Bulldozer TYS165-2 HW New for Sale with High Quality

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Product Description:

Product Description:

A bulldozer is a crawler (continuous tracked tractor) equipped with a substantial metal plate (known as a blade) used to push large quantities of soil, sand, rubble, or other such material during construction or conversion work and typically equipped at the rear with a claw-like device (known as a ripper) to loosen densely compacted materials.

Bulldozers can be found on a wide range of sites, mines and quarries, military bases, heavy industry factories, engineering projects and farms.

Main Product Features:

1. TYS165-2 HW  Bulldozer is track-type model which utilizes semi-rigid suspension, mechanical drive and hydraulic control. It can be used in road building, hydro-electric construction, field modification, port and mine development and other constructions.

2. Possess quality certification of ISO 9001:2000. Can pass CE test.

3. A wide range of operating weight & dozing capacity for your choice.

4. We can supply OEM service and can also produce according to your requirements.

Product Specifications:

Dozer type: Tilt

Operation weight:18300kg

Groud pressure:39.2kpa

Track gauge:2300mm

Min ground clearance:374.5mm


Dozing Capacity:4.52m3

Blade width:4222mm

Max digging depth:400mm

Engine model:WD10G178E25

Rated power:121kw



Q1: How do we guarantee the quality of our products?

A1: We have established an advanced quality management system which conducts strict quality tests at every step, from raw materials to the final product. At the same time, we provide extensive follow-up service assurances as required.

Q2: How soon can we receive the product after purchase?

A2: Within three days of placing an order, we will begin production. The specific shipping date is dependent upon international and government factors, but is typically 10 to 60 workdays.

Q3: If we can produce some Bulldozer according to customers request?

A3: Yes, we can produce Bulldozer according to the difference country situations to make it suitable to the market and customers. We have very professional technical team to make the design.

Q4: How to make a quick resolution for after service?

A4: OKorder and our manufacture both have overseas branches all-around of world, if necessary, the seller shall dispatch 2 engineers to the buyer's site for supervision of training. The buyer shall make available of necessary facilities & skilled personnel at site for training.




Bulldozer TYS165-2 HW New for Sale with High Quality

Bulldozer TYS165-2 HW New for Sale with High Quality

Bulldozer TYS165-2 HW New for Sale with High Quality

Bulldozer TYS165-2 HW New for Sale with High Quality


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Q:Do AMD motherboards still need BIOS update to run Bulldozer cpu's?
No, not unless the board had been sitting in a warehouse for a very long time. They get shipped with the newest available bios.
Q:Need help picking out new CPU?
you cant put a bulldozer on the motherboard you have with your athlon II x4. you'll have to settle for a phenom 970
Q:AMD Bulldozer FX Processors Pre-order Now Available?
Were did ya hear this? I haven't heard an announcement of its availability anywhere yet! much less pre ordering the 990FX chip set is for the bulldozer however its suppose to be good in any AM3+ socket which includes the 880G, 890FX, 970, 990X, 990FX chip set. The only FX chip for the bulldozer is the 890FX and 990FX. Since its Official announcement date has been rolled back (from 2 weeks ago) to as late as December or earliest, next month, pre ordering is premature!
Q:Good specs for a gaming pc?
No, okorder.com , anywhere else its not for people on a tight budget, and only when its on sale for like $140) also I'd recommend getting at least an i5 3570k, but again if you're on a really tight budget, or prefer the easy upgradability for processors that amd offers, the bulldozer will work just fine
Q:is this the new Tienanmen square?
I have good reason to doubt the veracity of this report. The palestinians have manipulated the press and even staged &docu-drama& anti-Israel propaganda theater many times. For example, the &little boy killed in crossfire& incident that was proven to be staged and false. If true, it would be sad, however, I would take it with a large grain of salt.
Q:what are some good names for a staffy x boy that starts with B?
Boomer Brett Blair Bear Bravo (I really like this one) Barclay Bentley Boyd
Q:free script-able macro program w/ bulldozer logo?
Hello okorder.com/
Q:i meed to purchase a cpu with a speed of 3.2 ghz and memory 4 gb ddr3 suggest sone with latest prices please?
AMD 965 Phenom II.
Q:AMD next gen desktop platform?
Bulldozer is the next out from AMD for desktops Fusion i believe is out now but not readily available with Bobcat next. Its a wait and see game with CPU makers...they give you JUST enough info to wet your appetite...just not enough to make a clear decision! ..Will the bulldozer beat the 2600K or the newer 2011 socket replacement for the 1366 Intel?? Time will tell...BUT it has to be out and about for some REAL bench marks...not just the manufactures promises and BS! For gaming though..what about the promised PCIe 3.0 with 8GT/s over the present 5GT/s?...how bout more bandwidth?..better than the present DDR3 ram..where is the promised DDR5 systems ram??
Q:How good is the AMD Bulldozer processor for video and sound editing?
well okorder.com. always wanting to help

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