Bulldozer China Best Technology SD32

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Product Description:

Bulldozer China Best Technology  SD32

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:SD32


Product Name:Bulldozer



Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.







Production Capacity:500, 000 Unit/Year

Product Description

SD32 Series: SD32
Rated Power: 235kW@2000rpm
Engine Model: Cummins NTA855-C360S10
Operating Weight: 37.2 Tons
Based on the Shantui TY320B, the SD32 bulldozer was developed by Shantui for operation in earth moving projects with tough conditions. Equipped with a hydraulic drive system with hydraulic control technology and an advanced structure, which provides reliable performance and convenient and flexible operation, the SD32 is the ideal medium size construction machine for earth moving projects.

What can We provide, and what are CAMC GROUP's advantages:

I Tractor Truck, Fire Truck, Semi Trailers, shipping, Parts, maintains etc...And you could get one station service as a package;

I World A class quality with a heavy impact testing;
I Hundreds of pattern type for your choice;
I Production data follow your requests;
I Give you a available suggestions and follow your usage;
I Fashion type design;
I The tools bring you profits;
I Over 40 years experience;

Questions before decision:

Q: Can i get any discount?
A: Yes, there are 3 ways:
1: Order over 15 units;
2: Place order with our truck;
3: 100% TT Payment.

Q: Is inspection need after final production?
A: No, CAMC GROUP has a professional internal QC team to control the quality within and after final production. The buyer's inspection is also allowed.

Q: How long I can get the goods after confirm order?
A: We need 7-30days for production; If you pay 100%TT, we will book ship in advance, no need to wast time waiting for delivery.

Q: What is your guarantee?
A: 1 year or 12000km;

Q: What should i do if claims appears?
A: When the claims appear, what we need are the pictures of products, use condition brief, the order information. CAMC GROUP will analysize the problem, even field investigation, and work out an final option with customers.

L × W × H (Ripper not included)mm6880 × 4130 × 3725
Operating weight (Ripper not included)t37.2
Rated powerkW/rpm235/2000
Blade type-Straight tilt bladeSemi-U bladeAngle blade
Blade widthmmStraight tilt blade 4130 × 1590Semi-U blade 4030 × 1720Angle blade 5000 × 1140
Dozing capacitym 3Straight tilt blade 10Semi-U blade 11.9Angle blade 6
Ma ×  drop below ground of blademm560
Lift height of blademm1560
Ripper type-Single ripperThree-shank ripper
Ripping depth of rippermmSingle ripper 1250Three-shank ripper 842
Lifting height of rippermmSingle ripper 955Three-shank ripper 883
Number of carriers (each side)-2
Number of track rollers (each side)-7
Number of track shoes (each side)-41
Width of track shoemm560
Track gaugemm2140
Ground length and ground pressuremm/MPa3150-0.105
Forward speedkm/h0 – 3.6
0 – 6.6
0 – 11.5
Reverse speedkm/h0 – 4.4
0 – 7.8
0 – 13.5

