Bullet Laser Marking Machine CNBM from China

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Product Description:


Detailed Product Description

This type laser marking machines was designed by our company and main for the Bullet or similar products marking purpose.

Product Feature:


Lamp-pumped green laser marking machine, the wavelength is 532 nm green laser output. the diameter of light spot is smaller after the focusing,more focused energy, High electro-optical conversion efficiency, beam quality. Complete machine protection, and marking convenient control.


Application :


This machine more applicable to the surface of glass sculpture, such as mobile screen, LCD monitor, optical devices (such as optical lenses, etc.), automotive glass. At the same time applicable to the vast majority of metal and non-metallic materials processing such as the surface processing and coating films processing etc.The fileds application :Hardware,Ceramics,Glasses, microscope slide,Clocks and Watches,PC,Eelectronic components, various instruments, and PCB boards and control panels, Nameplate panels, plastic, etc. .



Technology Parameter:


Output power::≤5KW


Laser Electro -Optic Q-switche Nd:YAG Laser






Pulse Energy≥0.5mJ


Vibrating Mirror Focal Length100mm


Vibrating Mirror Input power±24VDC


Vibrating Mirror Working Temperature0-50


Marking Scope110mm×110mmOptional


Worktable Position Precision 0.02mm


Surroundings Temperature15-35


Surroundings Humidity :45-75%


Working Place : less dust,oil,gas and metal dust etc


Air-Pressure Request: 86-106kpa


Surroundings Clear-rate: ≤0.02g/


Power supply :220V/Single-Phrase Circuit /10A/50Hz/4KW


Power resource fluctuation10%

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