Bulldozer CLD160 New Model Pre-order

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Product Description:



Feature: Bulldozer

Condition: New

Model Number: CLD160

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

Brand Name: CMAX

Certification: ISO, CE

Warranty: 1 Year

Application: Building, Construction, Industrial


Main Features


1. CLD160 bulldozer is configured with Weichai WD10G178E25 supercharged diesel engine to be powerful, economical and reliable. 
2. Adopting torque converter and power gearshift transmission to suit different working conditions 
3. Hydraulically controlled steering and braking as well as pilot-operated blade and ripper for high flexibility, safety and reliability 
4. Ergonomically designed interior of the driver’s cab provides a comfortable operating environment and high working efficiency. 
5. The whole machine has advanced structure and pleased exterior.



Bulldozer CLD160     New Model Pre-order


Images of Product

Bulldozer CLD160     New Model Pre-order

Bulldozer CLD160     New Model Pre-order

Bulldozer CLD160     New Model Pre-order




Q1: How to control the Bulldozer CLD160?

A1: The control system has two control modes for the user's selection: wireless remote control, and panel control.

Q2: How soon can we receive the CLD160 after purchase?

A2: Within three days of placing an order, we will begin production. The specific shipping date is dependent upon international and government factors, but is typically 10 to 30 workdays.


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Q:How can the gold coin bulldozer change the DD coin?
Conditions are as follows:1. system must be ROOT2. install the Root Explorer management software and allow it to access the maximum permissions3., must withdraw from the gold coin Dozer (Coin) gameFirst step:openRoot Explorer,In the software directory/data/data/com.leftover.coindozer/shared_prefs/findCom.leftover.coindozer.xml file(note!
Q:Dry xuanggong good or good Shantui bulldozer?
The same tonnage, xuanggong price is lower than the mountain, a relatively high price.
Q:Is bulldozer fx4170 the strongest quad core of AMD? Is I3 3220 able to beat all AMD quad core?
The strongest AMD quad core is still AM3 X4 like 9** I3, the comprehensive performance of victory, even if the single nuclear efficiency low, but it is not put at the quad core logic, mainly is: high price! Only about 400 yuan, oh dearTheInstead of pure Arabia digital comparisons, the AMD and INTER core architectures are different.As of two adults and four children fighting, shuangquannandi four hands, ant killed like a truth and so on.
Q:What's the driving license for a bulldozer?
The assessment unit shall, within 60 days after receiving the examination application, organize the examination. If the applicant has passed the examination, he shall issue the corresponding operation certificate for special operations; if the examination fails, the make-up examination shall be made 1 times. The twenty-seventh is engaged in special operations personnel assessment, certification and review the work of the relevant personnel, dereliction of duty, breach of privilege cheating, shall be given administrative punishment; constitute a crime, shall be prosecuted for criminal responsibility according to law.
Q:Hydraulic working principle of bulldozer
Mainly oil pump cylinder system. The pump discharges the pressure oil through the pipeline, the control valve to the oil cylinder. The oil pump is a power element, the oil cylinder is the actuating element, the control valve is the control element, as well as the auxiliary element (such as fuel tank, cooler, etc.)
Q:What type of AMD bulldozer is a roller Processor?
Bulldozers are a big category: including the first generation of bulldozers (the same name), the second generation of piling machine, the third generation roller, the three generation productsAs long as the CPU model has FX, A10, A8, A6, A4, the identification of these are bulldozer series.Roller also belongs to bulldozer series, but the performance is higher than ordinary bulldozer product.There are only two processors, A10, 7850K, and A10 7700.The bulldozer is the United States AMD company to re design of the CPU architecture, officially launched in October 2011, have a fever for high-end user, with DDR3-1866MHz native memory support, XOP instruction set, the modular design and a number of new features, fully replace the phenom processor of II series.In 2013, AMD will be updated to the "roller" micro architecture, manufacturing process updates to 28nm, CPU is also the first unit in the mainstream APU, when is the third generation of APU, or 2-4 core design, GPU unit will be the HD7900 GCN architecture, will introduce HSA heterogeneous computing acceleration technology. The portal APU will also be updated, and the 2-4 core Jaguar core will replace the E series of the year.
Q:AMD six nuclear bulldozer fx6100
The biggest advantage of bulldozer fx6100 is its low price and abundant performance!Core i7 is good, noble type of desktop CPU!
Q:The role of excavators and bulldozers?
It's for digging, shoveling dirt, saving energy, and improving efficiency.
Q:Are there any differences between bulldozers, loaders and forklifts? Thirty...
Bulldozers are used for backfill works. The crawler loader is used for handling materials. Loaders, of course, can be used for backfill loaders. There are 2 types: wheel loaders and crawler loaders. Crawler loaders feature like bulldozers. Maybe what you see is crawler loaders.
Q:Several problems about how to operate bulldozer
attention must be focused, work to, for example, see the front light upward immediately press the handle (blade sinking), front on the handle is readily sinking (rising blade).When the bulldozer is not smooth, for example, some hard soil or other obstacles, do not blindly throttle pounded hard push, don't screw up clutch hard hit, also should avoid the side thrust with the shovel soil, so as to avoid serious consequences.A perennial in the wilderness and ground ridge terrain hard and dangerous environment, in the short distance very frequently and, in the high load condition, difficult operation, extremely easy to cause the tractor chassis and blade parts of early wear, deformation, damage, fasteners loose, therefore, in addition to the correct operation outside, on the part of the inspection and maintenance can not have the slightest negligence; dozer blade to keep it sharp, the blunt side can change the surface, both sides can be surfacing serious wear, grinding, or simply change new.

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