Bulldozers SD22 SD32 Construction Crawler

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Bulldozers SD22 SD32 Construction Crawler 

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:SD32


Dozer Type:Straight Tilt Type

Export Markets:South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia

Additional Info.



Packing:Barely Packing

Standard:ISO, CE


Origin:Shandong China

Production Capacity:2000

Product Description

Engine model: CUMMINSNTA855C360S10

Type: Supercharged inline four-stroke

Piston displacement: 14, 010ml

Flywheel horsepower: 235kw (320HP)

Use of weight: 37, 200kg (with more teeth-tillage), 40, 975kg

Equipment and accessories: 

Direct dumping spade bulldozers: Hydraulic action-operation (accompanying dynamic valve)

Earth-moving board support means: Rod-type, equipped with the right tilt cylinder

Earth-moving shovel width: 4, 130mm

A high degree ofearthmovingshovel: 1, 590mm

The largest earthmovingshovelenhancehigh: 1, 560mm

The largest decline of earth-moving hovel: 560mm

Tilt of the largest earth-moving shovel: 1, 000mm

L×W×H (Ripper not included)mm6880×4130×3725
Operating weight (Ripper not included)t37.2
Rated powerkW/rpm235/2000
Blade type-Straight tilt bladeSemi-U bladeAngle blade
Blade widthmmStraight tilt blade 4130×1590Semi-U blade 4030×1720Angle blade 5000×1140
Dozing capacitym 3Straight tilt blade 10M3
Ma× drop below ground of blademm560
Lift height of blademm1560
Ripper type-Single ripperThree-shank ripper
Ripping depth of rippermmSingle ripper 1250Three-shank ripper 842
Lifting height of rippermmSingle ripper 955Three-shank ripper 883
Number of carriers (each side)-2
Number of track rollers (each side)-7
Number of track shoes (each side)-41
Width of track shoemm560
Track gaugemm2140
Ground length and ground pressuremm/MPa3150-0.105
Forward speedkm/h0–3.6
Reverse speedkm/h0–4.4


Bulldozers SD22 SD32 Construction Crawler

Bulldozers SD22 SD32 Construction Crawler

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Q:Should i upgrade to AMD Bulldozer or to change to Sandy Bridge?
Sandy Bridge definitely; I have the i5-2500K, and it's integrated graphics are excellent.
Q:what is the name of the movie in which Lee Marvin was driving a bulldozer breaking through a house?
Could you be thinking of James Coburn and not Lee Marvin? In the movie Firepower (1979), James Coburn drives a bulldozer through an entire house, reducing it to rubble.
Q:do u think price of intel i5 2500k will drop in next few day because of release of bulldozer?
No,I wouldnt be suprised if the prices go up,Intel is on a winner with sandybridge,bulldozer cant compete and Intel now knows that. Bulldozer was a massive fail,If it could compete against intels lineup then Intel would have to lower prices to stay in the game,but since AMD failed to even get close to the performance of sandybridge(gaming wise)then there wont be a massive rush to buy FX and Intel wont be losing market share to AMD. If anything bulldozers failure will be pushing demand for Intel cpu's up as AMD users that were waiting for bulldozers release have been disappointed and will turn to the opposition for their next builds.
Q:CPU: Intel Sandy Bridge 2600k or the AMD Bulldozer?
How will we provide evaluations whilst bulldozer hasnt been released and no benchmarks and comparisons are attainable you will merely would desire to attend till AMD launch those products to be waiting to make a nicely recommended selection on that's extra useful someplace around would or june i think of is the launch date
Q:How much time do the full oil 160 bulldozer
Hello, probably work 12 hours or so, hope to adopt!
Q:The development direction of bulldozer
First, the development of small bulldozersIn addition to the highway construction needs large and medium horsepower bulldozer, the construction of county and township roads network of high grade highway construction and water conservancy engineering, environmental engineering construction, it is bound to create individual construction in large quantities. Thus, the demand for small bulldozers (under 100 horsepower) is bound to increase. At the same time, China has built highways and highway has gradually entered the maintenance period, with the economic development of the eastern coastal areas and the improvement of people's living standard, small bulldozer will gradually become a substitute manual tools. This is where the market for small bulldozers is.Compared with the North American, Western European and Japanese markets, the Chinese small bulldozer market has a considerable gap, both in sales volume and in the proportion of total sales of small bulldozers and heavy bulldozers. The bulldozer industry must take advantage of this opportunity to meet the needs of this new market. According to the magazine introduced, the minicomputer market has entered the growth period, 2008-2012 years before and after entering the late growth period and mature period, and around 2020 into the mature period.Therefore, the enterprises concerned in the bulldozer industry should focus on the strategic point of view and must never ignore the future market of small products. However, in developing countries such as China, the development of small construction machinery products must be accurate. Different technologies and different user groups should be used to solve the positioning problem. Should first develop to meet the developed areas of the vast rural market low-end products. And high-end products, more should consider the needs of future users.
Q:Best AMD processor for gaming?
Like the previous poster said, there's no reason to choose AMD processors for gaming unless you've already got a socket AM3 motherboard.
Q:Who remembers the American girl who was crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer while protesting ?
Remember the American idiots that went to Iraq to be human shields when US troops first went in. And then they were surprised and outraged when Saddam's troops used them as shields. Unfortunately, pacifists like that think they have a big You can't hurt me sign on them because they're American and peaceful. Big surprise... It doesn't work that way.
Q:AMD Bulldozer!!!!!!!!!!!!?
but does that also mean Radeon is going to pwn nvidia too?!!!! AMD rocks!! i still use my socket 754 clawhammer !!!
Q:If I want to invest on road construction, what kinds of machines do I need to use?
Your question makes no sense.

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