Bulldozer 140HP Crawler with Engine (T140)

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Bulldozer  140HP Crawler with Engine (T140)

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Model NO.:T140


Export Markets:Global

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Production Capacity:500PCS/Year

Product Description

T140 bulldozer adopts the turbo-charged D6114ZG5B engine which features big power, low noise, good performance, and high reliability. The main clutch is of the two-plate wet constantly-engaged type, which has the function of hydraulic supporting power control. The gearbox is the 5F+4R constant-mesh skewed tooth mechanical transmission system. The driver's cab has a hexagonal shape, which provides a broader field of view. The bulldozer is equipped with a high-level comfortable vibration-absorbing seat. The A/C or the heating system is optional for the user to install depending on his or her demands.
The electronic instrument-monitoring device enables the driver to know the working status of the bulldozer at any time. The working mechanism adopts hydraulically pre-guiding control. T140 bulldozer is reasonable in its arrangement, easy to maintain and repair.

Total weight17500 kg (with ripper)
Max. traction force141 kN
Grade-ability30%, vertical; 25%, horizontal
Track width500 mm
Average specific ground pressure65 KPa
Overall dimensions (L×W×H)6342 ×3305×3175 mm (with ripper)
Min. ground clearance360 mm
Min. turning radius (mm)3900 mm
Diesel engine
Type6-cylinder, water-cooled, turbo-charged direct injection
Rated power115 kW @1800rpm
Specific fuel consumption230 g/kw.h
Max. torque759 N.m
Traveling speed
Five forward gears2.5-10.6 km/h
Four reverse gears3.5-10.5 km/h
Shovel blade parameters
Overall dimension (WxH)3305x1167 mm
Max. lifting height915 mm
Max. depth into earth400 mm
Entrance angle (Adjustable)55 °

Bulldozer  140HP Crawler with Engine (T140)

Bulldozer  140HP Crawler with Engine (T140)

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Q:First time building gaming pc from scratch?
The PSU would be fine. However, I would strongly encourage you not to pick up a Bulldozer for gaming. You can get a Core i5 for cheaper, and it will be much better for gaming. Bulldozer's 8 core technology is truly designed for servers. The bulldozer architecture lends itself to completing multiple tasks simultaneously. While also good for multi-core intensive tasks (like encoding/decoding), you would not see any benefit in most video games due to poor (or no) utilization of multiple cores. It's also worth pointing out, Intel and AMD's clock speeds are not directly comparable because Intel uses a smaller processor architecture resulting in more processes completing per cycle (in a cycle, the electrical signals travel less distance in an Intel processor's logical core, allowing the instruction to finish faster). This makes Intels the preferable choice for applications that aren't efficient at utilizing multiple cores, but still require lots of raw data processing power (which is precisely what most games demand). You can pick up a Core i5 Sandy or Ivy bridge for $200 or less, making AMD's typical price advantages non-existant in the case. The Intel will draw less power, run cooler, and perform better in games, and cost exactly the same or less. There's no comparison, a Core i5 is better than a Bulldozer for gaming hands down.
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Employment: Borland Construction Incorporated **/**/2009 - **/**/2010 or (present) street address city, state and zip Job Duties: Everything from general labor, digging with shovels and picks. And demolition using cookie saws jack hammers, then resetting the base too spread blacktop. Then worked my way up to driving the bulldozers, and steam rollers....etc. Skills: Hard worker, dependable, honest, dedicated, etc.... Salary: start $1xx,xxx yr finish $15x,xxx yr You get the idea? That is the way I was taught to do it back in 1990 Hope this helps. Try and find every good thing you can about work experience education, etc. Make a full page of words. everything even.
Q:Can you please help me with buying a LEGO set?
i have this bulldozer and its really quite amazing thats why im answering your question but try OKorder or look out and wait for the sales in shops :) they always do great deals like 25% off all toys or something hope you can convince your parents!
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Q:will the amds bulldozers use the am3+ socket that already exist?
Yes, they'll use AM3+. AM3 is incompatible. However, I'd advise you to wait for their release and some performance numbers before buying anything. There's too much that's up in the air right now.
Q:Amd Fx-6100 Bulldozer X6 ou o Core i5? Which is better for gaming and why?
The Fx definitely! You can reach standard graphics with the Core i5, but with the bulldozer, you can play Skyrim, Battlefield anything you want on ultra graphics. It is literallly one of the most stunning items for PC gaming I have ever seen.
Q:What are the instruments of the bulldozer instrument panel?
The two meter can usually be mounted on the display panel.The primary instrument can read signals directly from the main circuit.
Q:Which of the following is an example of a technical term?
Any on of them could be correct if it describes the article.

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