Bulldozer Shanghai Pd135y 135HP

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Product Description:

Bulldozer Shanghai Pd135y 135HP 

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:PD135Y


Overall Dimension L*W*H:8560*4130*3640 Mm

Machine Weight:15700 Kg


Engine Model:Dongfeng 6114zg4b

Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.



Packing:Suitable for Ocean Shipment

Standard:Standard Configuration


Origin:Shanghai, China

Production Capacity:20 Sets/ Month

Product Description

 Bulldozer  Shanghai PD135Y 135hp 

Main Features: 
Engine: Good Reliability-- Big margin of safety for engine power ensures good reliability
Good Economy-- It has a minimum fuel consumption of 22g/kW. H. Addition-ally, it has lower oil consumption because of adopting piston oil cooling technology and alloy bainite cylinder liner

Transmission: Transmission is of the planetary gears and disc clutches type, with 3 speeds for forward and 3 speeds for reverse. 5 disc clutches control respectively to reavel forward and backward and each gear shift by operating hydraulic valve 
Torque converter: Torque converter included with power-take-off is of 3 elements, one stage and one phase type. Power-take-off mounted in front of the torque converter distributes the power output. Torque converter connected with engine shock-absorber by universal joint ensures good auto adaptability, easy operating performance, simple structure and excellent reliability. 

2EngineMode/Dongfeng 6114ZG4B

Type/Water cooled, inline,

Number of cylinder-bore*strokemm6-114*135

Rated horsepower/rpmkW/r/min99.2/1900

Min. fuel consumptiong/kw.h228g/kw.h
3Start methodType/Electric starting motor

Starting motorV/kW24/7.5


4Lubrication systemLubrication type/Forced lubrication.

Cooling type/Water cooling
5Fuel systemSpecification/Light diesel
6Cooling systemWater pump/Closed system
7Electric generatorV/A24/35
8Air filter type/KLH-14u
9Transmission systemtransmission/Planetary gear, multiple disc clutch, 3 forward
and 3 reverse speeds.

Bevel gear/Helical bevel gear, splash lubricated

Steering clutch/Wet, multiple disc, spring loaded, hydraulic operated,
mechanical separating,linking steering brake

Steering brake/Dry, band brake, foot-actuated.

Final drive/Spur gear, double reduction, splash lubricated.
10Travel SpeedForward1stkm/h0-3.2






Bulldozer Shanghai Pd135y 135HP

Bulldozer Shanghai Pd135y 135HP

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Yes, fully support bulldozers, then definitely buy 970 or 990 motherboard, as for the previous motherboard, although some installed black bulldozer interface, but certainly no 9 system motherboard support good

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