Bulldozer CLD140S New Model Pre-order

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Product Description:



Feature: Bulldozer

Condition: New

Model Number: CLD160S

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

Brand Name: CMAX

Certification: ISO, CE

Warranty: 1 Year

Application: Building, Construction, Industrial


Main Features


1. CLD160S bulldozer is suitable for land reclamation, beach development, mariculture and other industrial operations. 
2. With the ground pressure of only 28kPa on average, the super wetland bulldozer can be applied in swamp, cohesive soil and the ground with high water content. If equipped with a sanitation type blade, it can operate in landfill. 
3. This machine is designed with a high-capacity bulldozer blade, an ergonomically designed control system and a hexagonal cab with a superb viewing angle etc. It can be optionally installed with a roll-over protection system and an air-conditioning system. This product is characterized with reasonable structure, excellent performance and easy operation, thus being extremely cost-effective. 
4. Its main parts are made by adoption of industrial advanced technologies for convenient maintenance.



Bulldozer CLD140S    New Model Pre-order


Images of Product

Bulldozer CLD140S    New Model Pre-order

Bulldozer CLD140S    New Model Pre-order

Bulldozer CLD140S    New Model Pre-order




Q1: How to control the Bulldozer CLD160S?

A1: The control system has two control modes for the user's selection: wireless remote control, and panel control.

Q2: If we can produce some Bulldozer CLD160S according to customers request?

A2: Yes, we can produce Bulldozer CLD160S according to the difference country situations to make it suitable to the market and customers. We have very professional technical team to make the design.



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OVER 9000!
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Q:how do you repair machine hydraulics?
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Q:AMD Bulldozers ???????
No, intel i5 and i7 is better than bulldozer
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Machines are used to create what is called a mechanical advantage. This means to allow a human to doing something beyond what they can normally do alone. Many types of systems are involved in each depending on the specific advantage. Typically they use hydraulic (fluid pressure), electrical (controls), air pressure; and combinations. Hope that helps.
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Q:Which is the mortgage registration authority for bulldozers?
1, "I would like to ask what kind of mortgage registration procedures?"" The bulldozer and excavator do not belong to the motor vehicle, and do not need to register in the vehicle administration office. Therefore, the motor vehicle class not belonging to the quasi real estate should belong to the general movable property category:(1) according to the provisions of the guaranty law, it should be the notary office of the place where the mortgagor is located;(2) according to the provisions of the property law, it should be the administrative department of industry and Commerce of the place where the mortgagor is located.According to the law of the same rank, the new law is better than the general principle of the old law. It should comply with the provisions of the property law and go to the industrial and commercial bureau for registration of mortgage.
Q:Can you get strong on bulldozer xl 5000 by it's self?
The okorder.com. The information is intended for educational purposes only and and does not constitute professional, medical or healthcare advice or diagnosis
Q:What's the difference between a bulldozer and a tilting shovel?
Many bulldozers are straight shovels, used as stacking operations for material fields. Another, as a road engineer, is to buy a tire bulldozer. The shovel can adjust the shovel's angle freely. It can be adjusted to the right slope by left deviation. Of course, you can also adjust the front straight state.

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