Bulldozer China Best Technology  SD32

Bulldozer China Best Technology  SD32

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Q:Where can I obtain a manual and parts list for the Bulldozer made by Allis-Chamers, Model H5?
I owned many of these tractors and had several manuals. I just threw out the manuals when I cleaned out the garage! Contractor's Sales in Albany, New York sells the parts! I bought steering clutches and the main clutch (Auburn or Rockwell)( famous for actuator finger problems), and the 271GM is a standard engine with parts available anywhere! I also bought bull gears, outboard and inboard bearings, all the undercarriage parts are available through undercarriage dealers. I put an equalizer spring in a couple, hydralic pumps, control valves etc. It's all still readily available as far as I know. I only got rid of the last one a couple years ago and replaced it with a D5 Caterpillar! They were one of the best Allis Chambers made!
Q:Which motherboard, gpu and ram to get?
This okorder.com/ Do not switch to bulldozer. The i7 2600k is superior in almost every way. The reason I recommend the Twin Frozr II, is 1. Because of better cooling, 2. If you are technically saavy enough, there is a 75% chance that it can be flashed to a 6970 bios, and unlocked.
Q:AM3+ MSI 970A-G45 motherboard?
Having re read your question I'm 100% certain you will not have to flash your bios as you said the box sticker states Supports AM3+ CPU with New Bios (B2 Stepping ready) which means it already has the latest bios for FX cpu support. B2 stepping refers to a part of the cpu architecture,long story short AMD had problems with earlier pre release versions of FX that used B0 and B1 stepping that returned poor performance,they then re engineered using B2 stepping for final release
Q:Would it be feasible to use a rammed earth method to build a border fence between the US and Mexico?
Putting aside the question of whether we should build a border fence, I'd have to say no to this method. Rain would cause the loose soil to spread out and compact over time. Plus even though it would take time and effort, assuming the people didn't want to wait for the wall to naturally collapse someone would take the time and effort to dig through the wall. You'd dig a bit, let the wall settle, dig some more and continue until you break though. Probably an entrepeneuring immigrant smuggler would be the first to do so, but that's just speculation on my part.
Q:would this be a good pc build?
Nothing it's a good build , and this is left up to you a amd hd 6970 graphic card great gaming performance, using a 42 inch flat screen tv , can really see some good gaming graphics on a large screen than a 22 inch screen, good job
Q:ok can't get answer 2 bulldozer 2 level 21 bad luck for me?
WTF are you talking about?
Q:Opinions on AMD's new PileDriver chip set?
Piledriver will only be a re tweak of the current bulldozer and is expected to only gain a projected 10-15% performance increase on current FX cpu's Given that projected increase in performance would mean it still wouldnt compete against Intels current sandybridge cpu's let alone future Intel cpu releases
Q:how do you clean a fuel tank on a bulldozer? any info?
power service make a product called CLEAN it is in a silver jug rather that the white won. it works great had a combine that had a algae problem in the tank and it work great at taking care of the problem. it is best to take the tank off put the power service in and move it around let it set and work then drain tank put tank back on and fell with fuel and more power serve and run the cat you mite have to change filters but it will get all the trash out. hope this helps
Q:The reason why the bulldozer is unable to stop
Two, transmission common faults and troubleshooting1, missing gearMissing gear means one gear or a few blocks, and other gears are normal. If I stop missing, is to move forward and backward 1. I have no other gear, gear normal; if the lack of forward block, each block is not forward and back, each block is normal; if the lack of gear is forward and backward 4.5 are not, and the other is the block normal etc..The cause of lack of transmission gear mainly has the following two kinds: one is the missing gear hydraulic cylinder seal ring (PTFE ring) damage or against; two is the lack of gear oil supply passage with oil or other forms of crack damage. If there is no one gear, there are two reasons besides the difference of the oil supply path of the clutch, that is, the ball check valve is falling off and the rotating seal ring on the oil path is damaged.In addition, if the pressure valve leading to the small piston cavity of the small hole blocked, then the pressure relief valve will lose effect, into the first gear will be 2.5MPa pressure oil. This will cause premature wear of the rotary seal ring in the oil block, resulting in a lack of first gear. After the new ring is replaced, the pressure relief valve must be thoroughly cleaned to solve the problem.In order to find out the real reason is not within the transmission assembly, can be disassembled in the transmission valve, with air pressure of about 0.8MPa to 5 oil inlet air, at this time should be able to hear the transmission clutch engage, if not the sound, will hear the leak sound obvious, indicating that the clutch failure.
Q:Is it against the law for a Tractor Bulldozer that not yours be parked in your driveway?
Annoying, but the problem has in fact been solved. It may be that the truck pulling the trailer to remove it had broken down, not the bulldozer itself. Given the situation on the roads, they ducked into the most available driveway they could find so as not to block the road for the plows and emergency vehicles. It was technically wrong, and they likely did it hoping you were actually away. A lot of people are off for school vacation or tucked away for the bad weather and shutdowns. Given their choices, this was one they likely made for public safety, and that does take precedent. It wouldn't have made things any better had they parked out in front of your house and blocked traffic and the plows, so consider it your contribution to the overall hideous situation. You didn't suffer any real monetary damages, and no judge is going to side with you for now. Everything's inconvenient - you were really lucky they came and got it out of your way so quickly. That in itself is a miracle. Some people in Boston would be overjoyed just to have a sighting of that equipment, even if it was only close to their road...

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