Bulldozer China New Coal Swamp

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Bulldozer China New Coal Swamp  

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:ZD220


Type:Large Loader

Walking Mode:Crawler



Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.



Packing:Nude Package or According to Your Requests

Standard:CE, ISO9001: 2000



HS Code:3111968887


Production Capacity:1000PCS Per Year

Product Description

bulldozer ZD220-3

The bulldozer is the new generation of the TY220. 

 It's equipped with a hexahedron damping cab, which features a beautiful design, wide visibility, and comfortable operation, as well as a highly efficient charged engine, which has excellent power, reliability and a long service life. 

 It is also equipped with an improved hydraulic drive system with hydraulic control technology, front-extending anti-rolling frame and an advanced structure, providing reliable quality and convenient and flexible operation.

Main Specification
Overall dimensionmm5750 x 3725 x 3395
Operating Weightt23.4(without ripper)
Engine Model
Cummins Engine NTAA855-C280S20/ Weichai Engine  WD12G240E26/
Rated Power/Speedkw/rpm162/1800
Track Center Distancemm2000
Ground Contact Landmm2730
Land PressureMpa0.077
Forward speedkw/hF1: 0~3.6                                                                    F2: 0~6.5                                                                    F3: 0~11.2
Rear speedkw/hR1: 0~4.3                                                                R2: 0~7.7                                                                    R3: 0~13.2
Blade Digging Depthmm540
Ripper digging depthmm(T)666/    (S)695
Blade Lifting Heightmm1210
Ripper lifting heightmm(T)555/    (S)515
Grade Ability°30
Track Widthmm560
Blade capacitySemi- U blade: 7.0                                    Stright blade: 6.4                                    Angle balde: 4.7                                    Standard U balde: 7.5
Blade Type
stright, Semi-U, angle, U
Blade Length*Widthmm(S)3725*1315,                     (Angle)4365*1055    U3800*1343,                                         (Semi-U), 3725*1374
Ripper typeSingle/Three teeth ripper

Bulldozer China New Coal Swamp

Bulldozer China New Coal Swamp

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Q:How would you take Bulldozer XL5000 a pre workout and intra workout?
You have to play with the dosage to find what works. This will depend on your weight and tolerance level, for pre always start with 1 scoop and up it if you desire to 1.5 scoops 30-45 minutes before the gym. For Intra workout, just mix 1 scoop with dextrose or Gatorade or just water and consume during your workout and just sip on it until you finish the last portion after your final set. Studies have shown that there are benefits of taking creatine as pre and intra/post. This will ensure that you are getting your BCAAs and Glutamine to feed your muscle throughout your workout session. As you progress, and if you are on a calorie strict diet then I would recommended adding 5 grams of Glutamine and 5-10 grams of BCAA with the mix for your Intra-Workout
Q:What is the cost for a bulldozer to clear land per acre?
look under dozer operater in the phone book most will run $400.00 for a 8 hour day. i am a equipment operator myself but i dont run dozers mostly backhoes and skidloaders. but expect to pay 4 hundred easy oh ok about an acre an hour with an 8 hour minimum im sure. depends on the size of the dozer.
Q:What would be better for gaming the Core i7 3960X 3.3 GHz or the i7 990X 3.47 GHz?
yea probably The i7 990X but its up to you
Q:Bulldozer xl 5000 can I take it if I had coffe?
It depends on many factors. Bulldozer XL5000 is very potent, since it contains no fillers, no binders and no crap like other products. It does not rely on stimulants to give you an illusion of energy only, but still each scoop contains 100mg caffeine. So, depending on your tolerance level (how much caffeine your body can handle?) and number of scoops you take the answer would vary. If you take more than one-scoop then I would recommend not to consume additional coffee since it can cause some jitters and possibly make you crash. But, if you are an avid coffee drinker then you probably would be OK. What is interesting about Bulldozer XL5000 is that they have added Vinpocetine, which has been shown to improve memory, improve alertness, blood flow and overall have shown to improve mental performance without any side effects like other stimulants. In addition, vinpocetine does show some neuroprotective properties and can protect against neuro damage and other brain diseases. Hope this helps
Q:What is the commonly used road building machinery?
Bulldozers - heavy tracked machinery with a large blade, used for removing material. Scrapers and Spreaders - do the opposite; pick up road making materials and spread them over a road surface (particularly the sub base (lower) layers. Compactors - heavy equipment designed to compress and compact road making materials Graders - medium heavy equipment with a blade designed to level off a compacted surface Rollers - used to produce a hard, level surface on compacted or laid materials Asphalt laying equipment - used to lay upper surface asphalt (black top) road surfaces Concrete laying equipment - used where a concrete road surface rather than an asphalt surface is required. Dump trucks and tipper trucks - used to transport materials to or from the site. Front end loaders or bucket loaders - used to pick up materials and place them in dump trucks. Excavators- tracked machines used to dig out materials
Q:What is the largest manufacturer of bulldozers in China?
Liugong (China's top 500 manufacturing enterprises, the most global competitiveness of China's top 500 companies, Guangxi Liugong machinery Limited by Share Ltd)
Q:FX4130 and II X4 bulldozer AMD phenom 955 which is better?
Because the FX4130 itself is not as good as the K10 core architecture, so run the game can not beat X4 955, if X4 955 overclocking, that is greater performance gap.
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Q:Which one is better AMD FX-4100 or AMD Phenom II X4 955?
Better go for Phenom II 975 or 980. But if you have an AM3+ motherboard, then, you can go Bulldozer and bulldoze all the way. Bulldozer chips were rumored to be more like working station chips than gaming. There are benchmarks were Phenom x6 beats the Fx with X8. Bulldozer is much expensive with little performance increase over Phenom II. Phenom II overclocked can still catch up. You would rather spend the extra money in a good video card.

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