Butterfly Valve DN200 Wafer Type BS Standard

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Product Description:

1. Manual Wafer Butterfly Valve Description:
A butterfly valve is a valve which can be used for isolating or regulating flow. The closing mechanism takes the form of a disk. Operation is similar to that of a ball valve, which allows for quick shut off. Butterfly valves are generally favored because they are lower in cost to other valve designs as well as being lighter in weight, meaning less support is required. The disc is positioned in the center of the pipe, passing through the disc is a rod connected to an actuator on the outside of the valve.

2.Main Features of the Manual Wafer Butterfly Valve
1.Square and short neck. Easy to stick scutcheon and cost saving.Nominal bore mm 20 25 32 40 50 65 80 100 125 150 200
2. The material of valve body: cast iron, cast steel, cast stainless steel and so on.
3. Pressure grade: 1.6Mpa, 4.0Mpa, 6.4Mpa
4. Connecting type: flange coupling
5. Temperature range: normal temperature -20---230ºC  the thermal slug type -60---450ºC
6. Operation form: automatic open or close
7. Flow characteristic: equal percentage, linearity
8. Leakage: single-base valve: 0.01* rating Kv
9. double-base valve, sleeve valve: 0.5%* rating Kv

10.Cast hole. Flange connection meet ANSI 125/150#   DIN PN10/16   BS4504 PN10/16 in the meanwhile.
11.Soft seat. Replaceable. Increase of service life.
12.Double half shaft without pin.
3. Manual Wafer Butterfly Valve Images:
 Butterfly Valve DN200 Wafer Type  BS Standard


Butterfly Valve DN200 Wafer Type  BS Standard

4.Manual Wafer Butterfly Valve  Specification: 
Butterfly Valve DN200 Wafer Type  BS Standard

 1. What is manual wafer butterfly valve?
A: Wafer style is the more common of the two and is less expensive than the lug style. The wafer style butterfly valve is just about the standard. It ís so common that no one even bothers to use the word "wafer" when ordering a butterfly valve. It is taken for granted that if a butterfly valve is ordered, a wafer style will be received.
2. How about the Installation of the Wafer Style Butterfly Valve?
A: Butterfly valves are installed by inserting the valve between two flanges using bolts or studs and nuts to hold it all together. This type of installation, of course, makes it impossible to disconnect just one side of the piping system from the valve. That benefit is received using the lug style valve.
3. What is the working principle of manual wafer butterfly valve?
 A: A butterfly valve is from a family of valves called quarter-turn valves. In operation, the valve is fully open or closed when the disc is rotated a quarter turn. The "butterfly" is a metal disc mounted on a rod. When the valve is closed, the disc is turned so that it completely blocks off the passageway. When the valve is fully open, the disc is rotated a quarter turn so that it allows an almost unrestricted passage of the fluid. The valve may also be opened incrementally to throttle flow.


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Q:Biology help!! What is Atrial valves?
The aortic valve is one of the valves of the heart. It is normally tricuspid (with three leaflets), although in 1% of the population it is found to be congenitally bicuspid (two leaflets).[1] It lies between the left ventricle and the aorta.Check the link below for more information!
Q:Valve Job?
before that replace the breather and the pcv valve you wouldent nead a valve job but valve seals and you would know if ther bad by if it blows smoke when you first start it, how much are you burning a quart is almost normal on most cars inbetween oilchanges
Q:what does a Pneumatic valve do in a process?
pneumatic valve is nothing but a valve which is operated with the help of high pressure compressed air. the can be thought of as an alternative of a metal spring... These could retract valves more quickly and reduce the possibility of piston-valve interference as long as pressure could be maintained. Additionally, the amount of seat tension required to keep a coil sprung valve under control results in greater peak lift loading, with added stress to the entire valvetrain as a result.
Q:yamaha warrior valve adjustment?
Did it run OK before changing the pipe jet? Install the stock parts to see if that clears up the problem. The jetting or needle height might be incorrect. Inspect the air cleaner. Contact me for a carburetor adjustment guide.
Q:Where to get Electric Valve?
Cheapest okorder.com/... Grainger being a major supplier of parts - note the high cost of many of these because of being high temp steam and hot water under pressure and look for other choices.
Q:Does a valve have to be completely opened or closed?
If its open all the way it would be hotter so I dont think it would hurt nto keep it half way
Q:what happens when the valve guides of ur car gets damaged?
Worn valve guides can create a smoky oil burn on start-up, then once its warmed up, it seems to be okay, but thats with small block chevys. It will cause you to burn oil, thus needing to add oil on occasion. Also you have a potential for fouling sparkplugs. If you plan on keeping the car for awhile, its a concern, however if you're going to keep it for a few years, probably not a problem.
Q:Removing washer hoses from shut-off valves......?
Renpen is correct, but after squirting some WD-40, I would tap it all over with a 7/8 box end wrench ( a big one) and that way loosten the crud that is keeping it from unscrewing and replace them with stainless, flexible hoses.
Q:What are the advantages of having larger valves over two smaller ones?
Larger valves allow for more volume of fuel/air mixture to be introduced into the combustion chamber. They give an engine more horsepower but can compromise efficiency in the long run. I would rather have smaller intake valves and larger exhaust valves. The advantage to that is better flow of the exhaust. 40 percent of an engines total horsepower and torque comes from exhaust flow. If a person wants more fuel in the chamber all they have to do is change the camshaft to one that has a longer open duration. This will let the desired amount of fuel/air in where you need it.
Q:Need help finding a specific valve...?
The leading maker of solenoid valves is ASCO. Their website is shown below. If a valve that fits your application exists they probably make one. If you can't find a suitable solenoid then you need to consider a pneumatic valve operated by a solenoid valve. That is a common solution for a problem like yours. As to the male connections. If they are not available then you can just use a pair of threaded fittings (pipe nipples) to change the configuration.

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