Bulldozer Shanghai Pd135y 135HP

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Product Description:

Bulldozer Shanghai Pd135y 135HP 

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:PD135Y


Overall Dimension L*W*H:8560*4130*3640 Mm

Machine Weight:15700 Kg


Engine Model:Dongfeng 6114zg4b

Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.



Packing:Suitable for Ocean Shipment

Standard:Standard Configuration


Origin:Shanghai, China

Production Capacity:20 Sets/ Month

Product Description

 Bulldozer  Shanghai PD135Y 135hp 

Main Features: 
Engine: Good Reliability-- Big margin of safety for engine power ensures good reliability
Good Economy-- It has a minimum fuel consumption of 22g/kW. H. Addition-ally, it has lower oil consumption because of adopting piston oil cooling technology and alloy bainite cylinder liner

Transmission: Transmission is of the planetary gears and disc clutches type, with 3 speeds for forward and 3 speeds for reverse. 5 disc clutches control respectively to reavel forward and backward and each gear shift by operating hydraulic valve 
Torque converter: Torque converter included with power-take-off is of 3 elements, one stage and one phase type. Power-take-off mounted in front of the torque converter distributes the power output. Torque converter connected with engine shock-absorber by universal joint ensures good auto adaptability, easy operating performance, simple structure and excellent reliability. 

2EngineMode/Dongfeng 6114ZG4B

Type/Water cooled, inline,

Number of cylinder-bore*strokemm6-114*135

Rated horsepower/rpmkW/r/min99.2/1900

Min. fuel consumptiong/kw.h228g/kw.h
3Start methodType/Electric starting motor

Starting motorV/kW24/7.5


4Lubrication systemLubrication type/Forced lubrication.

Cooling type/Water cooling
5Fuel systemSpecification/Light diesel
6Cooling systemWater pump/Closed system
7Electric generatorV/A24/35
8Air filter type/KLH-14u
9Transmission systemtransmission/Planetary gear, multiple disc clutch, 3 forward
and 3 reverse speeds.

Bevel gear/Helical bevel gear, splash lubricated

Steering clutch/Wet, multiple disc, spring loaded, hydraulic operated,
mechanical separating,linking steering brake

Steering brake/Dry, band brake, foot-actuated.

Final drive/Spur gear, double reduction, splash lubricated.
10Travel SpeedForward1stkm/h0-3.2






Bulldozer Shanghai Pd135y 135HP

Bulldozer Shanghai Pd135y 135HP

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Q:220 how heavy is the bulldozer body?
Weight 22 tons, -23 tons, different manufacturers weight is not the same
Q:Dry xuanggong good or good Shantui bulldozer?
The same tonnage, xuanggong price is lower than the mountain, a relatively high price.
Q:The difference between bulldozers, loaders and scrapers
The bulldozer can only push flat soil. Wherever he goes.While the loading function instead of digging machine loading. Also can also push the soil. Wherever he goes. Digging shovel operation.Scraper is his own shovel shovel away. Generally, Carter 927 installed 25 square, more than.2 engines, one in front and one behind
Q:160 bulldozer fuel consumption160
It depends on what job to do! Mountain soil wet soil to fuel, 10 to 14 liters per hour or so, my Komatsu D60 full load of 18.5 litres per hour! Komatsu D60 and 160 are the same tonnage machines!
Q:Repair the highway at the site of what general bulldozer if the driver can complete the job first is dabbler repair please pointing between high speed
Compaction depends on the steel wheel, and the surface is on the spreader...... Rubber tyred roller grinding is actually to prevent rutting, and it should also be necessary equipment...... More than what bulldozer tall, 1 classes are several times the wages of bulldozer......
Q:Anyone know about the TY165-3 bulldozer? What's the difference between it and TYS165-3?
I do have a TY165-3 oil, bulldozer on site, it is the earliest Xuangong an upgraded version of 165-3, an upgraded version of the engine, the new high voltage electrical resonance type engine, great effort is fuel-efficient, the machine also thick, durable, comfortable driving, broad vision.
Q:What's the driving license for a bulldozer?
In brief, it is called "special vehicle operation certificate"Special license is required for driving bulldozer.The measures for the administration of training and assessment of special personnel 'safety technical training issued by the State Economic and Trade Commission on 1999 have the following stipulations on the accreditation procedures:Fifth: special operations personnel in the independent job, must be carried out with the job to adapt to, special security technology theory learning and practical operation training. Thirteenth: to participate in the special operations personnel safety operation qualification examination, examination shall fill in the application form, by the applicant or applicant for the employer to the local responsible for special operations personnel assessment unit to apply.
Q:What is the difference between bulldozer and forklift truck?
The bulldozer is generally track, not on the road, while the forklift is tire, be on the road! (forklift has caterpillar, is less) the main difference is that the bulldozer is pushed, and the forklift can push can be installed can load, so it is also called the loader!
Q:What are the differences between bulldozers, scrapers and loaders?
Scraper: a scraper is a machine that integrates excavation, earthmoving, dumping, filling and levelingLoader: it is mainly used for shovel, soil, sand, lime, coal and other scattered materials, but also for minerals, hard soil, such as mild digging operations.
Q:What is the hourly oil consumption of various excavators, bulldozers, loaders and earth and stone transportation vehicles?
Oh landlord question is too general light excavator brand models of large and small have a lot of fuel on the great changesFor example: Carter tonnage 6T small excavator bucket capacity of 0.2 hour fuel consumption of 6 litersCarter 365 weight 65 tons excavator bucket capacity of 2.8 hour fuel consumption of 80 litersThere are Komatsu brand Hitachi Volvo Daewoo modern Liugong Xiagong too much and so onYou have a car loader bulldozer excavator project halo

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