Bulldozer 140HP Crawler with Engine (T140)

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Bulldozer  140HP Crawler with Engine (T140)

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Model NO.:T140


Export Markets:Global

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Production Capacity:500PCS/Year

Product Description

T140 bulldozer adopts the turbo-charged D6114ZG5B engine which features big power, low noise, good performance, and high reliability. The main clutch is of the two-plate wet constantly-engaged type, which has the function of hydraulic supporting power control. The gearbox is the 5F+4R constant-mesh skewed tooth mechanical transmission system. The driver's cab has a hexagonal shape, which provides a broader field of view. The bulldozer is equipped with a high-level comfortable vibration-absorbing seat. The A/C or the heating system is optional for the user to install depending on his or her demands.
The electronic instrument-monitoring device enables the driver to know the working status of the bulldozer at any time. The working mechanism adopts hydraulically pre-guiding control. T140 bulldozer is reasonable in its arrangement, easy to maintain and repair.

Total weight17500 kg (with ripper)
Max. traction force141 kN
Grade-ability30%, vertical; 25%, horizontal
Track width500 mm
Average specific ground pressure65 KPa
Overall dimensions (L×W×H)6342 ×3305×3175 mm (with ripper)
Min. ground clearance360 mm
Min. turning radius (mm)3900 mm
Diesel engine
Type6-cylinder, water-cooled, turbo-charged direct injection
Rated power115 kW @1800rpm
Specific fuel consumption230 g/kw.h
Max. torque759 N.m
Traveling speed
Five forward gears2.5-10.6 km/h
Four reverse gears3.5-10.5 km/h
Shovel blade parameters
Overall dimension (WxH)3305x1167 mm
Max. lifting height915 mm
Max. depth into earth400 mm
Entrance angle (Adjustable)55 °

Bulldozer  140HP Crawler with Engine (T140)

Bulldozer  140HP Crawler with Engine (T140)

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Q:Which is best for gaming?
The graphics card of the first is better for gaming, but neither are great. Notebooks are never great for gaming.
Q:Israel, why did you kill US citizen Rachel Corrie 3/2003 with a bulldozer in Raffa, Gaza?
Nonsense. Israel always investigate such cases. A short look in Wikipedia and you'll find: The IDF produced a video about Corrie's death that includes footage taken from inside the cockpit of a D9. The video makes a credible case, wrote Joshua Hammer in Mother Jones, that the operators, peering out through narrow, double-glazed, bulletproof windows, their view obscured behind pistons and the giant scooper, might not have seen Corrie kneeling in front of them. In April 2011, during the trial of the civil suit brought by Corrie's parents, an IDF officer testified that Corrie and other activists had spent hours trying to block the bulldozers under his command. He went on to say that it was a war zone where Palestinian militants used abandoned homes as firing positions and exploited foreign activists for cover. He shouted over a megaphone for the activists to leave, tried to use tear gas to disperse them and moved his troops several times. To my regret, after the eighth time, (Corrie) hid behind an earth embankment. The D9 operator didn't see her. She thought he saw her, he said.[38] An infantry major later testified that the activists were endangering troops and had ignored numerous warnings to leave the area. Between September 2000 and the date of Corrie's death Israeli forces in the area had been subjected to 1,400 attacks involving gunfire, 150 involving explosive devices, 200 involving anti-tank rockets, and 6,000 involving hand grenades or mortar fire. No Israeli wanted her to die, but everybody knows that being in a war zone (it was a region with many explosives and terrorists) might be dangerous, and despite all the warnings she received, she decided to hide and make it harder for the D9 driver to see her.
Q:will this motherboard fully support bulldozer?
Yep. It's AM3+. However, Sandy Bridge may be a better investment. Intel has already said that Ivy Bridge due out early next year will run on the same socket. AMD didn't offer any performance numbers earlier this week, only a rough ship date. That's a very bad sign. If Bulldozer were as awesome as some were hoping, AMD would have shown it off and bragged about slapping Intel.
Q:Which build? Wait for bulldozer?
You should wait because there's a rumor that Intel will drop the price of their non-K series chips to greet Bulldozer. Sadly, the cheapest Bulldozer processor is suppose to be $200. If you're looking into a gaming PC, I would save up a little more money for a quad-core. Games are finally just starting to get to the point that they're actually making use of these things. Build #3 is the best. But, I would save up a little more just to future proof a little bit. It seems your last build was made of of some top shelf parts. You won't get as much time out the the parts you've picked, as you did with the last one.
Q:Where could I buy an AMD Bulldozer?
You're not the only one anticipating the release of the Bulldozer, it's already been O'clocked to over 8GHz in independent testing...............smokin gun...
Q:How do you operate a Caterpillar D4H bulldozer?
First one i used was a old cable dozer D8. I just crawled on it and went. figure it out as you go. You learn fast that way.
Q:Solve-A-Mystery #7: How did Jake do it?
Good one! Don't know....will be awaiting answer!
Q:i need a metaphor please help!?
I really tried to come up with a metaphor but some of the lines were just distracting the process. For instance, I'd change the line "Had finally come to a stop" to, "Had at last come to rest", or even "At last came to rest". Also "A sickness like a bulldozer" doesn't really make much sense, at least not the way it's worded. I see you're trying to say it's destructive/powerful as a bulldozer, but it comes off funny. I'd change the entire middle section to this: "Yet finally came a day, An illness lost tenacity. At last there dawned a day, When she discarded misery." I tried to keep the whole day thing going for you. Plus it goes along with the progressive improvement transition. If I think up a metaphor that goes with the original poem I'll definitely post it for you. Best of luck.
Q:wrestling-Umaga the samoan bulldozer?
he will be back this friday he beats jimmy wang yang not they wont be there
Q:What is bulldozer? Where is it commonly used? What are its features?
Bulldozer is a tractor for driving machinery, soil thrust jiaqie soil blade composed of other machinery; to clear land, road construction or similar work.Bulldozer is a kind of engineering vehicle, in front is equipped with a large metal earth knife.

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