Bulldozer CLT80-3 New Model Pre-order

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Product Description:

Product Description:



Feature: Bulldozer

Condition: New

Model Number: CLT80-3

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

Brand Name: CMAX

Certification: ISO, CE

Warranty: 1 Year

Application: Building, Construction, Industrial


Main Features


1. CLT80-3 bulldozer is designed with a Dongfanghong LR4A3Z-22 supercharged engine for high power, low noise and low energy consumption. 
2. 4F+2R mechanical-gearshift countershaft transmission is applicable to a diverse range of operations. 
3. Rigid chassis and semi-rigid suspension are available. 
4. State-of-the-art control system and hydraulic power assisted steering system for flexible operation and less operator fatigue 
5. The driver’s cab is welded with profile steel for high strength, strong shock resistance and high safety. 
6. The bulldozer can be applied in narrow space, providing the advantages of flexible operation and high working efficiency. 
7. This product is configured with a heater. It can be optionally installed with an air-conditioner for cooling and heating purposes. 
8. Humanized design for convenient maintenance 
9. With high reliability and excellent power economy, this product is an ideal machine for engineering construction.



Bulldozer CLT80-3   New Model  Pre-order


Images of Product

Bulldozer CLT80-3   New Model  Pre-order

Bulldozer CLT80-3   New Model  Pre-order

Bulldozer CLT80-3   New Model  Pre-order




Q1: How to control the Bulldozer CLT80-3?

A1: The control system has two control modes for the user's selection: wireless remote control, and panel control.

Q2: How do we guarantee the quality of our CLT80-3?

A2: We have established an advanced quality management system which conducts strict quality tests at every step, from raw materials to the final product. At the same time, we provide extensive follow-up service assurances as required.



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Q:What is the cost for a bulldozer to clear land per acre?
look under dozer operater in the phone book most will run $400.00 for a 8 hour day. i am a equipment operator myself but i dont run dozers mostly backhoes and skidloaders. but expect to pay 4 hundred easy oh ok about an acre an hour with an 8 hour minimum im sure. depends on the size of the dozer.
Q:Just buy an old Dongfanghong 70 bulldozer, how do you start?
This simple outfit comes with a petrol, wow, bottle with 10 to 1 of oil
Q:I felt like a bulldozer trying to catch a butterfly?
Sure, The wrong tool for a task.
Q:what is the name of the movie in which Lee Marvin was driving a bulldozer breaking through a house?
Could you be thinking of James Coburn and not Lee Marvin? In the movie Firepower (1979), James Coburn drives a bulldozer through an entire house, reducing it to rubble.
Q:The reason why the bulldozer is unable to stop
Two, transmission common faults and troubleshooting1, missing gearMissing gear means one gear or a few blocks, and other gears are normal. If I stop missing, is to move forward and backward 1. I have no other gear, gear normal; if the lack of forward block, each block is not forward and back, each block is normal; if the lack of gear is forward and backward 4.5 are not, and the other is the block normal etc..The cause of lack of transmission gear mainly has the following two kinds: one is the missing gear hydraulic cylinder seal ring (PTFE ring) damage or against; two is the lack of gear oil supply passage with oil or other forms of crack damage. If there is no one gear, there are two reasons besides the difference of the oil supply path of the clutch, that is, the ball check valve is falling off and the rotating seal ring on the oil path is damaged.In addition, if the pressure valve leading to the small piston cavity of the small hole blocked, then the pressure relief valve will lose effect, into the first gear will be 2.5MPa pressure oil. This will cause premature wear of the rotary seal ring in the oil block, resulting in a lack of first gear. After the new ring is replaced, the pressure relief valve must be thoroughly cleaned to solve the problem.In order to find out the real reason is not within the transmission assembly, can be disassembled in the transmission valve, with air pressure of about 0.8MPa to 5 oil inlet air, at this time should be able to hear the transmission clutch engage, if not the sound, will hear the leak sound obvious, indicating that the clutch failure.
Q:Does anybody know where i can get a bulldozer screensaver?
you are an ugly, cowardly Indian dirty-faced ***.
Q:How many parts are there in a bulldozer?
1 chassis. It includes crawler, trolley, frame. 2, drive. Including engine, torque converter, transmission, central drive, final drive. 3 、 hydraulic system. The hydraulic system (including walking speed and torque servo pump, piping, piping and valves and accessories (oil cooling and filtering)), hydraulic system (working pump, working valve, cylinder and filtration (hydraulic fan, PPC pipeline accessories, electrical system)) 4. It includes generator and accumulator, relay and many sensors. (.. ECU, electronic control gearbox, control unit, and all kinds of instrument and lighting system, and cab interior electrical system)
Q:More damaging: Freight Train or Bulldozer?
A freight train has more mass, translating to more momentum. Therefore, it is capable of delivering more force. In regards to sports, I'd say that the football player is capable of delivering more force. The running back trucking a free safety would be a much bigger deliverance of force than a basketball player bumping a defender... There's a reason behind why football players wear pads ;)
Q:When bulldozers work, the hydraulic oil in the gear box goes out and smokes. What is the reason?
The high oil temperature, of course, smoke, torque converter full of oil!
Q:What simple machines are found in a bulldozer?
The lever can be found moving the blade up and down. The blade itself is an inclined plane. The claw on the back of many bulldozers would be a wedge. The wheel and axle makes the track go around and around. I suppose that you could say that the pulley is also at work in the track, but this may be a bit of a stretch. I cannot come up with an example of a screw, other than the ones holding the dozer together. Hope this helps.

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