, 240-300mm² cable with SC150 casing can be, waterproof casing should be made for the steel pipe or galvanized steel pipe installation.
Q:Does electrical house wire have an expiration date?
For new house wiring ? Probably not now. At one time house wiring was bare - it had no continuous insulation and was strung individually on glass-like support posts. That system had a name which I cannot remember. Some may be yet by existing today if the residence has not been inspected. Then wires were individually insulated with paper or cloth wrap which will deterrioriate . Those are also to be found still in service in houses built in the 1920 -30s. I have seen it. When plastic became commonly available the duration of the continuous wire insulation greatly improved and modern wire insulation could be implied to have a reasonably unexpirable duration in residential and commercial service. However, it is not so stamped because of factors beyond the reasonable control of the manufacturer.

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