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Product Description:



Feature: Bulldozer

Condition: New

Model Number: CLD320

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

Brand Name: CMAX

Certification: ISO, CE

Warranty: 1 Year

Application: Building, Construction, Industrial


Main Features


1. CLD320 bulldozer is equipped with a high-quality Cummins engine for high output torque, low oil consumption, reliable use, energy reduction and environmental protection. 
2. Using a three-element, single-stage, single-phase torque converter for increased efficiency 
3. Adopting the Shanghai Fenchuang brand air filter and pre-filter for extended motor lifespan and service intervals
4. The motor muffler removes the need for an ejector to increase the diameter of the exhaust pipe and decrease exhaust pressure, thus lowering fuel consumption. 
5. The hydraulic filter is added with an alarm system to timely remind users of cleaning the filter element or replacing the hydraulic oil. 
6. The air cooler is placed under the engine hood to offer a superb cooling effect. 
7. Humanized design for convenient maintenance 
8. The complete machine is designed with an advanced hydraulic transmission system. It is characterized by reasonable structure, convenient operation and reliable quality.



Bulldozer CLD320     New Model Pre-order


Images of Product

Bulldozer CLD320     New Model Pre-order

Bulldozer CLD320     New Model Pre-order

Bulldozer CLD320     New Model Pre-order




Q1: How to control the Bulldozer CLD320?

A1: The control system has two control modes for the user's selection: wireless remote control, and panel control.

Q2: If we can produce some Bulldozer CLD320 according to customers request?

A2: Yes, we can produce Bulldozer CLD320 according to the difference country situations to make it suitable to the market and customers. We have very professional technical team to make the design.



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Q:AMD, APU, bulldozer, Athlon phenom
No 6 core.The bulldozer is one of the currently most new AMD products, his second generation is piling machine. Its architecture is a new process is 32 nm. 1,2,3 cache, 3 level cache than for the overall performance and the phenom 2 phenom 8MB. almost 2 but the energy consumption is much smaller than the phenom 2. The bulldozer is 8 stone in the most.APU is the AMD fusion products in the future under th
Q:What is bulldozer CPU?
The bulldozer is the American AMD company to re design the architecture, launched in October 2011, have a fever for high-end user, with DDR3-1866 native memory support, XOP instruction set, the modular design and a number of new features, fully replace the phenom processor of II series.
Q:What's the driving license for a bulldozer?
In brief, it is called "special vehicle operation certificate"Special license is required for driving bulldozer.The measures for the administration of training and assessment of special personnel 'safety technical training issued by the State Economic and Trade Commission on 1999 have the following stipulations on the accreditation procedures:Fifth: special operations personnel in the independent job, must be carried out with the job to adapt to, special security technology theory learning and practical operation training. Thirteenth: to participate in the special operations personnel safety operation qualification examination, examination shall fill in the application form, by the applicant or applicant for the employer to the local responsible for special operations personnel assessment unit to apply.
Q:The scrap standard of bulldozer in our country?
Two, light, Huizhou truck (including off-road), with trailer truck, special vehicle for mining operations and various types of car rental use for 8 years, other vehicles used for 10 years;Three, for a variety of reasons causing serious damage to vehicles or poor technical condition, can not be repaired;Four, models eliminated, no parts source; *
Q:What's the size of a bulldozer? How small is this thing?
How do you know how wide, wide, and tall a bulldozer is?
Q:Manufacturers of bulldozers
Tianjin construction machinery factory, ZOOMLION earth machinery branch, engineering machinery company limited, a company of Sany, one of the biggest maker of bulldozers is
Q:What motherboard does AMD bulldozer use?
Budget enough directly on the line of 990FX motherboards, no doubt the support of the most perfect.If you have budget constraints or want to make a specific choice, you can refer to the following:If you don't play a overclocking, do not require two or more parallel graphics card, so 970 is enough, the 8 series motherboard through update BIOS and support the bulldozer roller can, 7 Series motherboard too old, don't even support SATA6Gbps, is not recommended.If you need to make a big overclocking, graphics block is good, then the preferred first-line high-end motherboard 990, the reason is recommended as first-line first-line board such as ASUS,
Q:CPU core I3 series or AMD bulldozer is good
Play the game, I3 is better, because the game is more sensitive to the CPU micro architecture, I3 architecture than bulldozer architecture.
Q:If I rent a bulldozer for 28000 months, does this 28000 include the driver's pay and fuel consumption?
To rent one, it's better to buy one. The home of accessories is sold every day
Q:How much time do the full oil 160 bulldozer
Mechanical dry, dry more than 20 hours, wetlands can dry for 178 hours

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