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1. Max. punching capacity: dia 45mm* thi 35mm
2. Temperature Cooling system
3. CE certificate

Hydraulic Punching Machine

I. Features

*Full stroke adjustment.

*Low power inching and adjustable stroke.

*Large punch table with multi-purpose bolster removable table block for overhang channel/joist flange punching.

*Machines with very low maintenance requirements.

*Punch adaptors

*Swing away punch stripper unit

*Easy change punch holder

*Universal die bolster

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Q:Are Electrical Engineering and Electronics Engineering two separate majors?
Many institutions do not make a distinction. But 'electrical' engineering deals with components that work at the line (mains) frequency, generally large in scale, power generators, high power transformers, very high voltages etc. 'Electronics' engineering deals with components over a large bandwidth, DC and up, generally small in scale, relatively lower power, lower voltages and small size. You probably want 'Electrical Engineering Computer Science'.
Q:Is it safe to use household electrical equipment rated for AC in DC power systems?
Wiring wise there is no problem. If you use a bulb to light up, no problem. Do not use fans, and other inductive loads that require an ac. Even a microwave should not be used in dc.
Q:type of fire extinguisher for each thing?
Q:Van or Truck for DJ business?
Van. Better security and if you get caught in the rain, better protection of the electrical equipment.
Q:Who designs electrical generators? Or researches electrical generators?
I've worked for a General Electric maintenance contractor named Granite in Carolton, tx. and Siemens Westinghouse in houston, tx. on 50 to 200 Megawatt turbine powered generators. Inspections and complete overhauls. they are always looking for someone to bring in.
Q:What would be a good non-related minor to go with a major in Electrical Engineering?
Business would be good for engineers. I majored in business and the hardest part was the math. Being an engineering major you would probably enjoy business. However, if I were you I would save the business degree for the day you decide to get your masters. You will get more out of it as an MBA degree. Why don't you minor in applied math? Since you already have all of those math classes under you belt. If you are a guy looking to meet girls you could minor in psychology, sociology, or communications. This is where all of the girls are. However, you would probably be writing more than you are used to in Engineering. I minored in Sociology and the classes were very interesting. I also found the classes to be very easy as well (if you like to read and write papers that is). It will boost your overall GPA. Also, these type of classes revolve around discussions from the reading and is more socially interactive. This may provide the balance that you are missing from the engineering classes. Minoring in English would also be beneficial for engineers. You know once you start working as an engineer you will be writing reports. I work with a lot of engineers and have found that they are very bright. However, they lack communciation skills and writing skills. So if you are looking to stand out of the crowd you should hone in on your writing and communication skills while in college. Most engineer managers have excellent writing and communication skills.
Q:I have a science project in school.I have to make any electrical equipments that works on batteries.?
look in wikipedia
Q:circuit breaker? in electrical board?
something doesn't sound right. all the lights on one circuit? and also only a 6 amp breaker? i would think it should be at least a 15 amp breaker. get an electrician in to check it out for you.
Q:China electrical.?
China uses 220V. If you don't trust the system, then get a surge protector + a converter and use them together with your equipment. I don't know what country you're from, so I can't suggest a converter because different countries use different voltages. When I was in China, I never experienced any problems with the electrical system and I had my cellphone, video camera, digital camera, hair straightener, etc. plugged in frequently. If you're in the big city, I doubt anything bad would happen.
Q:When is my electrical equipment really off?
When you turn off modern Tvs from the remote, it will go to standby mode, there's still electricity on the circuit enough for the memory to remember your settings, like volume, time, the channel you've last watch before turning it off. When you turn off the switch from the wall or unplugging it, the Tv is now completely disconnected from the power source. You may loose personal settings, and when you plug it back on then it may function in the default settings. Leaving it plugged has advantages but surge, lighting, sudden voltage changes may damage it. So when you'll be out for days then unplug it from the AC outlet to play safe.

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