Bulldozer China Supplier of Used

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 Bulldozer  China Supplier of Used

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Basic Info.



Walking Mode:Crawler

Load and Unload Method:Front Discharge


Certification:ISO9001: 2000



Export Markets:South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, Mid East, Eastern Asia

Product Description

Our light duty truck factoy was established in 1956, have 3000 staffs, including 300 professionals and technical personnel. The factory covers an area of 600, 000 square meters construction area, We have more than 20 automobile production lines of stamping, welding, painting, assembly and testing and so on, all of that use computer control. Our annual production capacity is 100, 000 pcs of light duty truck and other special using mini truck.

Engine Model
Rated speedr/min1850
Piston displacementL9.7
Rated powerkW131
Min. oil consumptiong/kW.h198
Operating weightkg17,400
Single blade (straight tilt blade) capacity3.9
Productivity (haul distance 30m)m³/h350
Ground contact lengthmm2430
Ground pressurekPa≤65
Track center distancemm1800
Max.output torqueN.m830
Max.gradeability °30 
Min.ground clearancemm400
Min.turning radiusmm3100
Dimension(incl. scarifier)L×W×H
Travel speed 3 forward gearskm/h0-9.07
3 reverse gearskm/h0-11.81
Max.lifting heightmm1149
Max. scarification depthmm545
Scarifier teethpiece3

Bulldozer  China Supplier of Used

Bulldozer  China Supplier of Used

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Q:Where I can find specifications for bulldozers?
Best bet would be manufacturer's website, or maybe a dealer in your area.
Q:Car rear end, the reason is not in front of a bulldozer tail lamp, who is responsible for the night.
The same to scratch the traffic accident1, a party in the lane change process in the same direction scraping traffic accident, change lane side bear full responsibility;2, one side over the other side of the formation of the same scraping traffic accident, and the other side in the lane normal driving, the faster the party to assume full responsibility;3, a super wide and failing to set a clear warning signs, to scratch the traffic accident with another party beyond the process of the formation of ultra wide, secondary responsibility for the accident party, the other party the main responsibility for the accident;4, a super wide and with the other party in parallel or beyond the scratch the traffic accident the other party in the process of super wide shall bear the full responsibility of the accident;5, one side in the driveway to stop the formation of the same direction scraping traffic accident, parking side according to regulations opened the dangerous warning flash, and set a warning sign, the other party bear the full responsibility for the accident;6, one side parking in the driveway, forming the same direction scraping traffic accident, the parking side does not according to regulations open dangerous warning flash and set warning signs, both sides bear the same responsibility for the accident.
Q:any1 want an umaga figure as much as i do..i want the samoan bulldozer to beat the tar out of my other figures
You need to get a life....
Q:What technology do we have today that would be useful in building the sphinx?
A crane, bulldozers, roads, electricity, internal combustion engines, steam engines, hydraulics, ball bearings, electronic communications, blasting powder, water-powered diamond saws, steel, air conditioning, pneumatics, rail roads, coffee, 3D modeling software, printing presses, the alphabet, calculus, physics. That's all I got!
Q:Which is better, AMD955 or bulldozer????? Ten
Decisive 955 is now 955 only more than 700, the same 6 core fx6100 800+ is only 955 higher than 10% less performance
Q:Is bulldozer fx4170 the strongest quad core of AMD? Is I3 3220 able to beat all AMD quad core?
The strongest AMD quad core is still AM3 X4 like 9** I3, the comprehensive performance of victory, even if the single nuclear efficiency low, but it is not put at the quad core logic, mainly is: high price! Only about 400 yuan, oh dearTheInstead of pure Arabia digital comparisons, the AMD and INTER core architectures are different.As of two adults and four children fighting, shuangquannandi four hands, ant killed like a truth and so on.
Q:What CPU should I buy while waiting for Bulldozer?
If I were you, Id trust Intel. Intel has more pontential when it comes to technology. Most computers that I have used have Intel Processors. My current laptop has a Pentium Dual Core T4400 ( @ 2.2 GHz) It works great with that processor, although I do reccomend their new i Processors. i3, i5, or i7 would do best. Id get i7 !!!!
Q:Domestic bulldozer main manufacturer?
Shandong Lingong, Shantui, Xiamen, Liugong, 31
Q:What's better for gaming intel i5 2500k or amd bulldozer 8150?
For gaming, I would go with the i5-2500k. I'd suggest the newer model, i5-3570k
Q:Arrowhead expidition?
&were there a lot of Indians ever living in Middle Tennessee?& I've no idea, but as a general comment... &A guy a while back went to the creek and moved a lot of rocks around with his bulldozer, did that help or make it worse to find arrow heads?& If there are none there to be found, then it would make no difference. However, should it happen to be a suitable locality, ie. one with arrowheads, then bulldozing is likely to expose stuff that was previously below the surface. Any sort of construction-like activity is partly bad, in that it can destroy what could already have been exposed. Usually, however, it's more good than bad. It turns up more stuff than it destroys. You can often help yourself with some research in localized literature. In order to find a good site, look for one that's both accessible (which may involve asking the landowner, should it be private land), and has already yielded the cherished prey. That'd be a good place to hit the target. Should there happen to be a local museum or some kind of archaeological group, that would be extremely useful. These are only generalized comments based on my own modest fossil-hunting in Dorset, England and Franconia in Germany. Hopefully, they might be some kind of help. &is there another way to check the fields for arrowheads?& Finding out where to look is always good. That can sometimes be done by looking at relevant literature, should any be available. Much productive searching first takes place in books.

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