Buy Direct From Factory 9W-24W 600Mm-1500Mm Ip44 Ce Rohs Led Tube Light T8 Led Read Tube

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Product Description:

Buy direct from factory 9w-24w 600mm-1500mm ip44 ce rohs  led tube light t8 led read tube



Led tube light t8 led read tube  Technical Features

- LED lamp in T8 shape with G13 socket
- Length: 0.6m;0.9m;1.2m; Weight: 195g;275g;375g
- 120,180,240  high-performance LEDs
- Nominal Power: 8 w;11w;15w
- For operation with CE,ROHS
- No rewiring necessary; Luminaire certifications remain valid
- Direct Retrofit for CCG luminaires; replacement of lamp and included starter
- Extremely robust with aluminium heat sink and polycarbonate cover
- Full integrated complies to relevant standards
- Complies with safety standard for self balasted LED lamps IEC 62560; VDE certificied
- Up to 50.000 h lifetime
- Overpower, overheat, short and open circuit protected
- Fine White/ highest homogeneity
- not dimmable


Other information 

  • led tube light t8 led read tube   

  • No Flickering, No Humming

  • Instant-On

  • Contains No Mercury or Hazardous Substances

  • Runs Cool

  • Shatter-Proof

  • Approved for Indoor Use

  • 2 Year Warranty

  • CE Approved, ROHS ,ISO9001:2004


Led tube light t8 led read tube     technical data                     


Model No


Colour Temp

Lum Flux (lm)

Voltage [V] / Frequency [Hz]

Power [W]

Radiance - Angle [°]


Warm/cool white



230V 50Hz


70° x 90°


Warm/cool white



230V 50Hz


70° x 90°


Warm/cool white



230V 50Hz


70° x 90°




CE,ROHS certified innovative LED-lamp, easy and safe to use in installations as direct retrofit. Energy saving potential of up to 50% by replacing 36W T8 fluorescent tubes.
Applicable in warehouses, supply rooms, corridors, industry, stairways, garages, indirect illumination etc; for applications with high operating hours.



Our services:

1) Own R&D depart. Can design and develop new lights on request.

2)Quick delivery time for decent orders.

3)Professional sales team,fast feedback.

4)Compete quantity control system.Insure 100% good to import.

5)Perfect services after sales.

Any inquiry,feel free to contact me.





How much electricity does this lighting actually save?

Savings depend upon what lighting you replace and your electricity cost.

We are intended for 100 watt HPS replacement, for which it will save 50% on your present bill.HBGL uses about 75 watts, and a 100W HPS uses about 130 with ballast.

You will save two-thirds (2/3) when replacing a 150+30 watt lamp+ballast. Given this comparison, at 10¢ per kWh, each HBGL streetlight will save $400 in ten years for energy alone.  



How long is the warranty?

It has standard 3 year (5/7/10 years optional)warranty provisions against failure due to workmanship, defective components, and luminance degradation of more than 30%. All units undergo continuous elevated temperature burn-in for a sufficient period to detect component infant mortality.



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Q:The LED fluorescent lamp tube breaks the LED light in the inside
The lamp tube of LED fluorescent lamp alone is ok, inside you should see an aluminium base board, above be full of patch small lamp bead.
Q:What are the advantages and differences of the LED panel lights?
From the perspective of the light-emitting LED flat light mainly include side glow and are currently two emitters design, each have advantages and disadvantages of two kinds of light way, is shining on the structure and side shine without guide plate, is the difference between a positive light panel light has the advantage of the same light bead cases higher luminous flux, because the light-emitting panel lamp lights, side shine after reflection of light guide plate need to illuminate, after guide plate has LED to the loss of the luminous flux,
Q:What is the difference between a radar sensor and an infrared LED fluorescent lamp?
The difference between radar sensing and infrared LED fluorescent lamp tube is as follows: Radar sensor LED fluorescent lamp: induction distance, wide Angle, no dead zone, can penetrate glass and thin floor, not influenced by environmental temperature dust etc, under the condition of 37 degrees, not shorten the induction distance, fast response and good concealment.
Q:Can compatible inductance ballast, electronic ballast led fluorescent lamp tube which have to sell?
Sorry, I have no experience in this field.I hope my answer will work for you.
Q:What's the difference between an LED fluorescent lamp and an ordinary light tube?
The next part of LED color temperature: the work of various lighting fixtures... | returns the advantage of the log list LED fluorescent lamp to share the copy address log address: use Ctrl + C to copy and post it to the friend. Broadcast to weibo pig eight quit to do the monk May 17, 2011, when reading and classification (0), (4) comments: personal diary permissions: public font: set-top permissions set in small cuhk more ▼ ▼ in recommended log To illicit close log Remove the edit the led fluorescent lamp to become one of the earliest to enter indoor led lamps and lanterns, because it is relative to fluorescent lamp has 10 major advantages: 1. High luminous efficiency Fluorescent lamp luminous efficiency is about 55-80 lm/W (Philips company T8 fluorescent lamp luminous efficiency is 72 lm/W), and LED the luminous efficiency of above 100 lm/W, recently Cree company XLampXP - G luminous efficiency has been to 130 lumens/W, and will improve in the future. The difference is now nearly double. And it could be more than three times that. The efficiency of lamps and lanterns efficiency is mainly to point to effective light effect, because fluorescent lamp is 360-degree, and the light that is sent in the opposite direction has no use. So fluorescent lamp USES a white chimney normally, can take a considerable part of the reverse light reflected, in general, fluorescent lamps and lanterns of efficiency is about 70%. LED fluorescent lights are 120 degrees, so all light is efficient.
Q:How to connect the power supply when the LED lamp is energized?
Of course, the difference between the positive and the negative is positive, and remember that the leds are dc, and the dc is positive and negative. LED tube long legs are positive, broken leg is negative
Q:Fluorescent lamp fire line zero connection
If you want to break the wire, the short line will flash. Because the wire is stronger than the zero line in a single case
Q:Put on LED lamp tube, can connect change 3 lamp tube not bright?
The wind tube of the ballast is usually not flashing when it is opened, and the life span is basically one year
Q:How does the traditional fluorescent tube stand install led lamp tube reforming method
Replace the lamp and rectifier with LED and matching. Traditional fluorescent lamp or low pressure mercury lamp, is using low pressure mercury vapor release ultraviolet ray after electricity, which makes the principle of phosphor emit visible light, so it belongs to low pressure arc discharge light source.
Q:How many lumens is the T5 bulb of 18W
Look like you do with t5 example, t5 strengths, now, now is from inductance rectifier to improve the electronic rectifier, higher efficiency, lamp lumens not only meet the even more than the national standard, reached about 90 lumens. And t5 is more efficient!

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