Bulldozer China Best Technology SD32

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Bulldozer China Best Technology  SD32

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:SD32


Product Name:Bulldozer



Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.







Production Capacity:500, 000 Unit/Year

Product Description

SD32 Series: SD32
Rated Power: 235kW@2000rpm
Engine Model: Cummins NTA855-C360S10
Operating Weight: 37.2 Tons
Based on the Shantui TY320B, the SD32 bulldozer was developed by Shantui for operation in earth moving projects with tough conditions. Equipped with a hydraulic drive system with hydraulic control technology and an advanced structure, which provides reliable performance and convenient and flexible operation, the SD32 is the ideal medium size construction machine for earth moving projects.

What can We provide, and what are CAMC GROUP's advantages:

I Tractor Truck, Fire Truck, Semi Trailers, shipping, Parts, maintains etc...And you could get one station service as a package;

I World A class quality with a heavy impact testing;
I Hundreds of pattern type for your choice;
I Production data follow your requests;
I Give you a available suggestions and follow your usage;
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Questions before decision:

Q: Can i get any discount?
A: Yes, there are 3 ways:
1: Order over 15 units;
2: Place order with our truck;
3: 100% TT Payment.

Q: Is inspection need after final production?
A: No, CAMC GROUP has a professional internal QC team to control the quality within and after final production. The buyer's inspection is also allowed.

Q: How long I can get the goods after confirm order?
A: We need 7-30days for production; If you pay 100%TT, we will book ship in advance, no need to wast time waiting for delivery.

Q: What is your guarantee?
A: 1 year or 12000km;

Q: What should i do if claims appears?
A: When the claims appear, what we need are the pictures of products, use condition brief, the order information. CAMC GROUP will analysize the problem, even field investigation, and work out an final option with customers.

L × W × H (Ripper not included)mm6880 × 4130 × 3725
Operating weight (Ripper not included)t37.2
Rated powerkW/rpm235/2000
Blade type-Straight tilt bladeSemi-U bladeAngle blade
Blade widthmmStraight tilt blade 4130 × 1590Semi-U blade 4030 × 1720Angle blade 5000 × 1140
Dozing capacitym 3Straight tilt blade 10Semi-U blade 11.9Angle blade 6
Ma ×  drop below ground of blademm560
Lift height of blademm1560
Ripper type-Single ripperThree-shank ripper
Ripping depth of rippermmSingle ripper 1250Three-shank ripper 842
Lifting height of rippermmSingle ripper 955Three-shank ripper 883
Number of carriers (each side)-2
Number of track rollers (each side)-7
Number of track shoes (each side)-41
Width of track shoemm560
Track gaugemm2140
Ground length and ground pressuremm/MPa3150-0.105
Forward speedkm/h0 – 3.6
0 – 6.6
0 – 11.5
Reverse speedkm/h0 – 4.4
0 – 7.8
0 – 13.5

Bulldozer China Best Technology  SD32

Bulldozer China Best Technology  SD32

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Q:how do you clean a fuel tank on a bulldozer? any info?
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