Bulldozer China New Coal Swamp

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Bulldozer China New Coal Swamp  

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:ZD220


Type:Large Loader

Walking Mode:Crawler



Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.



Packing:Nude Package or According to Your Requests

Standard:CE, ISO9001: 2000



HS Code:3111968887


Production Capacity:1000PCS Per Year

Product Description

bulldozer ZD220-3

The bulldozer is the new generation of the TY220. 

 It's equipped with a hexahedron damping cab, which features a beautiful design, wide visibility, and comfortable operation, as well as a highly efficient charged engine, which has excellent power, reliability and a long service life. 

 It is also equipped with an improved hydraulic drive system with hydraulic control technology, front-extending anti-rolling frame and an advanced structure, providing reliable quality and convenient and flexible operation.

Main Specification
Overall dimensionmm5750 x 3725 x 3395
Operating Weightt23.4(without ripper)
Engine Model
Cummins Engine NTAA855-C280S20/ Weichai Engine  WD12G240E26/
Rated Power/Speedkw/rpm162/1800
Track Center Distancemm2000
Ground Contact Landmm2730
Land PressureMpa0.077
Forward speedkw/hF1: 0~3.6                                                                    F2: 0~6.5                                                                    F3: 0~11.2
Rear speedkw/hR1: 0~4.3                                                                R2: 0~7.7                                                                    R3: 0~13.2
Blade Digging Depthmm540
Ripper digging depthmm(T)666/    (S)695
Blade Lifting Heightmm1210
Ripper lifting heightmm(T)555/    (S)515
Grade Ability°30
Track Widthmm560
Blade capacitySemi- U blade: 7.0                                    Stright blade: 6.4                                    Angle balde: 4.7                                    Standard U balde: 7.5
Blade Type
stright, Semi-U, angle, U
Blade Length*Widthmm(S)3725*1315,                     (Angle)4365*1055    U3800*1343,                                         (Semi-U), 3725*1374
Ripper typeSingle/Three teeth ripper

Bulldozer China New Coal Swamp

Bulldozer China New Coal Swamp

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Q:How much oil can a bulldozer tank contain?
Depending on whether you're big or small, bulldozer, small, general 280, big more than 500
Q:Why can't cranes, bulldozers, and the like run too fast? Too far?
Don't run too fast: the engine doesn't lift; you can't run too far: the tank isn't big enough.
Q:What invoice should I pay for the working hours of bulldozers?
The working hours of bulldozer should be paid by service invoice.Note appended:The service fee invoice refers to the unified service of issuing tickets for the service, and the taxable items indicate the provision of labor. Individual to the tax authorities to issue labor invoices, is a personal initiative to the tax authorities to pay taxes at the same time, the tax authorities to issue invoices, with invoices can pay the unit to receive compensation. The unit to the tax authorities to issue labor invoices, but also to help pay for personal service to make an invoice, taxpayers or pay services and receive personal remuneration.Substantive editing paid to personal services, because there is no invoice so by the tax department on behalf of the labor invoice, it is regarded as a real person is an independent body can provide business services, because the body is not independent or self-employed, so need the invoice.In addition, when issuing the service invoice, you should bring the following materials: application form for labor invoice, copy of tax registration certificate and identity card of the person responsible for the work.
Q:Excuse me, where is the bulldozer for rent?
Where are you from? How big are you going to rent the bulldozer?
Q:What is the cause of the reverse gear shift of the 140 bulldozer in Xuanhua?
Gearbox load transfer and friction characteristics of quality failure gearbox oil, increase friction and wear, gearbox noise followed, at the same time, sludge (impurities or contamination) will be generated in the internal transmission (e.g. body), resulting in transmission appears out of frustration, and shock, skid, noise, high temperature, and delay the oil spill.
Q:What are amd pile drivers and bulldozers?
This is the CPU framework, the Bulldozer bulldozer, the Piledriver pile driver
Q:Why is the gearbox on the bulldozer? Five
So the hydraulic oil and transmission oil viscosity is relatively close, and has properties of hydraulic transmission, so the convenience, with the same kind of oil, as long as solving the compressive and wear even meet the basic, and is close to the engine in 30 or 10W-30 5W-30, the oil viscosity at 100 DEG C at about 10, with this oil instead of the viscosity, although slightly larger, but the domestic components will inevitably lead to pressure relief, add a bit of viscosity just make up for this shortcoming, it did.The application of the above habits prevalent in the the Yellow River basin, because of the oil in the winter to keep solidification suitable to the climate here, if in the northeast region is not feasible, so we can only say that the phenomenon of in parts of such use, does not represent all, if in the northeast cold area construction, must pay attention to this point.
Q:Recommend a bulldozer type Siguojunqi Blitzkrieg formation
First, bulldozing and lightning are not the same kind of play, is pushing soil to annihilate the enemy killed by a large number of forces and push the luck in the soil than lightning, and lightning is superior to the flow rate of the trader tactical weakness of the enemy attack.
Q:Why isn't AMD's bulldozer as good as man?
The problem with bulldozers is that they do all kinds of optimizations, and now the systems and software do not support, just like when the dual kernel came out, there was no effective support for dual core systems and software, and the heroes were useless. In addition, the fact that AMD single nuclei are weak is a fact of the past few years. On a cartoon point of view, a bulldozer can't work on a job site, but a bulldozer can win a car at high speed Roller is the same, do not have too much hope. If not bad money and have a fever of high-frequency I7, if the game player, game player is common, and also consider the economic problems on the Athlon is enough. I am now 890GX plus 640 and 6770, basically sweeping a game, such as mission call, battlefield 3, speed 16, full height, no problem at all, bottleneck on hard disk. If StarCraft is the 2. big city of the red alert 3. core optimization is not good, only iU strengths, bulldozer roller are not. Like speed 17, except U
Q:An old game with bulldozers, oil tanker real-time strategy game
This game, I'm also looking for aircraft carrier aircraft, need to produce at the airport, and then fly to the aircraft carrier, Chinese is called an arms race

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